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  1. Interesting, I didn't know that. Thanks But I guess g(1) covers this. Rossi's alleged invention makes steam, he needs a turbogenset to turn that into electricity. It's materially changed by the process. So no infringement.
  2. Would the world be a better place without patents? Possibly. But they've been around since 1331 and they ain't going anywhere in our lifetime. Back to Rossi:- he needs to play the cards he's dealt, which means he needs patents, or he'll get his butt kicked. It may not be nice, but that's the cold commercial reality. Anything else is just utopian dreaming. That's why he invited the EPO examiner to his trial. But the EPO ain't interested unless he can prove it works, or explain how it works. Both would be nice!
  3. First patent granted in 1331, so basically end of the Dark Ages. I guess the wheel hadn't been patented, but everything after that Patenting was well understood by Newton's time http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_patent_law
  4. Wrong. His invention & patent is the means of production (E-Cat) not the end product (electricity). I can import E-Cat electricity into Italy no problem. Unless, of course, he claims to have patented electricity as well....
  5. Not true. He had a claimed 200 million Euro investment from Defkalion in Greece, including "three factories located in Xanthi, " ready to manufacture "The 1MW Hyperion will be inaugurated in Q4 of 2011 with its production phase to commence in Q1 of 2012". http://www.hepogreektrade.com/finance/defkalion-green-technologies-e-cat-investing-in-cold-fusion http://www.defkalion-energy.com/products Oops, then the whole thing fell apart just days before the Q4 2011 inauguration. What a surprise. And from that 200 million Euros, what came out? Nothing whatsoever. What a surprise.
  6. You probably want to talk to Apple, or Google, or RIM, or Pfizer, or AstraZeneca, or Dyson, or Samsung, or Microsoft, or InterDigital, or Nortel, or well, you get the idea, about that. edit: I forgot, Apple et al just paid $4.5 billion for Nortel's patents. I'd say someone thinks patents have something to do with the free market
  7. Easy. I just set up a set of humongous low cost Chinese copies along the border and pump the energy into the Italian electricity grid. Email everyone thinking of buying a Rossi machine, offer them hugely discounted electricity for the next x years if they agree not to buy one. That'll sort him.
  8. How? Would you buy the $200 a watt Rossi system, or the $180 a watt Chinese system? Only a nutter would buy the former, he'd be out of business in months.
  9. There are so many reasons it's impossible I don't even know where to begin.
  10. I read that the EPO has specifically stated that they will not grant a patent based on their scientific advice, In some circumstances I agree you can make money without a patent, particularly if you're in the services business. But with a widget like this which is easy to reverse engineer and copy, launching without patent coverage would be instant commercial suicide. He's not even a good trickster!!! "Pay no attention to the 500 kW genset running in the background.... trust me it's cold fusion!" Derren Brown would have done it a hell of a lot better.
  11. Yes it does. it has to be "useful":- "The patent law specifies that the subject matter must be "useful." The term "useful" in this connection refers to the condition that the subject matter has a useful purpose and also includes operativeness, that is, a machine which will not operate to perform the intended purpose would not be called useful, and therefore would not be granted a patent." http://www.uspto.gov/patents/resources/general_info_concerning_patents.jsp Since Rossi's machine does not operate to perform the intended purpose, ie make energy out of thin air, it wouldn't in principle be granted. Of course the USPTO famously lets the odd perpetual motion patent through, but that's because they're so overworked. Regardless, Rossi needs cast-iron worldwide patent coverage, else the Chinese will just sell it in jurisdictions where his patent isn't granted. And nail him anyway.
  12. The European Patent Office has refused to grant him a patent for two reasons 1. science says it can't work 2. science says it can't work Yes, I know that's technically just one reason, blah blah blah. So he's toast. He can't sell the product to anyone until he has a cast iron patent, because any product he ships will immediately be reverse engineered by the Chinese who will put him out of business within months. The only way he can get a patent is to prove that science is wrong and it really works. The only way he can do that is to get other scientists to replicate it in a fully open way. His patent application would still hold retrospectively so he's quite safe to do this. No replication means no patent means no product means no money for Rossi. Ergo it doesn't work.
  13. The trouble is, the cost of installation is almost entirely fixed, since it depends on man-hours and truck rolls and it cannot easily be automated. The cost of modules could in principle be driven down by such pump priming, but the problem is you are pouring money into another nation's intellectual property base to do it. So you weaken your own economy in two ways:- you impose a regressive tax and most of that tax revenue goes strengthen competitor economies. Like all great government ideas, fundamentally flawed from the get-go. Basically we have poured, what, a few billion pounds of Joe Billpayer's money into foreign intellectual property which provides precisely zero future return to UK Plc. Instead we could have directly subsidised some smart intellectual ventures with export potential and at least had a chance of some return on investment. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
  14. "Power for start-up (resistive coils that provided heat to the reaction chambers) was provided by the large and loud genset (was making all the noise) you see that is nearly as large as the small shipping container in which the 1 MW E-Cat plant was arranged. Once the reaction chambers got up to temperature, they were maintained by the heat produced by the reaction. I'm not sure why they kept the generator running after that" "Probably the biggest opening for skeptics will be the continually running genset that is probably rated for 500 kW (my guess), and appears to have been connected by cables to the E-Cat. "Where's the mystery?" So knock yourselves out, skeptics. It's the customer who has to be happy, and apparently this one was satisfied that those cables were not contributing to the 470 kW output during self-sustaining mode." I'm pretty sure I know why they kept the generator running after that. Jeez, it doesn't get much funnier than that Rossi keeps on tryin'. After the Defkalion fiasco, I guess he's looking hard for investment.
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