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  1. The British built some great ships once upon a time. Some of them are still revered today as masterpieces of modern engineering, far ahead of their time. It will come back. The wheel turns.
  2. interesting subject. i'm also of the opinion that manufacturing in china is overrated and that a substantial amount of manufacturing will move back to the west Company i work for has built ships in China for over ten years. Quality from some of the yards is worse today than it was ten years ago. Granted, some shipyards we use are OK (not good, just Ok) but you pay considerably more. We have also noticed that as commodity prices have gone up the chinese have skimped on materials making the quality even worse. The problem is deeply embedded in the Chinese mentality. they have no pride in their work, or what they are doing. it's just a means to an end to make a fast buck so why bother to do it well? also they think nothing of reneging on contracts, substituting agreed materials with lesser quality ones and outright lying. to be honest, the window is shrinking and the benefits of manufaturing in china are diminishing year by year. We send teams out there on rotation to supervise the chinese yards. some of our best guys have gone there with the best intentions, to pass their knowledge on to the chinese and improve the way they work. never works. Even the most idealistic and patient come back broken men. Japan on the other hand is a different class altogether. excellent quality, always delivered on time, lasts for years with minimal maintenence. one experience i had out there sums up the japs very well. we were due to take delivery of a vessel at 0830hrs and the yard director approached us bowing and apologizing. he was deeply embarassed that there would be a delay in the launching of the ship. how long , we asked ? We were worried that if it was a week or two we would incur quite a lot of expenses. About twenty minutes he said. We nearly burst out laughing - the chinese will delay by 6 months and then STILL not deliver on the day they're supposed to ! the concept of quality is part of the national psyche. germans have it, so do the japs. care, attention, pride in your work and who you are. chinese don't have it, and never ever will. that's why china will always produce tat.
  3. Yeah I lived in the south east, mostly in London, before I saw sense and escaped. So what ? England is the same wherever you are. you're not comparing Detroit with San Diego, or Milan with Palermo, or Sydney with Melbourne. Same landscape, same row upon row of bleak terraced houses, same dull high street, same pasty white faces, same misery wherever you are. The North? Give me a facking break. Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds. All crapholes. South east? Overcrowded, expensive, overrated. London is a major toilet I agree, but i'd still rather be in London ten in the North. at least the immigrants bring a bit of culture with them. Now I know you are gonna reply about how you live in the cornish countryside and how you have a view of the rolling hills etc from your bedroom window, but so what ? it's still cold and rainy and on the edge of your perfect little village there is still social housing where the chavs have been coralled. The taxes are still high and the food is still bad and there is still nothing to do except romp through muddy fields in the freezing cold. You can surf but the water is so cold you need a 5mm wetsuit, hood, gloves and booties 90% of the time. Where's the fun in that, freezing my butt off in the lineup with a bunch of cornish inbreds. No thanks. Rant over (for now)
  4. People who live in the UK are blinded to how unbeleivably crap the quality of life is, because they are too close to it. It's only when you move away that you realize just how appaling life in the UK really is. Main points: The housing stock is terrible. Tiny terraced houses with no gardens for stupid prices. Who could live in one of those slaveboxes without going nuts? You expect me to work my whole life just to own one of those things? F&ck off. The weather is usually wet or cold, so there is no outdoor life to speak of. No beach, no mountain. If you like romping through muddy fields in the freezing cold, then fine, you might be happy. If not, then you are stuck at home watching reality TV shows. High taxes to pay for the hordes of chavs. Benefits culture means my tax money goes to support some lowlife scum on a sink estate. Food is terrible. Pubs ? That is a minus in itself. When the culture of an entire nation is defined by sitting in a beer-soaked room with a bunch of mongs talking about football, then you know you've got a problem. Generally I find people in the UK to be miserable, untrusting and untrustworthy. Stinginess is embedded in the national psyche, a bit like the Germans. But of course not all Brits, just the majority. Only good things i can think of are cheap food in supermarkets, the comedy/ humour (unbeatable), NHS is not a bad system compared to what a lot of other low-end developed nations offer (although you pay for it anyway with high taxes), public transport is good, especially in London, and shopping in the west end.
