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  1. I'd get rid of all borders, the planet belongs to all of us, should be able to live and work anywhere.
  2. Here is the RAW data vs adjusted data - seems the adjusted data rounds things down a little (and is explained VERY WELL from multiple scientific trused sources). Burying your head or cherry picking data from 2015 - 2021 doesn't change the fact we're going to kill our species by ignorance.
  3. What you're proposing is the average age of death to drop by 10 years. Wonder how you will feel about this at 70? Stop being a Facebook scientist.
  4. There are two parts to COVID-19 infections, one is the mucosal system (common symptoms of a bad cold even with double jabbed - doesn't lead to hospital visits usually), second part is respiritory infection (this is where the vaccine works its wonders by stopping infections that lead to hospital/death). COVID is a long way from being "over".
  5. Tell USA, China, Russia, EU, UK and Japan that, we're all planning on fusion and bankrolling the ITER project. The science says it can be done, we should look at climate change like Hitler wanting to destroy our world, soon hastened the atomic bomb technology!
  6. It's down to renting regulation, indefinite rental is the norm (up to renter to quit the contract - landlord cannot just chuck you out if they fancy selling up). Why would a German (or other national) pay a stupid amount to own a house if they can rent for 1/3rd the price? This leads to a normalised housing market. UK - 6 months to a year rolling contract and arsehole LL can just make you move at a whim.
  7. Factories can only operate 9:00 - 5:00pm, shops have X amount of hours they can open (consumption falls off a cliff). Make white goods to the very best specs only (make any attempt of planned obsolescence illegal). Until we get fusion right or another technology - soon speed things up.
  8. Who's flying everywhere now? No one, for quite a while too.
  9. Going to need to spend mega ££££££ on sea defences though, otherwise the Jurassic coast is toast.
  10. Got a BMW 3 series Diesel (PCP) much better internal spec vs most electric vehicles at same price point - figured I'd wait a few more years before going electric.
  11. Land tax which is ringfenced for services/infrastructure.
  12. What's shitty about it? The science behind it is proven over decades. The mRNA versions new tech yet to be proven long term (although the data is good so far).
  13. Speaking of dodgy, I had a look at the FCA approved exchanges - there's only 6 and 3 have same address, the Eton boys are rigging it for themselves already.
  14. Question is, when the SHTF who do we hang? The owners of the most polluting companies in history and their decendants?
  15. Wouldn't a tent be a more sensible investment for somewhere to live? Can pitch up anywhere.
  16. Chemical industry - 3% rise (5% bonus) because my boss is incompetent and has now been replaced, so I'll be asking for more considering there's only me in the company actually completing projects.
  17. Why? Even I'm looking at going part time and keep below tax threshold. I'm not paying for COVID - the rich can (already own home outright). Part time, leaves me time for cooking good fresh food, plenty of time to shop for it, plenty of time for days out, none of that I only have 30 days holiday! Some younger person can have my job before they automate them out of it. FIRE - was doing it before it was a thing.
  18. Anecdotal evidence only, but a half full Greene King establishment took 50 minutes to deliver my order today, seems service and kitchen staff are rarer than hens teeth - expect to wait at most low wage slaver eateries. Might have to go luxury only from now on as they'll have the ££ to pay for staff.
  19. Blockchain/Crypto has it's own special place on the WEF great reset agenda, this is why I know it won't be banned in Europe and possibly ROTW, China may even row back.
  20. Is the right answer. Make free housing a human right (3D printed/pre-fab) and tax all robots/machines that replace humans to provide a CI. Not going to happen though unless there's a huge war and we eat the 1% including our own Queenie and family.
  21. GDP has driven bad habits, it's ruining the planet. Need another focus - human happiness, time for a reset before nature does it for us.
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