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  1. any stats to back that up? is that London or outside London? nothing in that article gives evidence or proof that foreigners are driving out FTB's
  2. exactly what percentage of BTL's are owned by 'foreigners'? in London? outside London - non story
  3. why does that banker look jewish?
  4. this got moved very quick! didn't the SNB fail previously trying to lower it and it didn't work? why would it work now?
  5. http://www.financialpost.com/money/Swiss+franc+ultimate+safe+haven/4030958/story.html Is CHF really the best safe haven? what about AUD and other commodity currencies, surely these are a safer bet? what does Switzerland make anyway other than cuckoo clocks, fine chocolate and watches? I like gold but can't fail to notice that gold in CHF terms is actually 100 francs lower than it's peak in the summer?? should we be looking at chf instead of gold?
  6. still in their negative nominal rates fantasy dream
  7. Just out of interest, what kind of sums are we talking about with regards to how much people on HPC have in PM's? 1K, 5K, 20K, 50K??? or 10, 20, 50% or more as share of investable cash? I'll go first, about 30K in gold and silver which is about 25% of investable cash How about the rest of you?
  8. Tremonti is a "ladro" and Goldman's bitch - how convenient that this crisis plays into the federalist's hands.
  9. So if it's a gamble then there is no certainty, it's the certainty of gold bugs that irks some. Also, you don't know what form my financial holdings take to make the comment "you clearly haven't" - as a matter of fact I also hold a portion in PM's for the very same reasons as you do. It's just another hedge which may or may not work, not something to get emotional and evangelise about as this thread evidently demonstrates.
  10. So what are you going to do with your gold eventually, hold ad infinitum? No, you are going to have to turn it back back into paper at some point unless you believe your local grocer is going to be happy to accept your shavings off your gold bar. If the reason you're buying gold is because you expect an eventual inflationary collapse, there will have to be a new currency to replace the previous worthless bits of paper. You're gambling essentially that the conversion ratio of gold back into the new paper will be at the prevailing rates you first bought in at to be able to realise your "gain".
  11. got any evidence for that, or are you just guessing like everyone else?
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