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  1. 15 minutes ago, winkie said:

    .....have found children will have more fun with the box the toy came in......so many neglected toys with no home to go to......kids thrive on love and time not toys.;)

    When I visit my brother's house, I'm always amazed by how much stuff each of his children have. What do they like to do best when I'm around? Playing card games with their uncle of course.

  2. 1 hour ago, Haddie said:

    Kind of makes A/C s interpretation  of the market look stupid.I wonder how many folks are holding back until  the market picks up.I predicted 6000 by December....got that one completely wrong....

    A/C are anything but stupid, they know exactly what they're doing.

    I predict that a lot of the houses that have disappeared from ASPC recently will reappear in a few months perhaps with a fresh lick of paint and maybe some new curtains, in time for the Spring bounce.

  3. 2 hours ago, Errol said:

    Sierra Cosworths in mint condition can go for £50,000+ in the right circumstances. So you could be looking at £150k of cars there. That's why.

    Yes, but they're only worth £50k if you can prove their provenance. This means you'll need all their original paperwork, bills and owners' club registrations etc. Plus the chassis and engine number will be on the watch list of various public and private databases meaning getting it serviced, MOTed or selling it on is not going to be easy.

  4. Those are some spicy meatballs, Shortbread. You should apply for a job at DC Thomson!

    What I think will possibly happen now is that an economic shock will cause a lot of these "sellers" will find themselves needing to cut their losses over a short period of time. I can't see how else the overinflated prices and inventories will unravel themselves.

  5. 24 minutes ago, newbonic said:

    I know someone who restores 1970s Jap 2 strokes such as the evil Kwak triples. They do sell well as he restores them to vgc showroom condition. I'd think twice about riding them though as the cost of spares is horrendous, e.g. £800 to authentically respray the tank and £1200 for an exhaust etc. if you drop it. That's if you can get the bits as the manufacturers don't usually make them any more. And I imagine they're a magnet for thieves if you leave them parked anywhere.

    I was in the local Kawasaki dealership to have a look at the new retro style Z900 and was very impressed, similarly the Honda CB1100 and the Triumphs all with modern reliability and performance. Why you'd want some old relic that will need its trunions greased and its carbs rebalanced every month with a vowel in it is a mystery to me.

    Motorcycles are funny, even a 'boring' one like an NC750 or the Deauville before it will still provide more thrills per mile than just about any car. But to a non-rider, it's just a motorbike whether its a Chinese built 125 or a limited edition Harley of Ducati.

  6. 46 minutes ago, sideysid said:

    Then you have the likes of Escort XR3is that are popping up for 10-20k, RS Sierra Cosworths going towards 6 figures. Not quality made cars, but based on nostalgia. The majority were rinsed to within an inch of their life, the only examples left are why they are priced as they are.

    I remember my brother-in-law taking me out in his RS Cosworth when I was 10 and those memories of sliding out the rear was great stuff!

    There was a recent case of a man in Northeast Scotland who had 3 mint condition Sierra Cosworths stolen. I found the whole thing quite puzzling because I couldn't work out who would actually do it.

    Joyriders would likely get more 'joy' from stealing a more modern car like an M3 or an Imprezza Turbo which are far more common and crucially much much faster.

    Thieves stealing to order or to sell on will run into all sorts of trouble because every Ford owners' club in the world will be on the lookout and besides these cars aren't worth anything without the paperwork showing their provenance.

    Even breaking them up for parts probably won't get them much money because the Cossie is basically just an average family car with performance upgrades and not intrinsically as valuable as a true exotic like a Ferrari or Aston.

    My only conclusion was that it was probably insurance fraud.

  7. A lit of these increases in value hide some eye-watering costs for maintenance, insurance and storage. It's fun to drool over a copy of Octane magazine but most of their vintage exotics spend about 363 days a year in a high-security climate-controlled garage and thus, can only be afforded by squillionaires.

    As for fancy watches? Who in their right mind wanders about with upwards of £20k strapped to their wrist?

  8. 18 minutes ago, babo456 said:

    So according to local radio house prices on the up.

