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  1. 4 hours ago, regprentice said:

    My brother In law lives in something similar in Oxford. His is more like student lodgings. Bedsit style rooms with access to a cooking area and toilets. 6 months rent upfront for the privilege. 

    Nice building, nice reception, nice lift, then suddenly it's like freshers week once you start walking the corridors. 

    There's probably a market for places with that sort of communal living experience if you're a recently graduated workaholic social-butterfly. It's probably not so much fun when you get a bit older looking for something bigger and that's all your budget will allow.

  2. 6 hours ago, Ignorantbliss said:

    Had to laugh at the "help ease the national housing crisis" statement from the developer, Aberdeen is depopulating and housing supply is increasing daily.


    That sounds like code for "We're planning to take in waifs and strays from all over and house them in our shiny new nanoflats at taxpayers' expense."

  3. I was driving along the Mugiemoss Road yesterday because the Auchmill Road is closed on one side and noticed the hoardings around the building site saying that the development had received some prestigious award for the design of the place. Are they insane? They have front doors opening directly onto a congested rat-run with very little in the way of shared green public space and residents' cars parked seemingly on every footpath. That's not what I would consider to be good design.

  4. On 24/07/2020 at 13:39, Ignorantbliss said:

    Do sellers not realise that you can see the price history...




    I've seen Property Bee histories and my ASPC watchlist  show the same house flipping between 'fixed price' and 'offers over' with the occasional price drop or rise by 5% a dozen times in the space of several months before being withdrawn without a sale.

    It must drive estate agents mad and it probably turns many buyers away who would be happy to exchange  on that house at a more reasonable price with a more reasonable seller.

    I think some people must get off on the feeling of having pictures of their home on the internet and have absolutely no intention of actually selling it, bloody perverts!

  5. 23 hours ago, shortbread said:

    Good News, John Lewis Aberdeen will reopen! There were fears initially when JL announced reopening of the Scottish stores last week but said the Aberdeen store would remain closed. The big department store on George Street is among the last remaining ones in Aberdeen. 


    It could be a case of "last man standing" and that Aberdeen has a fairly wide hinterland providing customers from a long distance from the city but who don't want to go all the way to Glasgow or Edinburgh to buy their LeCreuset saucepans and mustard coloured corduroys.

  6. 5 hours ago, The Hammer said:

    To be honest mate with the state of high street retail just now I doubt anyone will be in much of a rush to build any more shops, designer or otherwise. Personally think it'll maybe just sit empty and decay for a while before the council demands something done and then maybe demolish and affordable flats built.

    They're turning city centre offices into flats, the Custom House building on Guild Street for example.

    Pre-lockdown, I visited a few markets in Yorkshire (Leeds and Halifax) where quirky hipster artisan stalls rubbed shoulders quite well with the more traditional type. Aberdeen's indoor market could have been something like that if the council and landlord had been blessed with a little more imagination.

  7. 6 hours ago, Warwick-Watcher said:

    1970s concrete carbuncle replaced by identikit steel and glass building. How original - not!

    The current market is a horrible building indeed but it's probably not worth holding out much hope for the small, interesting local businesses that had space there to get anything similar in the new building, instead there will be wall to wall upscale designer shops selling the same upscale designer carp you could have bought in any upscale designer shopping mall pretty much anywhere else on the planet.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Ignorantbliss said:

    I see they've decided to put Kingswells house up for sale via auction, guide price £475k - link.

    Also noticed more emails appearing from ASPC etc in the last week, things slowly opening up again.  Some interesting reductions in price as well, especially in houses in the Alford area.

    Here's one example.




    Basically what they paid for it in 2011 then?

  9. 18 hours ago, Tea said:

    Excellent thread, it seems a lot of people on here are really well informed and have great insight

    Looking for some advice, as will likely become a first time buyer in Aberdeen soon. Ultimately I am looking for a home rather than an investment, but at the same time want to avoid losing massive amounts of money if possible.

    Realistically, what sort of price drops are people expecting before prices start to stabilise? And what areas (if any) do you think will be most likely to retain value? Recently I have been looking at 2 and 3 bedroom traditional granite style flats in the city centre. Generally speaking, it seems that the flats with decent enough home reports were selling for around £1250-£1500 / sqm (esp. 1 bedrooms flats) pre-covid, though given the oil and lockdown situations one would image this to fall (along with the rest of Aberdeen) by (as a complete guess) perhaps 15-25% in the very near future? 



    I don't think anyone can honestly say what prices will do, it depends on both the buyer and the seller. Nice places with flexible sellers might sell like hot-cakes and anything less than 100% owned by a delusional kite-flyer might stick around for months and years at ridiculous prices.

    Traditional, well located flats in decent condition will usually be a good place to start looking.

  10. 1 hour ago, delboypass said:

    Does anyone like the new ASPC? It is terrible i feel.. takes a lot of getting used to compared to the old layout.

    I hate that they kept the floor area in gradations of 25m3. There's a hell of a difference between a 51m3 flat and a 74m3 one.

  11. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/aberdeen-building-set-to-be-demolished/

    An office building on the Altens Farm Road next to the roundabout at Hareness Road is going to be demolished. This comes a few months after the former GE building in the Bridge of Don was tumbled for a.similar reason.

    Despite extensive marketing, the applicant has advised that there has been no interest in securing the occupation of the premises as offices.
  12. 5 hours ago, regprentice said:

    We'd normally be looking for it to start climbing to a peak between now and August but it looks like August will be when properties start getting listed again. Iirc it went just over 7100 last August. I wonder if the market will slingshot past that number when it reopens. 

    I don't pay too much heed of the numbers on the ASPC site anymore, they have been known to rationalise them periodically causing hundreds to disappear overnight without actually being sold.

  13. On 30/01/2020 at 14:27, Diver Dan said:

    Latest ASPC stats are out now for 2019 Q4:



    ASPC is at 5565 for sale and 679 for rent.

    Citylets is at 936 for rent.

    Latest ASPC stats from Q1 2020:



    Corona was really only on people's minds from about early to mid-March so sale prices and quantities haven't declined that much really. Q2 onwards will probably be a bit of a bloodbath, unless the blurb about pent-up demand is to be believed.

    ASPC site at 5429 for sale and 567 for rent.

    Citylets is at 1299 for rent.

  14. 3 hours ago, stingray192 said:

    I honestly can’t imagine anyone paying anything remotely close to the asking price for that house, out of the over priced homes this one was in a different league to anything else out there

    It will be interesting to check the Registers of Scotland in a few weeks' time to find out what it actually went for. I wonder how many Ming vases and crystal chandeliers they had to include in the price to get the thing shifted.

  15. The 2019 Q4 Citylets Report is out today.



    Aberdeen is on average down 1% in the last year 26.2% in the last 5 years and 17.4% in the last 10 years compared with increases of 3.5% 9% and 26.7% on average in the rest of Scotland.

    Void periods in Aberdeen are longer than elsewhere in Scotland with 7% let within a week and 36% within a month, compared with 19% and 64% on average elsewhere.

    Despite this, the agents quoted seem very bullish about the Aberdeen rental market, describing themselves as "exceptionally busy" with a "noticeable improvement even in Aberdeen after a few challenging years".

    Personally, I believe that Aberdeen's best chance, economically, is to be a good value for money place to live, work and do business; cheaper rents on housing and business premises are vital to achieving this.

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