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  1. I didn't buy because I was asked this question on the phone: "If you agree to this loan now and sign up for the next ten years, then that's great, otherwise I will have to check your credit records, would you like me to do that?" I thought, "Hang on a minute, if they're offering that to everybody, what does that say about the reliability of the bank?" I declined. For me it seemed a clear case of Ponzi Scheme banking. Have you seen the Boiler Room? That is Northern Rock (although NR is on a much bigger scale as is the UK banking system at the moment) .
  2. They're selling it because they've realised that they're never going to get the return they'd planned (800K) in the current market and would like someone to take all that unrewarding work off their hands. I wonder how much they bought it for?
  3. It says "Rents Are Rising". There is another thread on this. Basically it's about estate agents being unable to use rising house prices as an incentive to buy and using rising rents instead (of course if there were no such thing as ASTs this would not happen). Bring back the Fair Rent Officer pronto and re-introduce better rights for tenants. Everyone happy. It's a home not an investment vehicle.
  4. The same thing was on the news the other day "Rents Are Rising", It made me a bit cross because I realised they are resorting to this because they can't say "Prices Are Rising". It's a deliberate strategy to flush out the last desperate fools to buy before the whole thing collapses. The logic is that whether you rent or you buy you are f***ed either way, so you;d better buy, at least you get to choose the colour of your front door. Cynical bastards. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  5. I laughed when Shapps said sudden house price falls would help no-one and then again when he said waiting ten years for house prices to become affordable again would be the most desirable outcome. My family and I are so screwed if that wishful thinking becomes reality. I belong to the 'average 36 year old first time buyer without help from parents bracket' and waiting another ten years will be catastophic for us. No mention of any measures to make this fall happen either apart from prices not rising in line with inflation. I was disappointed with our housing minister's performance tbh. H
  6. Plenty on here have the same attitude, they're just hoping to jump on at a different point in the cycle. Absolutely spot on. No room for self-righteousness here.
  7. Same here And there are a lot of other properties for rent and for sale at the same time - with both on Rightmove. We pointed that out to one estate agent who had promised us we could rent a property we were viewing for up to ten years if we wanted it. His flustered reaction was little short of hilarious.
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