  5. Keep it and let it out. Save the money in a high interest account. When the market begins it's second leg down (it's coming) wait for the dust to clear then re-mortgage that bad boy and buy another one, or even two if you can. Chuck in another few grand each if you have it to bring down the amount of capital you need to borrow. Long term you should be thinking of leveraging that one house to get 3. That's what I did with my siblings, and we are doing well out of it. We started with one, now we have 3, and waiting to buy more in 2011 or 2012. Don't overthink it too much. Too many people on this site over-analyze things and end up too sh1t scared to do anything.
  6. Yes. Thats why we are generally brit-bashers in cyprus - the occupation, etc etc. however all greek cypriots admit that the brits were far preferable to the turks, and they did leave a lot of good things behind. for example, our land registry system was developed and implemented by the british and has been the source of much of our wealth today. the reason why every family in cyprus has it's land is because the british parcelled it out. in greece there is no functioning land registy. credit where credit is due i say.
  7. Athens is a dump, dont go there for more than 2 days. see the acropolis and the other sights and get the fack out there is a good hotel near the megaron mousikis - hotel alexandros. very reasonable. 90% of the other hotels in athens are dives. man, greece is great. get on a flying dolphin and hit all the islands. crete is beautiful.. falasarna bay especially. skiathos, mykonos, santorini...beautiful
  8. nai exei pollous vlakes edo. trelli pou kathounte sto internet oli mera kai grafoun anogisies na se kala
  9. very childish post is gordon brown a more honourable, less posturing buffoon than papandreou ? let's see what happens when the speculators rip the UK apart in a few months. your hypothesis re the sale of cyprus has one major flaw. greece doesn't own cyprus it would be like the UK trying to sell new zealand and it was 1974, not 1972 when the turks invaded
  10. puzzles me too. england is such a dive. I left there first chance i got. Saying that though, there are a LOT of greek cypriots moving back to cyprus these days, especially from London (and now south africa) i guess the trend must be going the other way in greece though
  11. you're talking war/ apocalypse here. i'm talking great depression/ mass unemployment/ social unrest in my opinion, if dealing with your scenario it would not do much good to stick around. energy should be spent on finding a way out rather than trying to hoarde/hide all that easily looted gear. in my scenario you don't really need most of that stuff on your list.
  12. yeah it is... a lot of greeks sell their rural land in order to buy cars or big houses in the towns. i would never do that, no matter how broke i was. its my back door in case things get really bad. i can go up there and live in my little house and live without government-supplied utilities and grow enough to survive on. shotgun over the mantelpiece, chicken coop in the yard and olive grove out the back. you dont need much food to survive and everything you need grows out here. my olive trees need watering 4-5 times during the summer, and maybe the odd bit of pest control, and that's it. you harvest once a year and press your oil and you are set. citrus trees same, walnuts/almonds etc same. veggie patch can easily be done and you can raise chickens or shoot hares for meat. maybe the greeks will go back to the land ?
  13. I'm Greek Cypriot living in Cyprus, and can answer part of your question as the culture/climate/lifestyle here are the same as Greece If it's TFH time i'd rather be here than anywhere else Most of us come from a villageand can go back there to cultivate our fields if things get really bad. I have some land in my mother's village up in the mountains where i grow olive trees (get my year's supply of olive oil from my little grove) citrus fruit, almonds, walnuts and a few other things. I have some relatives up there who are pretty self sufficient with very little land. If things got really bad we would all just return to our villages. many people still have their family homes in the villages which they use as summer houses. Always thought that Greece/ Greek islands/ Cyprus would be the best place to weather any type of social meltdown. the rural infrastructure is all still there, hundreds of villages lying nearly empty surrounded by good farmeable land. It might even be fun.