    New aspc report says prices increasing - not available online yet but local paper link below 


    Apparently average property now 200k when in November 164k?




    My guess is that the Evening Sexpest's story is taken from the Aberdein & Condsidine agency's own cherry-picked internal stats that show this increase. Their blurb in the stories speaks of increases in sales of £500k and above properties. This probably indicates that they are focusing their attention as a company on the upper and of the market and doing quite well at it.

    There is no mention in the EE story about recent ASPC and RofS reports which show continuing falls.

    Meanwhile, ASPC has many sub-£200k non-newbuilds sitting for months.

  9. 3 hours ago, Bear Hug said:

    Road length statistics for Great Britain. The total road length for 2016 was estimated to be: 246,500 miles

    Total worth of our roads (£m) = 745 / 36 x 246,500 = 5,101,181 ~£5 trillion.  We are so rich! 

    They had to pay off a lot of wealthy landowners and pay a lot of lawyers before they could even touch a single blade of grass along the route.

    I'd like to see a marathon along it the weekend before it opens and/or some sort of motorsport event, but highly unlikely.

  10. A friend of mine was viewing a flat today and he got a look at the solicitor's stock list. Looks like that have a lot of unsold places, some on the market since 2015.


    Registers of Scotland Monthly House Price Report Released today

    Aberdeen City sold prices are down 4% on average since this time last year and is the joint largest reduction alongside Inverclyde. Not as big an annual decrease as earlier in the year admittedly but it is steadily improving the purchasing power of my savings even if the financial institutions who are holding them aren't.

  11. 8 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    If only there was some means family could do something to pay for their living cost.

    Maybe they could go somewhere, mon- fri, 9am til 530pm. And someone could give them money.

    I know, far fetched isnt it.

    I wasn't actually being serious.

    Underemployment is really the big problem for a lot of folk in the current economy and universal credit, while possibly a good idea in theory for smoothing out the peaks and troughs of unstable incomes; it has been a disaster in its implementation so far.

  12. 1 hour ago, 999house said:

    Good thread. Cant find decent jeans under 90-100 quid. Am forced to go diesel, g star, levis because they are the only things that fit. High street stuff made for anorexic school kids and feel like cardboard.

    There must be a middle ground 50 quid pair of quality jeans?

    I got some Firetraps from Sports Direct recently for £30 and they seem fairly decent.

  13. 18 minutes ago, shortbread said:

    Some really chunky drops there.....mostly 25% +.....WOW

    Nonetheless many folk still look at advertised rates on ASPC and are convinced the market hasn't really moved. It's the sale prices that reveal the real picture.

    My saved searches and wishlist on ASPC send me emails every day with a lot of price changes. Any sales seem to be well under the most recent advertised price. I guess it's a matter of finding a seller who actually wants to sell.

  14. On 16/11/2017 at 2:16 PM, Diver Dan said:

    316 Sales on Rightmove for September in Aberdeen on Rightmove Aberdeen

    5431 for sale on ASPC and 808 for rent.

    Citylets sitting at 1196.

    Following on from Quine above:

    October's Rightmove sales figures are 343 sales for Aberdeen. Plenty of tasty reductions of you want to plough through the listings.

    5293 properties currently on ASPC for sale and 748 for rent.

    Citylets sitting at 1251.

  15. 53 minutes ago, juvenal said:

    * denotes Duchess of York rather than Fergus Wilson.

    I spat coffee on my phone because of that.

    'Wealthy to me, means secure access to the basics of food, shelter, clothing etc. with enough of a surplus to enjoy some luxuries such as nicer alcohol, food, transportation, holidays etc.

    I reckon the boss of a posh knickers company has all of these things and more without her btl empire.

  16. 21 minutes ago, shortbread said:

    So the report basically says between 2010 - 2017, the last 7 years, the rent of one bed flats have actually fallen, while 2 bed flats have risen by a very nominal 6%!

    It's strange how Evening Express conveniently ignores the real headlines in the Govt. report!



    Good spot. I must have read 2010 as 2016 by mistake. I guess Aberdeen Journals have advertisements to sell and advertisers to keep happy.

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