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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seax "The Saxons may have derived their name from seax (the implement for which they were known). The seax has a lasting symbolic impact in the English counties of Essex and Middlesex, which both feature three seaxes in their ceremonial emblem." Genetically the UK hasnt changed dramatically since the end of the Ice Age....
  2. I had a visit from the Planning Department a couple of days ago. Turns out my LL doesnt have planning permission for my flat - its an annex to a large house which is unoccupied. The planning nerd advised me that I will have to move out - with 6 month notice. Doesn't really bother me too much as I am planning to move in May anyway, but I wonder what my next move should be regarding the LL. The Planning dept had advised him over a year ago, the last tenant moved out as a result. I've been there since April of last year. My view is that I am in a position to negoitate the rent, or even tell him to whistle for it as the contract is obvioulsy invalid. Can anyone give me advice on my next step forward? Thanks in advance.
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