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  1. Latest ASPC stats are out now for 2019 Q4: https://www.aspc.co.uk/information/house-prices/ ASPC is at 5565 for sale and 679 for rent. Citylets is at 936 for rent.
  2. Part of the cost saving scheme that Ryanair use is to have the same 737-800 across their entire fleet. I don't think they've ever flown Airbus. This cuts down on staff training and repairs which would cost a lot more of they were running multiple different shapes and sizes of aircraft.
  3. And that person chose to stake their professional and financial future on the willingness and ability of a group of people they despise and mistrust to pay them a regular amount of money? What a curious way to make a living.
  4. Some people just like having pictures of their house on the internet.
  5. This. I recently poked some mild fun at a sponsored Facebook advert for a car which was described as 'perfect for a small family'. I merely pointed out that a liability of £20k+ just for basic transportation was the last thing most families need. You should have seen the angry reactions from some people.
  6. Perhaps that's because buyers are bargaining hard and sellers are being forced to be realistic about pricing.
  7. And the Q3 ASPC report came out too: https://www.aspc.co.uk/information/house-prices/ Prices in the city and shire are declining which should hopefully bump up our price to earnings and owner occupation scores in the next. PWC report.
  8. There are reasons to be cheerful about living in Aberdeen. It's ranking in the top 10 out of 42 UK cities for quality of life according to the Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index https://www.pwc.co.uk/industries/government-public-sector/good-growth.html There are a few things I don't understand about the study, for example transport in London scores very poorly when there are buses, trains, trams and tubes left right and centre, quite unlike Aberdeen.
  9. They assume that everyone is an alcoholic and/or a golf fanatic. Finding a basic 'get well soon' card to an ill family member that you like and respect should not be difficult.
  10. Citylets Q3 2019 Report This came out a few weeks ago but I don't remember anybody posting it yet. Rent prices continuing to go down, time on market going up. Any increases from Q2 basically wiped out. Everywhere else in Scotland doing a bit better.
  11. Their best bet would probably be to divide it into 2-3 flats and try to flog them off individually. Either that or one of those dodgy raffles. It's been on the market for years and nobody who can afford it wants to buy it.
  12. BUMP The owners of 10 Stoney-Brokehill Grange have reduced the price once again. Now yours at the low low price of £875,000.
  13. I always say that landlords usually get the tenants they deserve. How many families looked at that property but turned it down because they knew they couldn't afford to pay the rent? The people who ended up moving in probably had little or no intention of paying reliably but short-termist landlords such as the one in the OP just want the maximum possible yield regardless of any other factors.
  14. That's why landlord insurance exists. I'm sure if there was egregious damage by the tenant it would be a valid claim. This bit makes no sense to me though
  15. Companies shot themselves in the foot when they did away with time and a half and double bubble. Stay late for an extra two hours work for exactly what you got for the first 8? No thanks.
  16. I'm surprised she didn't try recommending making a cheeky offer to the bookseller of £24.99.
  17. I guess old Richard thought that the best inheritance that Junior could receive would be a valuable lesson in common sense.
  18. That's the problem, a fair few flats/rooms are advertised on Gumtree etc. or with homemade signs put in windows (all completely above board with all the relevant taxes, and registrations fully paid up, I assume) andwon't ever show up on the Citylets website.
  19. Citylets 2019 Q2 report is now out: https://www.citylets.co.uk/research/reports/property-rental-report-scotland-2019-q2/ Aberdeen's average rent is down -0.8% year on year which is a slower rate of decline that Q1. These are mostly buoyed up, as I believe EME has said, by family homes with 3+ bedrooms being more popular than smaller 1/2 bed flats. Time on market is also falling slightly to an average of 45 days. I still wouldn't be as bullish as Eduardo Prato of Martin and Co. though:
  20. I just checked and the two oldest habitable houses (not plots or derelict etc.) in Aberdeen have survey dates in 2014. Obviously not the most motivated sellers in town.
  21. Yes, they were looking very "tattie' for quite some time now.
  22. I think so, it usually starts to drop a bit (a few hundred a month) from now until the spring.
  23. Well, there has been a small uptick in house prices for Q2: ASPC Q2 2019 Report ASPC at 6954 for sale and 766 for rent. Citylets at 1322 of which 1133 are flats
  24. If they're knocking it down, what will they be putting up in its place? There are already plenty of empty offices, yards, workshops, hotel rooms, retail spaces and unsold houses in the area.
  25. I think it's a case that anyone who needs that much space can't afford it and anybody who can afford it, doesn't need it. Basically, the probably quite small number of people looking to buy in Aberdeen with the wherewithal to spend that much on a house are staying well away from this particular falling knife.
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