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  1. 200k With the avergae wage being 35000 euro thats still 5.7 times salary.
  2. "I'd happily do that because once you see how territorial boundaries extend into the sea you'll be surprised how much of your North Sea oil actually belongs to England (hint its the vast majority of it bar the stuff around Orkney and the Shetlands). Although England will be awfully glad Berwick is English" Best be carefull Russia will be round taking pictures of the sea bed!
  3. While your at it give back Scotland and all Oil revenues from the last 30 years. You can't pick and choose when it suits you. Talking of terrorists when are the British army leaving Afganistan? "Give them Northern Ireland and be done with it. Causes more problems for us that we really need to worry about. Let Ireland police it for a while as we know there will still be terrorism from that territory, but this time it will be the other lot of extremists"
  4. The worlds financial systems are nothing more than modern day slavery, this time for the masses,
  5. I can imagine him sat in a board room wearing a grey suit, give them 100billion, no I mean 1 Trillion dollars oh wait no that’s Dr Evil.
  6. - 1% Based on the low lending figures. Only the wise are selling and daft buying at the moment.
  7. Quote The market’s collapse is the worst thing that has happened many young people of my generation. im 30 and the worst thing was discovering WWF wrestling was fake I mean how! why?
  8. It doesn’t matter if prices don't crash overnight with the high LTV and first time buyers priced out, the markets fecked for the foreseeable future until it crashes. What’s the rush keep renting and going on nice holidays. Id rather buy a 40ft motor yacht and sail about rather than buy a shitty semi in a god forsaken area for 100k http://yachts.apolloduck.com/feature.phtml?id=159609
  9. From various threads and discussions people have mentioned paper gold, what would happen to the price of gold if it turns out most Gold was sold in this way?
  10. ant1980

    Open Wide

    Didnt see any foot prints on the arm rests
  11. Unless you’re a Single mum it is a very difficult and stressful experience getting help. I suffer from a long term illness and work full time I don’t claim anything even though I would be able to claim DLA mobility etc. When I am unable to work, I wouldn’t expect the government to disqualify me from benefits as I have been a contributor to society. When you say means test I would agree if it was based on past contributions. But not all people on benefits have the choice of going to work. It's a tricky question but the few seem to have ruined it for the many who need help.
  12. That will affect us for around 3 weeks a year then .
  13. £150k for one of those should require a mandatory frontal lobotomy. Id' rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotmy bonk bonk.
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