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  1. She's paying rent as well. It's shared ownership. Terrible piece of propaganda. Linky
  2. Ha - i've seen rentals in worse condition. You could move straight into that place compared with this doer-upper. The Kitchens my fave, straight out of a Tim Burton film. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-21208698.html
  3. Exactly. The FT runs with The UK’s inflation myth without asking what the central bank will do if inflation starts heading back to 2%.
  4. CPI index Oct - 121.0 Nov - 121.2 RPI index Oct - 238.0 Nov - 238.5 Que the MSM speading propaganda that things are cheaper this month..
  5. The stamp duty holiday for FTB's is being scraped from March 2012.. The autumn statement says: “The government is publishing analysis showing that the stamp duty land tax relief for first-time buyers has been ineffective in increasing the number of first-time buyers entering the market. “This relief will therefore end on March 24 2012 as planned. The government is instead prioritising more effective measures which provide better value for money as set out above and in its housing strategy.” more cash required up front to purchase..
  6. So; CPI index now 121 from 120.9 RPI index now 238 from 237.9 They are the highest they've every been and the BBC are telling me that the cost of living is falling?
  7. I just saw this. It was quite an incredible programme, the script written and directed by a bunch a btl spivs shedding crocodile tears for a jobless couple with a new born baby, and a greedy old lady. Some of the best propaganda ive seen. When are we going to get a programme that actually grasps the problems? Is there anyone with a backbone willing to take this on? Faisal Islam?
  8. Multi-trillion-grand-plan-to-save-the-eurozone-is-being-prepared We're all saved! Nothing wrong with this plan. (If your a *anker)
  9. The final part of Dr Tim Morgan's report on the UK economy has been released. Quite a read, he seems to be on the money. Here's the press release; STRATEGY INSIGHTS ISSUE SEVEN AVOIDING ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON DRASTIC MEASURES FOR DESPERATE TIMES Tuesday July 26, 2011: The Government needs to push through radical supply side measures in order to stimulate growth and avoid a looming debt disaster for the UK economy, says a new report from Dr Tim Morgan, Global Head of Research at Tullett Prebon. The report, Thinking the unthinkable: the final report of Project Armageddon, says the UK is caug
  10. I've just spent some time going through this recently, as my letting agent was trying to extort £85 for the privilege of him not having to re-advertise after my 12 month AST expired. There was nothing in the contract specifing any fees, so none were due. The Unfair Terms in Tenancy Agreements 2005 is guidance only - not law. From what limited research I have done the letting agent does not have to abide by this. The other two OFT powers are; The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 which is an Act of Parliament , therefore law. I woul
  11. http://www.jobsgopublic.com/jobs/equality-loans-officer-3237/from/10jllejb74ylsn/4/of/89/opening_at/desc
  12. Old FT article from February, Gavyn Davies thought it was "not particularly likely" oil would rise to over $120 per barrel and then stay there for the better part of a full year, if so he thought global growth would be cut by 2%. FT Linky With the Nigerian elections looming and a recent acceleration in the price of crude, is June going to be the peak?
  13. I got mine last night. It took me a minute to work out what was going on, I thought you had a choice?! Endorsed by lots of "celebs". Brain washing.
  14. It takes a lot longer than you think! CAD is just a tool. The real skill is converting design intent into a physical profitable item. The example of a chair would start with a Product Design Specification, incorporating development in: , Materials, Finishes, Human Factors, Aesthetics, Production Processes,Assembly, 3D Rendering, Stress Analysis, Mean Time To Failure, Environmental Testing including relevent safety standards, Configuration Management, Cost, Spare Parts, Packaging.. The list is endless. I do agree, software has speed up some aspects of design but a chair could take a year t
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