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  1. they're just running down their lines before ordering new stock for the Christmas season use yer noodle
  2. what an awful book, im amazed i managed to plough through it badly written, badly researched, badly everything only positive thing to come from reading it is that if this cr^p can make it onto the bestsellers list, than anyone stands a chance
  3. never understood the brits who bought without title deeds... what a stupid thing to do. you dont ever buy a car without a logbook, so why would you spend your life savings on a property without a title ? stupid, stupid, stupid
  4. Friends own an architecht firm in London - laid off all ten staff and now all work being done by the partners themselves and one part time girl who does invoicing etc I work in shipmanagement, one of the big boys. Pay freezes this year across the board. o other problems, job seems secure enough. We held a conference with the other big boys in the industry last month and decided that all seaman's wages will be slashed by 10% in October. The crew have no choice but to accept it.
  5. Expat here too left the UK 12 years ago for Cyprus (the recognized, legal bit) Best decision of my life. Got a good job a month after I arrived and still working for the same firm. Old world employers, very paternalistic but pay good wages and treat you like family as long as you are loyal and committed. No debt, mortgage or otherwise. Should be semi retired in 6-7 if years all goes well (im in my mid thirties). Life here is very, very good. No stress, hassle free. Beach and mountains on weekends, sunny and warm most of the year, people are friendly and helpful if you know the correct approach. Could not ever go back to the UK, although i recognize that there are some very good things about the place (diminishing fast). Only thing I hate about Cyprus is the appalling driving - still drives me nuts ! (and I guess the influx of chavs over the past few years, although a lot of them are leaving due to the strong Euro) Everything else can be handled easily.
  6. External property demand tumbles 80% First Published: 04/06/2009 06:55:24 Stockwatch The drop in external demand of properties in the first five months of the year neared 80%. Part of the real estate agents believe that they do not expect a full recovery before 2012. The decline in external demand is reflected in the latest Land Registry data. The deeds of sale by non-Cypriots in January – May show that all municipalities face the same problem, with the number of unsold flats and houses becoming bigger and bigger. Things in Limassol are slightly better; however, demand in the area is down 64% since only 167 properties were sold during the period against 468 in 2008. In Nicosia, the annual drop reached 72% and in Paphos 79%. Sales in the capital fell to 61 from 215 in the first five months of 2008 and in Paphos to 228 from 1086 in 2008. Paphos was affected earlier than the other municipalities and therefore the drop in demand is lower. Real estate agents and developers said that some of the sales in Paphos are the result of transactions made by foreigners themselves, pushing prices to exceptionally low levels in order to sell and take advantage of the exchange rate between the sterling and the euro. The gap in external demand is bigger in Larnaca and Famagusta, which largely depend on external demand. In Famagusta, only 78 properties were sold during the period (2008: 582), while in Larnaca 112 (2008: 788). Total sales during the period slumped to 646 from 3139 in the first five months of 2008. Real Estate Agents Honourary Chairman, Elias Danos believes that pre-crisis prices will not return. Mr. Danos said that the property market in 2007 and 2008 was a “bubble as a result of the capital of €3 billion injected in the Cypriot market after the approval of the amnesty by the Parliament. This led to an abnormal increase in property prices, which instead of increasing around 10% per annum, they increased by 50% each yearâ€, he said. AND : Recovery in property market to take longer First Published: 03/06/2009 06:45:27 Stockwatch The activity in the property market stood still in May, with the property circles stressing that despite the slight recovery in the past few months, worse days are on their way. The figures released by the Land Registry yesterday show that the total annual decrease in sales in the first five months of 2009 stood at 61%, reflecting the rough times that the property market goes through. According to the deeds of sale, the drop in the volume of sales in May showed a slight recovery and amounted to 53% against 55% in April, 56% in March, 65% in February and 72% in January. Despite the slight increase in sales, Chairman of Land Developers Association, Lakis Tofarides told StockWatch that optimism is not allowed. “The property market is in recession and the differentiations in the deeds of sale are attributable to seasonality. Mr. Tofarides criticized the government for not taking seriously the social and economic risk from the recession in the property market. “It is wrong to give the impression that today we sell and tomorrow we don’t. The recession in sales was anticipated. However, the problem in the property market is seriousâ€, he noted. Similarly, property valuator, Antonis Loizou said that price fluctuations are attributable to the limited number of sales by the Cypriots, who grasped good opportunities (constructions in good condition and in good price). “The situation is still dramatic. The size of the problem will be apparent after September with thousands unsold flats and housesâ€, he said. Other real estate agents are more optimistic, since Cypriots are now more interested in buying houses. Chairman of Nicosia Real Estate Agents and Vice Chairman of the Pancyprian Association of Real Estate Agents, Costas Kadis, stressed that the purchasing power in Nicosia and Limassol has been reheated. For the time being, however, sales concern flats and houses in Protaras. “They were sold 30% lower than the price in 2007â€, he said. The freezing in the property market is reflected in the historic data. In 2009, total sales stood at 2,838, in 2008 at 7,224, in 2007 at 8,318 and in 2006 at 6,486. Stagnation in the property market is seen via the figures concerning each district separately. In Nicosia, sales tumbled 55% to 770 from 1,702 in 2008. In Limassol, where the purchasing power is supported by the Russians, sales slumped 54% to 716 from 1,541. Similarly in Larnaca, which depends on external market, the sales in the first five months of the year dropped 63% to 542 from 1,464, while in Famagusta they declined 71% to 277 from 957. Finally, sales in Paphos were 66% lower to 533 from 1,560 in the corresponding period of 2008.
