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  1. Yeah...theres always some one with an attitude problem... i think charlie the tit prevented a post i sent due to this silly cun7
  2. but it was a much more relaxed journey than the 35 minutes from Blackheath,London SE3 that I had to endure for years. Ah ! an ex/Blackheathian, did you ever try the buses ??? I do they not bad from the Heath and still quite cheap and if you get earlyish ones, not too packed either. Thats why i stopped using the station, the trains were too packed even early morning, full of *****e*s using their poxy mobiles.
  3. Can you imagine our roads with 100 million people flying around. Yeah i can......****** that 40 Million imported people...you might as well of been over thrown by eastern europe.....what about the rights of British quote In short, you wont have any. 60million people at the moment plonked on 93000 square miles !!! all these pro immigration tossers, where do you get your intelligence from ?? scientists have experimented with animals to see how they react in close confinment, in short, they end up fighting each other.
  4. Fu3K me !!!!!!! well said, i cant believe you got this post on, although i occasionally write things here this sight is controlled by *****ers,
  5. They'll bring back people like Alvin Hall (remember him), his programmes were very popular all about getting idiots out of the shit mess they landed themselves in.
  6. Sounds like that mush from Terminator 1
  7. Er ! 10k yields £400 interest, which banks this ? my one about .015 % pa (before tax)
  8. No sorry, I kinda see what you mean, but its the all to common propensity to start a career in crime, instead of going to college, further study maybe uni later and then settle into a piss poor job after years of being a student, like I did. I've never earned any super dosh in my life (like the money you get from peddling drugs), but I'll be Fuc*ed if I'm gonna revert to crime in order to ponse about in a poxy Beemer.
  9. Er !!! so drug crime is a poor mans game, dont think so, just visit your local tower block, check out the wheels, I cant afford to run a Beemer. The average ethnics got more money than me, I have to work my Bollo**s off whilst they get wealthy living in a Shi7 hole selling poison to the masses.
  10. Orwell !!, didnt you know that Labour base most of their ideas on this wan*er. What do you want, a stinking Socialist state (you can look at East europe for that) full of miserable ****5. Whats wrong with caring about your wallet, most people on this site care about little else.
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