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  1. It's only about 1 acre part of an old unused farm being transferred with the aim of applying for pp down the line. Her father is still alive ( early inheritance) not breaking up the entire estate. Cheers belfastVI any info greatly appreciated!!
  2. Just a quiery on CGT, has anyone had any experience of CGT implications relating to the transfer of family owned land (no planning permission as yet but an application will prob be look at in the near future, transfer from father to daughter) that has been handed down through a number of generations? Professional advice I'm sure will be sought in due course, just wonderin if anyone has had or heard of any situations like this
  3. Belfast boy- thanks for the heads up on the shows, although ive always thought thatrenewable energy technologies are over priced I think they're worth a look at if nothin else!! Have heard of a few people going down the timber frame route, it's an option i haven't given much thought to be honest will definately look into it!! Have always had a preconceptions that they maybe not suited to our climate with the risk of rot if not properly installed. But can see there def can be savings to be had. ie construction time, heating etc. As regard the house I have in mind, hoping for 2500 sq ft 2 story. 4 bed, 2 reception rooms, kitchen diner and attached garage pp thanks for the info I'm at the start of a huge learnng curve so any advice from someone who has recently gone through the process is invaluable!! By the way what happened to your wooden double glazing?
  4. Hey everyone, over this past number of years i've been saving my assets off in order to have a sizable deposit for my first house however over the last couple of months I have been offered a site (replacement dwelling site, pp not granted but shouldn't be a prob hopefully, mature site hidden from the road) from a grandparent. To be honest it's turned my head completely I now don't know what the best route to go down is!? For a start there doesn't seem to be the same number of morgages available for selfbuilds? Material costs don't seem to have reduced any, have prob got more expensive from what I can hear. plus don't want to get neck deep in morgage repayments . . Pay cut uncertainities with work. - could cope up to 550 per mth or is that being unrealistic? I must admit I do like the idea of self building ( hence the usename) but don't want it to end up being a mill stone around my neck! What with the risk of hidden expenses that I may of over looked. Would I be right in saying that all in costs could be around £120k - £140k ish given the fact that I'm not concerned about having to get my hands dirty or that finish wise the house doesn't need to be complete before I move in? Any info provided would be greatly appreciated!!
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