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  1. Hi again Everyone I promised I would let you know the outcome of the Appeal. The Surveyor went out on friday and this morning I received our Mortage Offer and the property has been valued at the purchase price. Thanks again everyone for all of your advice.
  2. Hi again. I take back what I said about the houseprices - what you never asked was where I sold houses ha ha! I only moved here 5 years ago from North Wales, from leaving school until 3 years ago, (over 20 years experience in all) I worked for a couple of house builders and then on to an Estate Agents, all based in North Wales! I was stupidly comparing house prices from when I was selling similar properties but in a completely different area - school girl error! I understand you comments about new posters, I think its fair enough.
  3. Dont worry DeepLurker - Ive taken on board all comments on both forums - its been a bit like 'good cop/bad cop'! Between you, you've given me some sound advice, very much appreciated.
  4. Thanks, I completely agree with you. I appreciate people taking time out to give me advice, on both forums.
  5. There is no wind up Bloo Loo. Under the circumstances, losing 9k in the last 5 years is far from ideal, but a lot of neighbours paid a lot more than we did and have lost more. The new place has lost more than 20k in the last 2 years because the first phase of the site were selling for close on 280k.. There simply arent any properties in the areas we would move to for the same price as the one we are trying to buy.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, we are indeed the same person, and I havent stopped, since Wednesday afternoon when I received the letter from the building society, trying to sort things out, but its past midnight and its the weekend, the banks and building societies are all closed, allowing me time to come on here and argue the toss, as you put it. The building site office was open today and I spent quite a bit of time there this afternoon discussing the situation with the Sales Advisor. Come on, where does it say that I think house prices are the same as 10 years ago??? I said I was
  7. For what its worth everyone, Ive taken on board many of your comments, both here and MSE and now I can make a more informed decision about what to do next. Thanks for all your comments - even the bad ones, because they made me want to fight back and dragged me out of my state of panic and helped me focus on the job in hand.
  8. Thanks richyc, that what Ive decided to do, at least with a 2nd valuation, whatever the outcome, I will feel happier about what course of action to take. No, havent got property bee, but OH spends so much time on Rightmove that he knows exactly when a property price changes, how long they have been on for etc! Cant knock him for that, hes done his research.
  9. Thanks Dingleberry, I will try to explain. When I bought my first home, it was because at that time buying was cheaper than renting and so was the sensible thing to do. Ive only ever sold 2 other properties of my own (I worked as a sales negotiator for many years both for developers and an Estate Agent, so I do know how it works, and sold many properties for other people). Each time Ive sold, Ive been extremely lucky and Ive made a decent profit, so buying another property has always seemed the normal thing to do. We bought this house from new, 5 years ago. We have 4 teenagers and a bit
  10. Okay, this is a little embarrasing, Im probably a number 4, I was hoping for the extra borrowing to pay towards a makeover to make me look like number 1 - does that make it okay??
  11. Thank you Alexw, I will do just that. As for converting me, hmm, the words cold day in hell spring to mind after my initial experience, lol.
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