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  1. One thing I noticed was the relative market caps. Of the main coins, each is very close to half the size of the next one up # Name Symbol Market Cap Price Circulating Supply Volume (24h) % 1h % 24h % 7d 1 Bitcoin BTC $181,469,625,003 $10,787.10 16,822,837 $9,041,160,000 0.57% 2.61% -0.93% 2 Ethereum ETH $95,538,320,397 $983.16 97,174,941 $3,382,400,000 0.75% 2.07% 0.93% 3 Ripple XRP $51,908,127,018 $1.34 38,739,142,811 * $2,605,670,000 0.59% 5.53% 18.19% 4 Bitcoin Cash BCH $27,155,864,456 $1,604.14 16,928,613 $521,133,000 0.55% 2.06% -7.28% 5 Cardano ADA $14,323,695,317 $0.552461 25,927,070,538 * $309,247,000 0.36% 1.11% -0.75% 6 Litecoin LTC $9,659,817,394 $175.97 54,894,683 $423,231,000 0.44% 2.50% -1.61% I vaguely remember learning some time ago the most countries have a series of main cities that halve in size from largest to smallest, and that was a natural order that things often sort themselves in to. Similar to the 80/20 rule. Just an observation.
  2. Yeah thats a fair point, however the Euro is not without it's faults, as we have seen. What I find interesting is that during the Euro crisis there was a flood of money looking for a safe haven. The Swiss Franc was an obvious choice, so there was a huge swing that way. However that created massive problems for the Swiss. Their chocolate and watch exports became more expensive so they had to devalue the currency, eventually pegging to the Euro. If the swing had been in to Bitcoin there would be no subsequent need to devalue, it would just reflect an increase in the market value of bitcoin. For me that is why I see a massive future for Bitcoin/Crypto.
  3. Yeah interesting, Bitcoin is about half the age of the Euro now. I presume being around for twice as long, the Euro has performed twice as well as Bitcoin... right?
  4. Yeah I have been thinking about that. You need some kind of a dead mans switch, but without a trusted 3rd party. There are dead mans switch services online, but would you trust them with your seed phrase or whatever. I’m sure it could be built in to a wallet somehow.
  5. It was my request on the Bitcoin thread and it wasn’t for another thread here. It was a request for you to discuss your individual trades and constant predictions in another thread because it was really tiresome. There is a XRP thread in investments in general that is perfect. The Bitcoin thread has a much bigger scope and generally much more interesting discussions than just boring ramping.
  6. Music. All digital now in it's distribution. Music going digital did to the music industry what Bitcoin can do to the banking industry.
  7. I think that would be a thoroughly good thing. Would love a general crash that kills the market for a year or two, while all the problems get ironed out. Just seems mental right now.
  8. Does exactly the opposite for me. As I said I have taken some profits this year. If they shut my account because of that, thank god I still have my bitcoin account, uncensorable. Perfect use case for bitcoin.
  9. What a year! started the year with my first ten bagger, by the end of the year was a hundred bagger. I didn’t HODL, took some profits that will make a material difference to my work and life. Still well in the game though. Have loved this thread, long may it continue, bitcoiners, altcoiners and nocoiners alike. Cheers.
  10. I was simply making the point that that was the claim. I have no idea if XRP really does do SWIFT better than SWIFT.
  11. As far as I understand it XRP represents a more efficient transaction mechanism for international banking. As great as that is, it would deserve a thread on this board that would get a few comments about some bankers losing their jobs, but would hardly deserve a pinned thread. Nothing I have read about any of the alt coins has given me the chills I got when I first read about bitcoin. If you want to knock bitcoin off it's perch, you've got to do Bitcoin better than Bitcoin. XRP does SWIFT better than SWIFT.
  12. Yeah salty like an old sea dog thats seen it all before. Last month was IOTA, Ether before, Litecoin long before. Yeah XRP is interesting in it's own way, but so are many others.
  13. I feel XRP is too important for a stale old failed thread like this. You should start a dedicated thread, maybe in investmenrs in general. Oh you did a week ago, 0 replies.
  14. Hey I really like this XRP thing you're talking about. Can you start a new thread so we can all go there to chat about it.
  15. Got to agree, feels weird someone laying out their personal finances. Very un-British. Also very boring for everyone else TBH
  16. Does anyone have any recommendations for taking online payments in Bitcoin. It's for a UK based company selling online internationally. Because of volatility it would need to immediately change the payment in to £. Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. Just hit $10k if you take the combined value of all 3 strands of Bitcoin. I remember nutcases predicting this a few years ago. They were right.
  18. Brilliant thanks for that. Reading about the Lightning Network gave me the same sense of awe that I had when I first read about Bitcoin.
  19. In July 2010 a bitcoin cost $0.06. To get to todays price it has increased by about 0.45% every day. Amazing
  20. Bitcoin's market value is now larger than Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/13/bitcoin-market-cap-bigger-than-goldman-sachs-and-morgan-stanley.html
  21. The only credible news source in the UK has it covered: London house prices falling because it is horrible http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/london-house-prices-fall-because-it-is-horrible-20170918135914
  22. Just sailed straight through 5k. I suspect a lot of the trading was taking place in Asia. What at a year
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