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  1. But these are just anecdotal scenarios, which will differer for different people. Some renters would have to move to smaller properties if they loose jobs, some mortgage payers will have job cover to pay mortgage when out of work....
  2. In what sense is the capital consumed with a mortgage debt?
  3. Thats ignores inflation rent for 25 years pay fluctuating and over time increasing amount depending on inflation, and a myriad of other factors. My point really is, if you have to pay something, you might as well consider yourself to be in debt.
  4. I think you're confused, i know the difference in technical definition, i'm asking a deeper question about true differences in practice... really
  5. Again the effect is the same, if you must buy petrol, you are in effect "in debt" to the petrol sellers.
  6. explain? I reality there is no difference, and you know it.
  7. Surely paying rent is the same as being in debt? Some people on this site seam to think they are not in debt when renting, but you are. What the difference? if you have a mortgage you have payments to make every month. If you rent you have payments to make each month. If you don't pay rent you are kicked out. If you don't pay mortgage you are kicked out. cheers
  8. OK no they're not apart from a few that have been on for ages. A load of houses in Penlyan just listed, for far higher that similar ones sold ( and unsold) last year.
  9. Sash windows are probably the least thing to worry about in terms of energy loss ( as long as in good condition ), double glazing only makes a small relative difference. Walls, floors, and roofs have a much bigger impact, as the insulation achieved from "upgrading" these has far more effect on energy loss.
  10. Doesn't surprise me if true. I payed around 30k in tax this year, which is more than around 5-6 people on average wage.
  11. Got to say there is the possibility there is another offer. When we sold out house last year we had two offers at the same time. ( in fact every one who saw our house made an offer... ) Having said that, i would still treat it with suspicion and stick to your first offer. What we did in the same situation when buying, was ask to see the house again before making a final offer....the seller decided to accept our original offer....
  12. Doubt if anyone is confused, most people have perfectly reasonable capital repayment mortgages on their own property. I know it might be nice for some renters to wish people with mortgages are suffering, but the truth is most are not suffering, and will not suffer from having a mortgage, and will end up better at the end of it than if they had rented.
  13. Then we can show them in 25 years, when everyone else has paid their mortgage, and they are still renting....
  14. Ok, which city has the best houses for the least price? By that i mean large quality impressive properties with big gardens... Check out some of the victorian mansions available in Newport, South Wales http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=OUTCODE^1810&insId=1&includeSSTC=true&_includeSSTC=on can you beat these type of houses at these prices in the UK?
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