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  1. I'll be cashing my chips out of the HPC casino floor, completing next week hopefully. Could have played on for longer and won more, but i'm happy with my lot Only advice you can give at the minute is have an idea of what you are willing to pay for a certain type of house and stick to it. i took great delight in seeing a repo House which I had offered RV on and was rejected, being reduced today to RV - 5%. The estate agent had wanted £1k more to seal the deal. That £1k request cost them my offer and has now cost them a further 5%. Fools. I have been nothing short of amazed at the business practises and general demenor of the Estate agent business. How these cowboys operate at all is shocking. I've saved a small fortune thanks to this board. Amazing that as simple a decision such as to rent for 3-4 years has probably meant My mortgage will be paid of X years early and save a £XX,XXX over a 25 year mortgage.
  2. This Corporation tax decision is easily the biggest decision Stormont will have to make for a generation. It has potential to completely reshape NI. For all Irelands Trouble, they have a multitude of FDI companies who are real contributors to their economy (not InvestNI grant grabbers like currently in NI). If the politicians have the stones to make this decision, there is no doubt major companies will locate here. Then all they need to do is sort out the Universities to produce the right type of Degree's. i,e, engineering, computer science, bio-medical etc. Enough of these "Irish History and politics" and International conflict studies crap. However... i fully expect them to bottle it and stick to securing vote by keeping high public sector spending.
  3. Anyone know any of the sale prices from this auction?
  4. In the last 5 months of so this has happened me twice. I had always ignored Asking Price. I Knew what type of house I wanted and at what price I was willing to pay for it. and stuck to it An Offer made in January was laughed at by the estate agent. 2 Months later they accepted it. By that stage I had seen so many others houses I no longer wanted it. Few weeks ago i viewed a repo. Put in an offer. Was initially rejected by the bank. The EA thought that 1k more might do the deal. To me that was complete ********, as 1k was hardly going to be a deal breaker for a bank. So i said they could sing for it. Phoned back 4 days later to say that offer was accepted. However in the time between we seen a house which was on at a realistic price and had offer accepted straight away. Thankfully it was also cheaper than the repo! dodged a bullet, on that and so many other occasions. This forum has saved me at least 50k if not more. My only advice is that if you are happy in rental - stick at it and you'll save more money over next few years. If your ready to Buy. know the type of house and the price your willing to pay, and don't flinch from it. No matter how many times EAs laugh at you. You'll get one in the end!
  5. And what would taking responsibility involve? A few hours in front of politicians, offer an apology and go on your merry way. These people, (MLA's and these public bodies) live on a parellel universe. Blow £400k out their ass and walk say "whoops, won't happen again".
  6. David Smith (Sunday Times) tweet- "100 years after it built Titanic, N.Ireland Economy is in trouble. Its Q1 Ulster Bank PMI of 43.9 10 below UK average, well below Ireland.
  7. I'd say there is another 10% at least to go from current prices. That said, i'm happy to take the plunge anytime soon, and take my chances. I'd bet that inflation is the biggest danger, and I can't see any government letting the middle class masses face extinction by mass defaults. Therefore they will be bailed out by trying to inflate the debt away. I'd sooner be with the crowd in such a situation than standing on the sidelines with cash getting washed away by inflation.
  8. I can't work out, are they taking the average earnings per City, or using the UK wide income average, to calculate the affordability ratios?
  9. Hang on, could someone please claify this line for me? "The jobs' body analysed numbers in client companies between April 2002 and March 2007 and reported 28,873 job gains and 28,545 job losses - an increase of 328 jobs" Does this mean that, for all Invest NI funded companies. the toal net job gain in 5 years was 328? thats £4.6million invested per net Job created?
  10. just re-read these 5 key words. "head of sales and marketing"
  11. I was chatting to someone about it last week. It's actually also a lot to do with availability of facilities. I.e play parks and other council provided stuff. so If an area is seen as lacking in those it can be classified as disadvantaged. Mind u if that's the case all of Derry should be considered disadvantaged. Saying as its leisure facilities are so poor.
  12. I would say there are probably more people struggling with debt in culmore than anywhere else in the city! Its not called cornflake city for no reason.
  13. So stamp Duty returns next week for Properties > £125k outside the Disadvantaged areas, and returns for everyone over £125k next year? Is that correct? I have already started to use this a stick to beat agents and sellers with in bids. (However I still needed to inform them of what Stamp Duty was and when it kicked in etc. They were obviously too busy making up fake bids to read up on the latest legislation to affect their industry)
  14. Ramsey Put up tweeted a link to the Annual Earnings Report for NI i think it was yesterday or the day before. Anyone have the link?
  15. Things must be going well at the minute. Yesterday I had to peel a yellow A4 printed page off my windscreen. Not from a local Take-away advertising a new deal. From the Ulster Bank. Offering mortagages, saying "its business as usual!". Amazing a bank that size resorting to sticking pages to windscreens in a carpark. Wouldn't mind if it was a well produced flyer, but it was just a typed up A4 page printed in the office.
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