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  1. That's a shame. Jacobs is a really great pro photography store. I wish it was Jessops going under instead.
  2. Shame about the audio. The other positive money videos had a really sharp . This sounds like a student in a wooly jumper with a cheap mike. Shouldn't make a difference but it does. Easy to dismiss.
  3. A comment from below the article: "House prices are recovering to more affordable levels." That's a good phrase.
  4. It is a crazy situation. As a boomers baby I see it all the time. My friends bringing up families in tiny flats while their folks are rattling around in their 5 bedroom pensions. The guy from this charity was on Radio 4 Today Programme. When asked what the problem was he very explicitly said the problem is banks not lending. No mention of price in the whole interview. GTFO
  5. Hi For the next few years I am doing as my name suggests. I have my cash ISA's with Barclays but want to move them. I would like them to reside with a mutual, building society or something of that ilk. I guess ideally I would like to find one that is investing it in the productive economy but not lending against houses and certainly not liar loans. So... From a HPC ethical perspective where is the best place to stick a cash ISA? Any Ideas? Many thanks S
  6. Simplistic answers. Yeah he won't ever have to worry about money, we know that. And sadly he will never be held accountable for his actions. However he will be under stress. He will care what people think of him and he will definitely care how history treats him. I don't subscribe to the all encompassing conspiracy theories (they control everything, it's all going according to plan). I think you would find that it is just as chaotic at the top as at the bottom. He will be under pressure from many very powerful, but often conflicting vested interests. He may not have our interests at heart but that doesn't mean he is in complete control. He knows what the problems are, he nails them in many of his speeches. It's his actions that count though. He knows what he is doing is wrong and dangerous. He is, IMHO a coward. He was probably selected for the job because he is malleable. He doesn't have to worry about a pension, but I bet he does worry.
  7. Watching Stepahnie Flanders interview with King I couldn't help but notice a nervous tick. He has a bit of a facial tick , but also in his shoulders and neck. I don't remember seeing this before and watching a few youtube vids I can't see it this pronounced. He is also breathing really heavily and swallowing hard. The man looks scared. Here it is. Watch it full screen.
  8. Yes sorry I didn't actually get that far with the conversation so it does rather undermine the point. However when I do come across city types the complacency is astonishing. Ever since the Greenspan put they have been used to having every problem fixed for them and they see that continuing forever. And it probably fcking will.
  9. At what point did I claim wealth and influence (I have neither). I sat next to someone who worked in finance and was probably rich, hardly a monumental claim.
  10. Cos I was sat next to a boring hedge fund manager and on the other side was his neurotic american wife.
  11. So I was sat next to a hedge fund manager at a wedding. I try not to get to ranty in these situations and generally just pick one of the many questions that confuse me, just to gauge the response. The one I picked on this occasion was: "Why are economists like Steve Keen and Peter Schiff, who clearly predicted we would be where we are now and why, still treated as fringe commentators. He didn't even know who they were.
  12. If you think this article should be the BBC websites lead story you need to wake up. One slightly bearish survey on the U.K. housing market is important to us, but hardly world news.
  13. I have my shares ISA with Hargreaves Lansdown. They are great, this was my first time investing and is really easy to set up, with loads of info available. I might actually buy shares in Hargreaves Lansdown. GTFO
  14. What I particularly like about the article is that it takes it as a given that it's a bubble. We all know where they lead in time. In the 140 comments below the article, there are plenty that don't think prices will fall, but not one person has said "it's not a bubble".
  15. it's not the press release that's the important bit, it's that a lot of people will read that article and take it at face value. Another straw on the back of the camel. GTFO
  16. Merge with what? there isn't another thread on this article. I think this article, of all articles deserves it's own thread.
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