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  1. Bristol is 'best city to live in the UK' because it's expensive to buy a house there (according to the caption).
  2. And in Polish "kredyt hipoteczny" - the house is hypothecated against the debt.
  3. They should take him off the news and give him another series of Bullseye.
  4. What tax will he pay on pension contributions compared to the tax paid on rental income?
  5. More a carbon emissions tax than a pollution tax.
  6. Last property of its type in the area? Somebody vindictive could try and get it listed
  7. What are they supposedly paying for? Administration? Would it be possible to pay the fee to get the lowest rates then claim unreasonableness of this fee (related to work done) with the financial ombudsman and get say all but £50 back?
  8. I've had to provide proof of income for the referencing agencies (not to LL or LA directly) I think for my previous tenancy I put down my employer as my LTD and they called me to check myself... I explained the situation and eventually they asked for a copy of my (LTD company's) 6 month contract, which was sufficient (I'd just started contracting so had no history with my accountants). For my current contract my accountant reponded to the referencing agency, and charged me £30 for the privilege...
  9. (OT) They're not allowed to promote breast milk substitute because "breast is best" so it's not included in promotional vouchers etc.
  10. That's how it got its full name of "Hove, actually"
  11. Can you get the money charged back to the credit card, then the onus is on them if they want to try and recover it...
  12. So the petrol in my tank is worth less than it was... I feel poorer
  13. Ah I did wonder when they mentioned a structural report being available in the description, didn't think that was standard.
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