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    The impeachment of Tony Blair<br /><br />A return to anarchy in the UK
  1. There's one born every minute!! Sell,sell,sell. I predict a suspension of their shares or a majority stake held by the govenment. Get out while the going is good
  2. This might explain why HSBC holdings are tanking Courtesy of Bloomberg Banks led declines in Europe after Deutsche Bank reported a fourth-quarter loss after taxes as the global financial crisis hurt debt and equity trading. HSBC Holdings Plc, Europe’s largest bank by market value, may have to raise as much as $30 billion and cut its dividend in the half as earnings sink, Morgan Stanley analysts said.
  3. For those betting folk amongst you 3 bookies have the SNP odds on to win at Glenrothes Snp 1/3 1/2 0.51/1 Labour Party 2 7/5 1.72/1 Conservative Party 100 100 Liberal Democrats 100 100 Someone give Gord his coat,it will soon be all over for him.
  4. There is certainly one private bank that is very safe indeed,so much so that I have an account there. The unfortunately named C.Hoare & Co Check them out!!
  5. Perhaps if you log on to bastardoldholborn you would have known about the demo Flash Mob. Get there if you can. Front steps of the Bank Of England 3pm 10/10/08
  6. Why doesn't everyone just "Bauger off" Bauger geddit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Try to persuade the greatest living Premiership football manager to enter politics and he would put the Great back in Britain again,if he were to be Prime Minister. Readers,I refer to my old adversary,Sir Alex Ferguson. I am perfectly serious as any player who has been coached under him will tell you.
  8. Nice one Noel. Enjoy the long week-end,see you at the Notting Hill Carnival on the HPC float Have a good one mate!!
  9. Perhaps we should consider some of the most highly parasites in the UK and I refer,of course, to Premiership footballers. Some statistics please on their annual earnings and how much direct taxes they pay per annum. The "big four" Chelsea,Man Utd,Liverpool and Arsenal should be taken into state ownership much like Northern Rock and the staff of those clube be paid junior civil servants wages. The only way forward for this country is to squeeze the rich "till the pips squeak" Nationalise Roman Abramovich and Mohammed Al Fayed. Nurse,please more medication,I am about to explode.
  10. “Last night when I got home, my wife insisted I took her out to somewhere expensive” …so I took her to a petrol filling station. Don't laugh it's true!
  11. The way the Dow is tanking at the moment,sometime next week it will reach the next support level of 11,700 and then there's no knowing what will happen. I'm off here comes the week-end
  12. Ouch!! From BBC website Dollar in new slump against euro The weak dollar makes European goods relatively more expensive The dollar weakened against the euro to hit a new record low, amid continued fears over the state of the US economy. It took $1.540 to buy a euro in morning trade on Friday, up from $1.537 a day earlier, also a record. At the same time, one pound was worth $2.01. Meanwhile, the dollar fell below 102 yen for the first time in three years.
  13. The clue is in his name Inspector. Spell Udah backwards and what do you get ?? HAD U and he has!!
  14. To use the title of a Rolling Stones record I can only assume Applegit was "Getting his Rocks Off" Merry Xmas one and all
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