  14. Grew up in North London, Tottenham and Edmonton sides. It is a toilet, i would agree. got out of there first chance I got, early twenties. Always knew I wanted to escape, it was hardwired into me. I still feel palpable relief whenever I go back there to visit. I cannot understand how people live that grinding, soul-crushing existence. However I don't much see the appeal of the rest of the UK either. Very small houses, non existent gardens, crap weather and poor quality of life. in London you can make that appallingly poor quality of life. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. I dont like romping through muddy fields in the freezing cold, nor sitting in dank smelly pubs, nor walking around high streets looking at tat. Emigration is the only option for normal and sane people, as far as I am concerned. No upside to the UK IMHO. Not for me, anyway. Could never see it. Maybe I am wrong.
  15. Lots and lots of Mercs here, yes. 90% of them imported from the UK where people can no longer afford to drive nice cars. I love my ML350, even if the running costs are a bit high. Health care here is good, but I do reserve the right to hop back to the UK should it become necessary (hopefully not, but you never know) Lazy ? Yes you do get a bit lazy over here. Too much sun, wine and good food. You really don't want to work too hard when the beach is staring you in the face on a hot day. Good job I kept those BTL's off Green Lanes to finance all this.
  16. i'm in cyprus. the recognized, legal bit.
  17. Have to echo this sentiment. I escaped from the UK 12 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Could not ever imagine living there again, in that grinding, soul crushing environment. Shuffling about in the drizzle to go to some crap job to earn a crap wage so that I can pay the mortgage on a little slavebox. The chavs. The lack of culture and good food. The way they break you down bit by bit, queue here, stand there, follow this rule, pay that tax. The relief I feel from being out of that nightmare is still palpable. What a sh1thole. What a toilet. So much more to life. Go and find it.
  18. (what i presume to be) english posters bashing greek food - now i've heard it all how can you possibly compare english stodge to the greek kitchen ? greek food is among the healthiest in the world. havnt u guys heard of the mediterranean diet ? fish, pulses, olive oil, lots of seasonal fruit and veg british food is only a step away from dog food
  19. it's not the poles fault. why blame them ? one thing i do concede though, is that the poles are quite racist. but no worse than the white 'working' classes in the UK.
  20. i do not consider myself a troll. but such threads do bring out certain trollish instincts in me. there is nothing i despise more than to hear the english whinging about how those darn poles/*****/bubbles/coons etc have come over here, taken all our jobs, shagged our (mediocre at best) women, etc etc they seem to forget that england had colonies for hundreds of years where they practically raped the indiginous populations of their wealth and resources. now the shoe is on the other foot they dont like it. i mean look at it from my point of view. parents from an ex-british colony. lived in abject poverty under the brit boot. werent allowed an education or permitted to start small agri businesses in their own villages. everything belonged to the queen. came to the uk as cheap labour, endured a lot of abuse from the locals. but never took a cent off the state or claimed benefits a day in their lives. worked at dull, back breaking jobs to earn a pittance, then slowly slowly clawed their way up through perseverance and hard work and joined the middle classes. why would you begrudge them their success? why keep moaning about how they somehow ' stole' a living from you, when you are too idle to do a days work yourself ? i've been hearing it my whole life. go back to your own country. you stole our jobs. you got all the money. you foreigners are all rich. etc. etc. bitterness, jealousy and hard feelings. nothing more. and the poles are the latest recipients of this. but nothing has really changed. anyway its nice and sunny out and i want to go kitesurfing
  21. you just described my utopia !!!! there is nothing i would like more than to see those on benefits have an epiphany, and transform themselves from idle scroungers into hardworking,upstanding members of the community i'd be so happy i'd probably GIVE them the house
  22. I know, ironic isn't it ? many (ok what the hell, ALL) of my tenants are on benefits. and what a useless bunch they are. slovenly, uneducated and immoral. thank God i dont have to deal with them directly. ho hum. as long as the state keeps paying, i will keep those little terraced sh1tboxes ticking over. might even buy a few more at the bottom, if that ever arrives. if they dont, i will sell to the likesof carbonoid and reinvest elsewhere. at least then i dont have to keep coming and going to the uk every 4 or 5 months. heathrow is just a nightmare, the traffic is hideous and the general misery stamped on peoples faces always brings me down.
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