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  1. This is just my opinion... But I rekon that they will not want to buy in a falling market. They will wait till it bottoms out. If there is a massive crash then at the end of it so many people will have been financially annihilated. After they have totted up all the suicides, broken families and lifelong mortgage slaves and realised it was a bubble and not the norm there will be many many people crying NEVER AGAIN! That is the sort of period when real legislation actually is put in place. As I say this is just my opinion but I would say the BTL cash cow is well and truly over. The next great investment will be something completely different. R
  2. I just did exactly the same. Also got someone out to check the fridge because I thought there was a loose connection in the plug. It's this site that has made me realise just how parasitic the BTLs are. I used to fix stuff up myself, now I just pick up the phone and call the letting agent. Shame because I quite like D.I.Y. But I would much prefer that the money goes to a tradesman and feeds in to the economy than dies the BTLs account.
  3. I wonder if the the videos telling Chinese "investors" that now is a great time to buy London prime new-builds are similar to that?
  4. Those two guys didn't seem like the types to share information for all of our benefit. I would imagine that they have some dodgy commercial property on the Brazilian coast that they need a greater fool to "invest" in. Fill ya boots. R
  5. What do you mean? I understand the acronym but not the meaning behind it. I'm sure it is a good investment but so was BTL till a couple of year ago. It didn't mean we should all jump on the band wagon (for both ethical and financial reasons). Also I would avoid following investment advice broadcast on youtube. R
  6. This is what I was wondering, would that not be a killer move? To buy cheap and have your debts inflated away (asuming wages matched inflation (yeah I know))
  7. Sorry I may have got the wrong end of the stick... Were you posting that as "A good investment?" Or Were you posting that as "This is what's wrong with the world?" R
  8. I ******1ng hate stuff like that. I can see why people do it, in the same way I can see why people sell CDOs, CDSs and MBSs. I am here because I want to buy a house of my own to live in. R
  9. Sheeple love to buy high and sell low. It's why foreign investors are desperately trying to buy up London property at todays prices and ignoring the amazing bargains. Imagine!!!! A 400k London Sh1thole Or A Spanish Villa A Greek holiday Home A beautiful place on the coast of the Emerald Isle A $40k flat with a sea view in Florida. All going for a song. And they are buying in London!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah and that's over 3 times the average salary. That is the average house this country can afford.
  11. I hate the argument that prices won't drop in X because it's a desirable area. Yes it is a desirable area, but that is not, only now starting to exert a pressure on the price. The market has already taken those elements in to account and very often, in the bubble mentality, over estimated the value. R
  12. Yeah but if you're buying a house you're likely to find out about. Even if you missed it a friend or family member would prob let you know.
  13. The opening posts of this thread sum today up so perfectly. R
  14. Can't save the 50K deposit for a one bedroom flat in a shitty area. Saving 50k is not easy, even when you're in the higher tax bracket.
  15. Yeah this made me laugh. I am well in to that tax bracket. I have no (dependant) family. No car. No big holiday for nearly two years. I'm renting and it's cheap. I cycle to work everyday and generally live cheap. Yet I am still not even near saving enough deposit for a tiny flat in London. Least I'm rich though.
  16. "Fears" Grow As Autumn House Sales Flatline fears fears fears fears. Awesome headline. Fear phase anyone?
  17. A comment made by Arabian Moneys twitter feed on the Times article about Prices of luxury London homes drop for first time in 18 months. "Huge spike in traffic" I rekon the Arabian Money article is the one that calls it. And all the BTL's who went all in are looking at their hand and suddenly remembering that ace's are low not high.
  18. My God, did you hear what that boy just said. He said "The Emperor has no clothes" Our press can't see the wood for the trees. From a distance you can see the forest fire.
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