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  1. Both new airports, Larnaka and Pafos were built by Hermes / Shakolas on the BOT (build operate transfer) system not really a drain on public finances. and the old larnaka airport was a toilet, long overdue we spend far too much supporting a massive public sector where productivity is extrememly low problem is, if you get rid of all these government workers now where will they go ? unemployment is already over 10% and we had full employment before we joined the EU.. used to have to bring workers in from asia !!!
  2. Problem is that Cyprus has a massive public sector-government employees are amongst the best paid workers on the island, finish work at 2pm and enjoy numerous benefits. Their union PASYDY protects them and threatens a general shutdown whenever the government wants to bring them in line. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE here wants to work for the government. Ask any schoolkid and they will all tell you the same thing. If we have to bail out that disgusting idiot Vgenopoulos and his crappy bank then there will definetly not be enough to go around. Bailout here we come, at least until the natural gas comes online in 2016
  3. Have read a few of these books and the better ones usually contain a few excellent and worthwhile insights wrapped in pages and pages of padding and fluff. Someone lent me ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ recently, and again, some great little nuggest regarding running a start-up, padded out with loads of American style psychobabble and self-help waffle. The exceptions to the above would be Felix Dennis, all-round excellent book and The Millionaire Next Door, which is not really a self-help book but more an academic study of millionaires in the USA and how they aquirred their wealth. Interesting and insightful, but probably a bit dated by now. Actually, the only self-help book I have ever read that I can honestly say had a big impact on my life was Allan Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking. Pure genius. I chucked the fags away ten years ago and havn’t had a craving since. Worth every penny, I don’t know why the NHS doesn’t make it compulsory reading for all smokers wanting to quit.
  4. common theme seems to be that our parents had much more focus than we do and got on with life without over-analyzing things meet and marry someone you like, have kids early, buy a house, struggle through the early years and by 40 your saucepans are teenagers and your house is more or less paid off we faff about too much
  5. blimey, what a bunch of c*nts you all can be it's just people living their lives. leave em alone FFS. at least they're working, trying hard and not sponging off the taxpayer. you lot can be a right bunch of twisted and bitter ar5eholes.
  6. Bloody hell. Things must really be bad out there in the UK if some of you are actually mulling over Luton as a place to live and raise a family. I know the place well and it is a hellhole. Much better off in a smaller house in St Albans, or Southgate, or Cockfosters, or Potters Bar, or wherever, than in this islamic ghetto. Makes me depressed when I read this sort of thing, that these are the only options working people have left in the UK - crap holes like Luton - and I am so relieved to have left England all those years ago. Life is waaahay too short.
  7. +1 best post on the thread by a mile. sums it up perfectly.
  8. hahaha ! brilliant ! thanks for that exactly what i'm talking about those 3 are almost as wussie as the guy on radio 4 !!!!
  9. pretty much, yeah only 3 things in life worrying about...health, your loved ones and time rest is all crap he needs to get a sense of perspective. he has 1000 rejection letters because nobody needs his particular skill set in this economic climate. he needs to forget all his expectations and break out of the mould he has forced himself into. what's wrong with retraining for a trade, or something similar.
  10. I sympathize with the guy, but big [email protected] deal... he's got loads of options open to him as long as he locks away his ego and his high expectations I got a good friend dying of cancer, 38 years old leaves behind two toddlers. THAT'S what I call a tragedy. perspective
  11. Really can't understand all the bile and biterness here towards this woman Is she a slightly frumpy posh bird ? Yes Does she come from a priveliged background ? Yes Parents bought her a flat and car ? Yes, but so what. we would all do the same for our kids if we could. Has she been right about property so far ? Yes, no catastrophic decline which is probably the reason why so many here hate her. She was pretty much right and HPC pretty much wrong (so far, anyway). Get a grip you lot, she's not Pol Pot FFS. Just some bird on telly.
  12. a referendum is the only way to go, if it is not manipulated in any way as greeks we are a hotheaded bunch (with access to firearms) and this could get out of hand very easily
  13. well, he didn't exactly present himself as a manufacturer or producer, but a banker/speculator, which is what he is. I actually think some of those protestors were very coherent and logical. nothing wrong with investment, or a bit of speculation even, but the vast majority of them were against the massive frauds committed on wall street during the subprime crisis, tranches of subprime crap chopped up and sold on, nobody even knew what was in them. and on top of it all the ratings agencies were sticking AAA on much of it. but thats the problem with america. not ENOUGH active participation in the democratic process. not ENOUGH protest, not ENOUGH regulation. the people are dumbed down and as a result allow themselves to be manipulated too much. they now know something is wrong, but many of them cannot articulate it or put their finger on the malaise.