  7. what a sad and pathetic lot you all are choosing money over having children? how utterly awful. makes me so happy i left crap england with its anti-family values and selfish people all those years ago for the sunny med, where everything is focused on kids and the family life don't reproduce. keep that money and spend it on yourselves. then when you grow old and die alone with no children or grandchildren around you at least you will have memories of that big empty paid off house and all that extra tat you were able to buy so very, very sad. and so very very happy to have turned my back on the UK, what a terrible place it has become.
  8. wishful thinking.... the clear winner after this crisis has passed will be the EU wether we like it or not
  9. kaletsy's a d!ck, his analysis is always wrong havnt seen anything good written by this guy, ever
  10. i'm in cyprus and a lot of cypriots are buying in london due to strong euro, falling prices, low savings rates here, etc a friend of mine who runs an accounting firm told me last night that he has been given one and a half million sterling by a client of his (local businessman, medium level player on the island) to 'buy some flats in finchley' im going to load up on london property myself, but not until 2010-2014
  11. i spent some time in detroit awhile back, my work used to take me there regularly visiting vessels in the great lakes trade you guys are nuts to even think of buying a house there. the place is only good to be torn down, and thats what i think will happen eventually (now i spend about 3 months a year in new orleans, which is an awful place, but i can tell you, nothing compared to detroit. and at least its warm. detroit is bitterly, savagley cold in the winter months) i have to laugh at the dude with the shack in tampa sounding off about how nothing happened to him in southall, therefore he will be safe in detroit ! detroit is not comparable with any part of london or any city in the uk for that matter. iti s in a league of it's own
  12. tsschhhh where do i begin... dont forget this is an ex colony with a lot of animosity against the brits in general. we all have family members who were imprisoned, beaten half to death, or even killed by the english back during the colonial uprisings despite that we welcomed them at first. but that was a mistake. they are pretty dire, for the most part. they do not bother to learn the language or blend in with the local way of life. the ones i like are the ones who speak a bit of greek and try to get along with us. i know this is a generalization but i find that they tend to be middle class and well travelled. they recognize the benefits of a mediterranean lifestyle and make the most of what the place has to offer. sadly they are in the monirity. for the most part we get the chavs who are obsessed with beer, dogs and bad food. There is a high turnover though as most cant find work and end up trying to sell dodgy 'british certified' trades to one another. they dont speak greek or understand the culture and they wonder why they cant find work. when i tell them that an immigrant in the UK who does not speak english or english culture would also be limited to menila low paid jobs in the UK, i get blank stares. they seem to think that they own the island and deserve some kind of red carpet treatment, to cherry pick the best jobs over the lcoal coolies another thing that pisses me off is the title deeds problem. FFS, you bought a house without deeds, what the hell were you thinking ??? you wouldn't buy a car without a logbook ! if you leave your brain behind at Gatwick then you deserve to be fleeced, sorry. i know people say that the brits brought money with them and support the economy, and this may be true. but i liked it better here during the eighties and nineties when tourism was controlled and we had a slower pace of life with less hassles
  13. maybe a lot of brits will leave now, and we will get some peace their eternal whinging, dogs crapping on the street and bad tattoos are blighting both the physical and cultural landscape food is only bad in the expat ghettos. locals eat fish, salad, pulses, lots of olive oil, red wine...english insist on fried stuff and packaged crap that they sell in iceland
  14. a rising tide lifts all boats they say. well the tide is dropping fast if i were you i would stay in my job for as long as i could, and stash some more cash then when this thing is over, or at least there is a floor under it, go for it
  15. yes the baltic dry is down, and by a huge amount.but dont forget that we are coming down from an insane boom, the biggest the industry has ever seen. we are simply reverting back to 2001-2002 levels, so those operators who are not geared and have little debt exposure should have little to fear. and dont forget that the tanker side is still making very healthy money. its the johnny-come latelys who piled in toward the end of the boom who will suffer. a lot more vessels will be laid up, and a lot of shipyard order books will be cancelled (and a lot more crew on vacation , sad to say)
  16. the spartan women were also encouraged to have different sexual partners, it was a strange society. the main motivation for sparta was to keep the helots at bay so they could have more free time to train, fight and penetrate each other. they had to replace the soldiers quickly so when a spartan died his wife was actively encouraged to remarry and reproduce as quickly as possible. sometimes sparta wives would shag other men with the knowledge of thir husbands, it was not taboo. anyway it was a wierd society like i say. good movie though my heroes come mostly from the greek war of independance... kolokotronis, mavromatis, kapodistrias... etc
  17. i accept that i may have raised a few hackles by describing you lot as 'gutless'. fair enough, i do apologize. i should have been more subtle. i am still traumatized by my recent business trip to the uk and may unconciously be in brit-bashing mode (gain)... at times i felt like i was being shafted by the mighty leonidas himself
  18. aaaah yes this is very true the ancient greeks were into some strange stuff, sexually. the spartans were bigtime pederasts and homos, but boy could they fight ! makes me smile when many of my fellow greeks brush this unsettling fact aside. thank God all that stopped when we adopted Christianity theres a deeper debate there somehwere... if society condones and actively encourages homosexuality as it did back then, do we get more homos ? nature or nurture? too much to think about, anyway i want to get back in there and give quork another intellectual beating
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