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  1. During my weekly run I notice that some properties that I have been keeping an eye on are now 'To Let' rather than 'For Sale' as previously. These are properties in the 500k bracket and located in South Ealing/Boston Manor Road - still outside my range. Lets hope that the Oct '10 Rightmove index was a case of October exuberance getting the better of EA's and sellers!
  2. I sold out from Hanwell in Jan 2009 (the last bottom) hoping to see further falls and get back in at a later stage. I now rent in W5 and do find it a struggle but the house prices here are seriously putting me off. Like a lot on the site the last year has been a true test of character to not jump right back in as the bulls have taken control, albeit temporarily. I am seeing a lot of property stagnating at the moment with EA 's through a mixture of ridiculous price expectations and overall sentiment. The Propertysnake website says it all for me (http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/site/postcode/w5) about what is going on now in Ealing. The last 2 rightmove asking price surveys indicate circa 5%+ drop in asking prices over 2 months (very large), so I'm hoping for more falls before considering get back in - realistically in 2012 - as i believe we are at a tipping point for the long awaited HPC. The latest Rightmove survey re-inforces the same for neighbouring boroughs like Richmond, Hammersmith, Fulham. Hold firm.....now is not the time to break out the lines!!!
  3. I still won't be getting anything for my £2k shares in this company....shower of crooks ran the show. Sounds familiar!!
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