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  1. spring bounce - yeah right !!! PMSL
  2. I would love HP to go bust. I worked for Hp for 4 years ,my hubby worked for Compaq for 7 years on a 6 month rolling contract on a really good wage. Hp & Compaq merged & hubby was kicked out with one months notice. My Hp manager was then kicked out & replaced with a compaq manager who was a bully & totally usless. :angry:
  3. St Michaels mount was nice though but couldn't B & B on their for five days. Would much prefer to buy in Lynton & lynmouth.
  4. Went there on hols a few years back the place was dire - lots of empty derelict buildings, tramps, loads of dog muck on pavements. I would never buy even if they were giving away flats.
  5. I didn't even think you could a mortgage on a mobile home??? unless the banks have changed the lending criteria. yes it must get very cold in the winter, would have to dig out the old thermals.
  6. Was shopping in Wokingham town centre on Saturday & passed by an estate agents window - surprisingly half of the windows adverts were for mobile homes variously priced up to 180K. Are the EA's now trying to push these as an alternative to bricks & morter?.
  7. This property has only been on rightmove for a matter of weeks & is now STC http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-478...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy asking price 246,950, it will be interesting to see if this actually completes & what price it actually sells for. I still think it would be overpriced at 230k - can anyone tell me what they think if a crash happens the price should be?.
  8. This could also be used as a good excuse not to go round there too often! Say you've got a "headache".
  9. Hi DD Sympathies - I know exactly how you feel - my mother in law regulary give hubby & I lectures on renting being money down the drain & how she would like to see us settled. We have explained to her time & time again that now is the worst time to buy & that we could only afford a shoebox, she does relent eventually when faced with the arguments against but only after she has made her wishes known. Funnily enough my parents agree with us renting so at least I am not getting it on both sides. All you can do is try & let it go in one ear & out the other & not rise to the bait, its really not worth you getting stressed further. scheherazade
  10. thanks do not have the e-saver but may well considor opening up one for the furture if I have to keep moving money from saving a/c to saving a/c.
  11. thanks was aware of spreading the money. was under the impression that you only needed to spread across a/cs if the bank had a chance of getting into difficulties - surley this would not be the case with Cahoot part of Abbey?. sorry if I am sprouting rubbish maybe I am no so well informed as you but would welcome any comments you may have.
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