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  1. I have noticed that Clyde west end are renting lots of their property that has'nt sold and corum showing quite a few price changes!
  2. Sorry, just new to this and thanks for the advice,
  3. Thinking on offering on a repossession, west end glasgow, good location, town house conversion. A few 2's on home report but nothing drastic, should I still have a survey? Property a bit tired, new kitchen and decor required but could be great, told a lot of interest but no offers and no one in as good a position as me...advice please
  4. Hi I would speak to your solicitor for advice, I sold 2 years ago and was messed around terribly...I accepted an offer from a Bangladeshi family which was £10k less than my reduced price, then ages passed and I heard from the agent that there was a problem getting the mortgage for that amount, but that they were asking round the family....the next thing I was told that they could only get a mortgage for £20k less than the first offer as it was based on rental from a london property. When it came time to paying a deposit they could not as the were 'porting a mortgage' from one property to ano
  5. Hi Bingobob Which EA did you opt for and how are things going re sale! Good luck
  6. Thanks I knew about netprices and zoopla but will give ourproperty.co.uk a look, check out propertysnake.co.uk for price drops and history in your desired postcode! Does anyone know what Kirklee Gate is like, an awful lot for sale their...does everyone want to leave?
  7. Hi Perishabull Thanks for the post, most helpful. I like some of coums properties but agree they are overpriced, I found PacittiJones were not interested. I am interested in a property with clyde and have only negiotiated with them through my solicitor but the vendor is not interested at present. I will probably end up renting until the right property comes up. Did 'nt know about the burgalars but I suppose it makes sense . I heard Byres road gets a bit rowdy at night...not for me. Cheers
  8. I think they have been up for around the 6 month mark. I check clyde everyday for changes etc and that is the fiirst I have noticed all changing at once as if they are having a clear out. I agree it is dificult to guage the worth of a property, I have not been looking as long as you but I too have seen things going quickly and to closing date. Roll on 20th october!
  9. I notice a lot of clyde west ends property has gone from offers over to having approx £25k stuck on it and offered at a fixed price! Do we take this as no interest, lets try something else?
  10. Thanks for the advice, really helpful. My solicitor is a member of ESPC and recommended by a friend, I find him really helpful but take your point. I have considered renting and may take this route. I have noticed properties in my desired locale are dropping their prices just not the one that I want. I have offered twice on it, the last time £10k under offers over price, apparently owner wants £30K over my offer, which given the house is empty and has been on the market for 7 months, with no other interest I feel is a bit over optimistic! I wont be going there! I will carry on looking,
  11. Looking for a townhouse conversion to flat with two bedrooms in westend G12 location, hope this helps. Want to buy and can this side of xmas but if more likely to get a better deal can wait until then. 33celcius today in spain. I would appreciate any inside views from you locals. Solicitor says things are likely to remain static this year and next year who knows!
  12. Hi, looking for a 2 bed conversion, cash. Been checking propertysnake.com, local agents, corum, clyde, pacittijones, s1homes etc Live abroad so not on the spot, just wondered what you guy think?
  13. I'm looking to buy soon in west end, any predictions re prices between now and xmas, or better to wait until next year?
  14. Thanks for the info, I find it really helpful as I'm new to this game. EA's love to point out valuation on HR's which I never believe anyway....amazing how cynical you get.
  15. How much stamp duty would a FTB pay on a £275k property? Do they get off with the first £250k charge?
  16. Good point, however if a property has been up for a long time in a falling market the valuation must be out of date? My solicitor also says there are a lot of HR valuations over and under value and it depends on who did the HR.
  17. Another useful wee site is www.propertysnake.co.uk which charts falling prices in your postcode of choice, plus days on market etc and there's an awful lot falling!! So clyde are sneaky wee devils.
  18. Thanks for that, I will bide my time. Also just noticed that Corum have three others all just reduced in last few days in same area. This ones on with clyde and they dont seem to reduce anything. I think the vendor's still living in the past along with a many others.....My solicitor says things are set to remain the same until xmas and then nobody knows, also says people are not getting over asking price on offers over with most going for £10-15k under...Watch this space!
  19. Are prices falling in the west end? I'm looking to buy. I have offered twice on a property, the last being £10K under asking price...the owner looking for £25k over asking price I am told by EA, yet property been up since April '10 and empty, no other offers etc!!! Thoughts please.
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