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  1. OK, so you caught me: I didn't STR in 2005, I inherited a lump sum of cash. Apologies for the fib, but I was essentially just using shorthand to relay the fact that I have been renting whilst sitting on capital since 2005. Anyway, my question was not about the intimacies of my own personal finances, but about what kind of offers people were making that were being accepted. (I did find the 'Your Cheeky Offers' thread, but it didn't seem to contain many posts in which people's offers were actually being accepted.) Good news from WHWL and Big Jay about -25% and -33% drops in prices. I hope all
  2. Apologies if there is a similar thread on the forum already: I did try to search for something like this, but I couldn't find anything. I'm curious to hear from anyone who is having offers accepted at the moment and how low they are, i.e. -10% / -20% / -30%? I think a -15% to -20% offer is acceptable, but the vendors around here (SE England) seem to be still in denial. Please don't advise me to hang on and rent for another year: I STRd in 2005 and, since my work hours have recently been reduced quite significantly, now is definitely the time for me to buy before my STR pot gets whittled a
  3. Ah, FP, you're my hero! Keep on talking it down, boy: well done!
  4. Hi Onlooker, It sounds as though we are in a similar position to you - looking to buy a family home in the next year or so. We STRd in late 2004 (boy, did I get that timing wrong!), but since our main reason for doing so was to rent a house near to the school we wanted our daughter to attend, and she got a place at the school, then I suppose it wasn't such a bad decision. However, we had hoped that over the last three years prices in the area where we are renting would have fallen to levels we could afford, whereas the opposite has happened. Looking back over the thread, it now seems that t
  5. I thought I might resurrect this thread to see if anyone had noticed any drops in prices in the Tunbridge Wells area recently. I feel I have been watching and waiting for this crash for so long now that I am nearly out of all hope! Even though some of the properties I have been keeping an eye on have been on the market for many months, only a very few of them have dropped their asking prices, and even then not by that much. I would have seriously expected there to be some decent reductions around by now (a good three - four months after prices started to actively fall), but there's really
  6. Actually, I didn't intend to spark a political debate with this thread, I honestly wouldn't care which party proposed such a ridiculous idea, I just feel angered that anyone would even suggest it, as though people have no responsibility for their own decisions any more, and need to be safeguarded against their own financial folly. And I don't really buy into the idea that people have ever been 'obliged' to stretch themselves financially in order to 'put a roof over their heads' - if you can't afford to buy a house, you can rent one (and, in recent times, often a better house than you could a
  7. I get that it's effectively a PR stunt, but does it honestly strike people on this forum as in any way acceptible to bail idiots out of their own financial mess?
  8. Sorry, but did anyone else here this drivel this morning - I was incensed! Why should anyone dumb enough to take out a 'sub-prime' interest-only mortgage a couple of years ago be 'cushioned' in any way from the 'blow' of higher interest rates hitting in at the end of their fixed-term deal? Isn't it their own bloody fault if they couldn't factor in the possibility of this happening? It doesn't take much more than a simple dalliance with a pocket calculator to figute it out. Unbelievable!
  9. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-925...=8&tr_t=buy Ripe for development this one, don't you think? And please bear in mind that this is arguably the sh*ttest road in the town... Note the way they don't even dare show photos of the interior and opt instead for two near-identical images of the exterior - presumably to show the property's full 'potential'. Bring on the crash: please.
  10. I agree completely with all of the above. Well done FP: you're the best. I haven't actually posted on this site for over a year, but I had to say how wonderful it's been to see the tide finally (hopefully) turning recently... HIP HPC HOORAY!
  11. I particularly like the fireworks - are they included in the purchase price? I mean, it's a fair while since I bought a packet of sparklers, but I don't remember them being that much! Here's a good one from my area: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-145...=3&tr_t=buy We are officially living in Insania. Note how the agent, in desperation, points to the upstairs bathroom as a 'feature'. Oh, you are really spoiling us!
  12. and also a 'character property'...
  13. Well, I must say your comments seem a bit harsh, DaggaDagga, I was merely noting that, in contrast to the last six months or so of bullish activity, with houses going on the market and being snapped up within days for the asking price, they're now lingering longer and shedding pounds on the way. Here's a for instance in which the EAs have been silly enough to leave the original asking price at the start of their description, while the new asking price tells a rather different story: http://www.vebra.com/home/search/vdetails....mp;pid=11620561
  14. I confess it's been rather a while since I posted on this site - I had a change of job last year, which has kept me extremely busy - but I have still been keeping an eye on my local market. Prices rose beyond all my expectations last year (in fact, I STRed in November 2004, confident that I had timed it just right - boy was I wrong! Evil August 2005 rate cut!). Nonetheless, the last few weeks have been interesting in this corner of the South East. I've counted numerous properties that have dropped their asking prices and still aren't selling. OK, we aren't exactly talking crash here, and,
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