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  1. Straight past $800 today. A few of Trumps cabinet and advisors are pro Bitcoin. Feels like things are getting interesting again.
  2. Is there any way to see the postal vote result? Would be interested to see if it was materially different to the general vote. Especially re. Austria
  3. The trouble is, it is in his interests for the economy to crash now, so he can say I told you so. However an HPC is also in his interest for the same reason. Interesting times.
  4. Yeah. Average house price 200k. 20% off is 40k. Average graduate debt 40K They basically just offered to cancel tuition fees for the youth, in the form of a reduction in house prices and the yoof rejected it. WTF
  5. Something I have been wondering about: It seemed crazy when the official Vote Leave status was given to Boris and Gove and not to Farage. This referendum is down to Farage and UKIP. However in hindsight it has been quite advantageous for the Brexit side. Gove and Boris present the more reasonable side of the debate, banging on about sovereignty and a toned down line on immigration. Farage and UKIP can represent the more extreme side of the debate, with the recent "Breaking Point" poster as a classic example. However the official vote leave campaign can distance themselves from that and claim it doesn't represent the leave side. This plausible deniability maximises the appeal across the spectrum. A kind of good cop, bad cop approach. Not sure if it was by design, but seems it is to the brexiters advantage. Had it been the other way round I'm not sure the dynamics would have been so advantageous.
  6. I hope he gets the leadership. I don't think any of them would make it in to power anyway, but I think he would provide an interesting opposition. He might not have the answers, but I think he would at least ask some of the right questions.
  7. How about buying shares in Kingfisher which is B&Q, Screwfix etc. If George Osborne does succeed in transferring ownership form BTLers to OOs then there will be a lot of DIY taking place. Edit to add. They do quite a bit of business in France and some in the rest of Europe so a bit watered down. Any DIY companies that only trade in the UK?
  8. Over on property 118 they assume they can all put up rents in unison. That would make landlords about as popular as Lion Hunters. It would be easy for George Osborne to vilify them and introduce right to buy for private tenants or other measures to disadvantage landlords in favour of tenants. The more they take it out on the tenants the more they get kicked.
  9. What's interesting is how off message the telegraph has gone. They normally toe the line with this government, however It seems since the budget they have thrown a hissy fit of BTL ramping. I wonder whether a few hacks with BTL were a bit wrong footed by the budget announcements. Could be a pump and dump.
  10. 1 ) Something to bounce ideas off. A one sided argument is a rant. a 2 sided argument is a debate. The debate generally gets us further. 2 ) I have seen people argue in opposition to the general views of this site, their points have been utterly floored with incredibly perceptive logic, but it still turned out they were right. Incidentally I think people are getting way too excited about the budget, with very few actual figure to back it up yet. I have seen the illogical happen way too often to celebrate early again.
  11. Perhaps it will become Help to Buy your (landlords) But to Let Funded by the LOL tax
  12. I totally agree with you, in that I don't agree with you. It is the posters that argue the opposite side of the argument that challenge and advance the discussion on here. I find it really disappointing when an intelligent poster, who may well have a VI in opposition to ours, is chased off the forum.
  13. I was just wondering if perhaps this is also the big lenders who have more political influence, encouraging this move to wrong foot the smaller lenders specialising in BTL, Paragon etc. Put them out of business and get lots of OO mortgages back on their books.
  14. Supposing he does encourage the highly leveraged LLs with big portfolios to sell, he loses relatively few votes and many many more will be able to buy and will have him to thank for it. Crucially, they will generally be in their 30s, that sweet spot where they may potentially switch from voting left to right. This could swing a lot of peoples vote and change large swathes of London from red to blue.
  15. Government cuts mortgage support http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/jun/17/government-cuts-mortgage-support
  16. yeah, that guys life is about to get turned inside out. When the article first went up it included a picture of his house. People immediately located it on google street view.
  17. Surprised no one's posted this yet. Satoshi found apparently: NEWSWEEK ARTICLE Amazing unexpected quote: Mitchell suspects Nakamoto's initial interest in creating a digital currency that could be used anywhere in the world may have stemmed from his frustration with bank fees and high exchange rates when he was sending international wires to England to buy model trains. "He would always complain about that," she says. Please let that be why Bitcoin was created.
  18. I have used this in the past: Mortgage Amortization Loan Calculator Hope it's helpful.
  19. At about 6:20am on the Today Program they mentioned it. They said "apparently we should all be buying bitcoins because they are the next bubble" They also said it will be the currency of the future! They were refrencing a FT article. They mentioned it a while later and were a little less enthusiastic. Interesting.
  20. I did that from where I am now in SE Asia. They said they would process it the next morning and would take 3-5 business days. The next day at 4pm I got an email from mtgox saying the funds were in my account. Was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I did it via HSBC. FWIW I think this is a massive bubble and I may be the greater fool, but my gut feeling is that this has a while to play out. The funds are nothing I would not be prepared to lose.
  21. A welcome indication of sentiment. In pictures: the ten best places to lose your money in property over the past year
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