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  1. I have told you...this has nothing whatsoever to do with FTB's buying a property..or anyone else for that matter. It is about keeping the bubble inflated ..... if the government were really interested in FTB's they'd regulate lending and these scheme from the VI's, watch affordability and let the market correct... As for my children taking on my loan... I DON'T THINK SO...we've shafted the young enough already!
  2. Total cr*p, this has nothing to do with FTB's. It's about all the VI's keeping a ridiculous bubble inflated for as long as possible. It's so blatant it's obscene. I cannot believe that ANYONE of sound mind would actually consider this to be a good idea.
  3. Hi Son of Taeper, great to hear you got a quick sale..but you also state that you priced your house to sell - meaning relatively realistically I suppose. Many people in our area (we're in Cookham) price their houses so that those looking can have a good laugh, followed by a coronary if they actually buy. If you go through the property section of the Tizer (local rag) as I'm sure you have on a number of occasions, it is very noticeable the disparity of asking prices between very similar properties.
  4. Since when did a SOLD board going up actually consitute a sale. Offer made, offer accepted maybe...but not SOLD. SOLD is when the property appears on the land registry, often many moons later. YOu cannot even take a removal van outside as any indicator as some people move out and into their new places without selling in the first place! To give you an example, my parent's house went on the Market..within 2 weeks they had accepted an offer, within 2 hours of the offer being accepted the board outside the house read SOLD. My father was onto the agent insisting he remove the board immediately, as it was it was grossly misleading or replace with SALE AGREED (also fairly meaningless). So yes, absolutely the SOLD boards go up....the same here in leafy Berkshire....the same boards are generally removed within a week max to be replaced by (guess what....) FOR SALE.
  5. Well done Scumbag my thoughts almost exactly. As for you Marina, you should be ashamed of yourself....if your comments were not meant to be arrogant and condescending in the extreme, then you should apologise. MRS B
  6. I'm sorry but this HAS to be a wind up. If you have £440K to spend you should be looking at a detached house with some character, 5 beds, 3 receps, large garden and garage...Can't believe anyone would have the nerve to advertise such a pile of horse poo for such a ridiculous price. Please tell me you're kidding....this house is NOT beautiful, anything but and the price is a complete *ucking joke. I think you need glasses, or failing that your desperation to buy has completely overtaken an vestige of common sense..sorry, but something's wrong here......
  7. In answer to your question: 1. Private 2. 1800 pcm 3. 4 4. Berkshire (the royal borough no less!) 5. 800k + But really worth about 400k! MrsB
  8. So everyone who makes an appointment to view a house actually wants to buy? What about all the people who simply like to nose about and get an idea of what they may get for the money? There are plenty of these. Ok, so some places that you are aware of are having a few viewings - so what? And how do you know for for definate...via the Estate Agent or the vendor themselves?? How truthful would either of these sources be.... As regards houses selling like hotcakes, how do you know they are actually SOLD? Are you looking at the boards outside or are the EA's telling you? Or are they appearing on Nethouseprices or a similar site, so you KNOW for definate they are actually SOLD. These day's boards mean nothing, the word of an EA means nothing (never has really). Sorry, can't understand the panic.
  9. Agreed for the most part, except that the blonde girl is the best of the bunch...she's so forgettable that no one even seems to know her name! Ruth's the one.
  10. Can I also add that most people do not ACTUALLY own the house they live in, they are simply renting it from the bank/building society and paying back a huge amount of interest in the process over most of their adult lives. At least with renting you do not have all the additional costs (maintenance, insurance etc) which over time build up. Something goes wrong with the house I'm renting, and I mean anything, I'm on the phone to the landlard sorry Landlord. Rest assured, he knows that if he wants his cash on time..the problem is fixed pretty damn quick! Renting is a perfectly acceptable alternative, but most sheeple don't wish to acknowledge this as it makes them doubt their own position. I understand your anger Sam, it's perfectly justified. I feel very much the same way myself, but can and will wait. Start looking, just ensure that you don't get shafted. Good luck to you. Mrs B
  11. Welcome, Honest Estate Agent, yes I do believe that there are a few of you out there...but very few! By the way, ING have just dropped their rate again...you may want to consider moving your cash. What general area do you cover and how are things going overall?
  12. We moved most of our cash at the first rate cut from ING - not before I rang up and voiced my displeasure followed by a letter.. I've left a small amount with them, only for ease of access, however am considering move that now too, as really believe they are taking the p**s. Funny how the rates started to go down when they started they mortgage lending business?????? I'm currently using the First Direct E-savings account, which is fine as long as you don't need to make any withdrawals - as you then loose interest for the month on the entire amount. Strange also how they pick their times to lower rates..the first time during the summer holidays and now just after the Christmas break....times when people are too busy either to notice....or find an alternative!
  13. Huge emotional benefits of owing? You mean lying in bed at night worrying about how exactly you're going to pay the enormous mortage you've just take out to buy a grossly overpriced pile of bricks and mortar. What a load of claptrap
  14. HI Tommyboy, we've been renting for 18 months now (same place) original rental asking price was £2400, we actually pay £1800 but as a sweetner we said we'd give 6 months up front. Accepted in 24 hours. Currently have an offer on the table on a new property - asking rent £1975 - we've offered £1500, but will be reviewing on Saturday and will drop the offer to £1400 with 6 mths up front...agent has indicated LL desperate as she was asked to contact us (as the original offer was made 1 mth ago and he turned it down). Agents tells me that LL will only let if they are very flexible on the rents!! Good luck to you.
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