  14. we must be getting desperate if we are quoting guys like this now obscure turkish ceo of obscure turkish firm
  15. Don't believe everything you read. Most Greeks work very hard. Problem is government corruption, as power swings between two dynastic families who avoid taxing their rich cronies. This is effectively the problem in Greece. The government are squeezing the wrong people. They need to tax wealth a lot more and labour less.
  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15452180 Quote For European taxpayers, a Greek default has one further benefit: it sends a message to creditors that lending carries real risks, so they should be more careful in future. The fundamental reality is that Greece and much of Europe have borrowed and consumed too much in recent decades; someone has to pay for that. Default accomplishes this quickly, and imposes the losses on those who made the gains when times were good. That is the right outcome.
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15452180 Quote For European taxpayers, a Greek default has one further benefit: it sends a message to creditors that lending carries real risks, so they should be more careful in future. The fundamental reality is that Greece and much of Europe have borrowed and consumed too much in recent decades; someone has to pay for that. Default accomplishes this quickly, and imposes the losses on those who made the gains when times were good. That is the right outcome.
  18. You’re missing the point. Success is subjective. What is a succes to me may be failure to someone else, as you rightly pointed out. What we are talking about here is dominance as a world leader. Societies/ nations with a high degree of mirroring/ discipline in their cultures have always dominated those without. Germany, USA, Japan etc. Germans dominated Europe under Hitler, and still do today, alebit in a different way. Japanese dominated much larger China during the Sino-Japanese wars. America dominated the world during the 20th century and possibly beyond. Americans are a real nation with a real identity, as AEP points out. They are incredibly disciplined (except perhaps with food) and hardworking and all follow a common line. I pledge allegiance to the flag… etc etc. Much like the Japanese with their racial superiority complex and the Germans with theirs. Societies without this sort of discipline do not have this type of ‘success’, although it can sometimes be beaten into them if they are subjected to brutal totalitarian regimes.
  19. You mean he wasn't ? He took a shattered nation and rebuilt it within the space of a few years. Invaded and dominated all of Europe, beat the crap out of all comers. It took the whole might of the Soviet Empire to beat him, and only then after he made some serious mistakes.
  20. Don't write off the US. AEP might very well be right that they will bounce back. Could be that they have hit bottom now and will soon begin to claw back some of the might they once had. They have natural resources, a good fertility rate and are excellent inventors and innovators. Debt ? Pah. it's just numbers in a computer. The real thing that matters is the unity, purpose and discipline of American society. They are like robots - point them in the right direction, give them a lot of aggressive and sugary pep talks and on they march, unthinking, unquestioning. The few who do raise doubts are quashed and ignored. That's what it takes to be a world leader. Not knowledge but ignorance. Not far-sightedness but narrow-mindedness. I suspect the new purpose of the US will not be war but how to wean themselves off hydrocarbons. I think it's coming, and I think once the yanks are brainwashed into marching in this direction then we will see massive leaps and bounds. Next bubble for sure, but who knows when. Anwyay, who will challenge them for world dominance? Russia, shrinking population, massive corruption, disaffected society. Unliked, unsympathetic. China ? Don't make me laugh. They can't make anything worth sh1t. They have neither the mentality nor the skills to become world leaders and they never will have. They make cheap tat for the west and that's it. When they couldnt sell us any more crap they inflated a debt bubble at home to keep things going, now they are in for the hard landing. God help us if they ever become world leaders. I'll take America a million times over. Don't write off the EU either. The new Roman Empire will not disappear. It may change form, as it always has, but I doubt it will collapse.
  21. I feel your pain, man. I really do. And I agree with a lot of what you say. Not worth getting out of bed for most of the jobs out there today. For what ? In the old days they worked their guts out but at least they got somewhere. I think of my own parents. They came to the UK as immigrants. Uneducated, worked incredibly hard, made a few mistakes, always bounced back. Dad had a variety of small businesses. Grocers, small restaurants, used cars on the side. Usually did OK although worked hard but enjoyed being his own boss. Retired early and did a bit of couriering/ used cars on the side etc. Never claimed a day's benefit in his life, even when between jobs/businesses. Mum worked at home on the sewing machine for piece rates. Hard hard work, long hours but made good money, 500 quid a week some weeks during the 70's. That was some serious money for a job that was not particularly difficult to learn but very tiring. Also never claimed benefits. We had a 4 bedroom terraced house in north london (area was a working class suburb then, a total ghetto now), a decent car, holidays every summer. No consumer crap or many toys but we went outside and played. If you were to work at equivalent jobs today you would struggle very hard. And my parents raised 4 kids and educated them to post grad level. Things are definetly worse, at least in the UK
  22. It's not my system. I just have to live in it along with everybody else. The debt money system is so constructed, that we must all struggle against each other in order to survive. Anyone who doubts this is a fool. And what do Turks invading Cyprus have to do with any of all this? Bit off-topic, to say the least.
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