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  1. The biggest problem in UK schools is that they're dominated by 'teachers' who are politically correct, cultural Marxists Students are taught to conform by their teachers - no critical thinking. No diversity of opinion allowed
  2. This is a prima facie case of virtue signaling by a verbose SJW
  3. QE could be used to increase consumption. Here are some possibilities 1. Printing money to cancel all student debts (increasing disposable incomes for those who are currently paying back debt) 2. Printing money to finance public sector pay increases (Corbyn would call this investing in public services) 3. Printing money to launch 100 year state-backed mortgages, which will boost house prices, lifting consumption by creating a wealth effect
  4. What price morality? I wouldn't invest in BAE Systems, or any other weapons manufacturer - am I alone?
  5. I don't think we're too far away from a recession (we might already be in one already - underestimating inflation allows the state to book rising nominal GDP as economic growth) The recession is inevitable because real wages are falling - eventually, borrowers will start defaulting. Unlike last time, there will be no cuts in interest rates, unless cash can be abolished
  6. Much will depend on how central bankers react when borrowers start defaulting & asset prices show signs of falling I think I know how they will react #KeynesianHubris
  7. I agree that they will print - I also agree that the printing will cause asset price inflation (but also destroy real incomes & living standards) However, I disagree on your prediction of a serious deflationary event - like it or not, policy makers have proven that they can stop falling asset prices. There might be a minor drop in share and/or house prices, but it will be minor and short-lived. This is because they will react quickly and decisively by printing (far more than last time) 2008 has emboldened policy makers - we had falling share prices last time & falling house prices in some countries, because central banks were slow to print (especially the ECB). As far as they're concerned, QE has been a success. Therefore, even the faintest whiff of deflation this time will create an immediate & decisive response
  8. 2008 showed that the central banks and government were able to stop falling asset prices very easily & extremely rapidly. Therefore, we won't see any serious falls in asset prices in nominal terms - as soon as there's firm evidence of falling share and/or house prices they will intervene and PRINT! British sheeple will fall for May's intergenerational mortgages - taxpayer backed. A stock market crash can be stopped in less than a second - Bank of England prints unlimited amounts of cash to buy unlimited quantities of shares, or government bonds for that matter
  9. 975 pages and counting It must be obvious by now that the establishment has got zero intention of implementing Brexit in any meaningful sense. It's a waste of time discussing it. The big corporations who own our politicians want us inside the EU Single Market. Our MPs have delivered so far, and will continue to do so. Suck it up plebs
  10. No - production drives an economy forward creating higher material living standards, not consumption - especially if it's consumption that's fueled by private/public debt
  11. The next step will be state asset grabs of private property - like South Africa
  12. Parts of London now look like the 3rd world There's plenty of crime, and benefit claimants What was your point again?
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