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  1. I agree with Doom as well. I think there are two ways. You could look at the Agency being in breach of contract to carry out repairs, but as they are doing this on the landlords behalf, I suspect the responsibility will lay with him, so you'd have to chase him directly (may be). It's a difficult one but the agency do sound like they are trying to come to some arrangement by leaving the ball in your court. Go to the CAB and let us know how you get on. It's an interesting one.
  2. This might be of help http://www.clickdocs.co.uk/notice-to-quit-england.htm
  3. Go to Google and search for anything in the UK for "Landlords and Tenants Act". It'll be in there.
  4. I think the lenders are having the last squeeze personally. With all the programmes on TV with young couples owing for example £52K on the last programme I saw, or even singltons with similar amounts of debt, people are starting to realise they don't want to be in that position. There may be a little more breath left, but not a lot. Personal loans and property loans will go on after the housing market drys up simply because people will try to keep above water. "Don't fight the market man.." Danny in Film/Book Rogue Trader.
  5. Lets get some facts here; The agents cannot withhold any of your deposit just because the landlord owes them money. The deposit is damage you have caused, not what the landlord has done to the agent. That doesn't mean they won't try, but with a couple of demands you'll be entitled to it back. It might be an idea not to fight anything here unless you really really like living there. If you are happy to move then get them to confirm you will have your deposit back on a satisfactory checkout. They cannot (as mentioned above) kick you out without notice, and I think that even applies if the house is repossessed. 2 months notice sounds correct from my past experience. The fact that the agents contract with the landlord is being cancelled (if they can), only effects you in that they will not be managing the property, though they may be in breach of contract with yourself. I would check on this with someone in law. As far as I would 'guess', your contract will still exist with the landlord, and he/she will have to give you notice, not the agent unless the agent is acting on instructions of the landlord. DON'T cancel your direct debit, or at least if you do, make sure you still pay the rent on time. NEVER withhold rent as you are asking for trouble. I believe there could be rare exceptions to this but simply withholding will go against you should you need to fight for anything as you will have breached contract also. DO contact your local CAB, take your contract with you and explain everything. They should give you sound advice. Take the comments on this thread with a pinch of salt and get some sound advice. Good luck, don't let the b....... grind you down!
  6. Great post and I totally agree. Exactly what Im doing, and in the mean time living in rather nice rented house and maintenance payed for. It's a great way to do it if it works for you and you invest carefully with your excess money. Obviously you need to track the rise in the price of the house over that time, i.e. it's likely to be a bit more than 100K in 15 years for the same house, but over the average it's not that much and your own investments may even outstrip HPI.
  7. You have to love her don't you.. "Granted, my finances were stretched and I was investing in buy-to-let property. But where else are you supposed to invest these days? Personal pensions, what with mis-selling scandals?" How about something a little more certain like, a regular savings, an ISA, Bonds, the 4:15 at cheltenham? Risk is risk dearest! Wake up. Never gamble more than you can afford to loose, you couldn't afford to loose it. It's just scary how people don't see property investment as a huge risk, I don't blame Sayara directly though, I think 'some' TV shows have a lot to answer for.
  8. BBC News have just reported : "BOE looking set to raising the rate of interest to 6% by next June. Although the house owning economy has been shaken by this annoucement, the good news is that Sayara has said she will still hold on to her Buy To Let. "
  9. I just love the use of the word 'affordable', when people argue things like this intergen mortgage and say, but it makes the repayments 'affordable'. No it doesn't. Affordable means you have the means to make the repayments, just because you can pay the monthly figure, it doesn't make it affordable because you've cheated the investment. On the whole, the investment is not affordable. People who are using an interest only mortgage to bring payments down without having the investment vehicle as well are just mad. It goes for this intergen mortgage farce as well. Even the BBC this morning said it was just a marketing ploy. No one is going to actually get this deal, or is unlikely to... It'll disappear into obsurity very shortly.
  10. Bacause I didn't really have to read between the lines as I was on the same level, it was a suggestion to you as from your postings (with respect) it felt like you weren't replying to what he was actually meaning in his posts and you had taken them severily out of context. His writings were 'examples to make a point' rather than a purist view of his thoughts. With reference to editing, there is nothing wrong with editing to clarify your thoughts in the same way as you may say something in person to adjust what you said to someone previously as you knew the other person would take it the wrong way.
  11. I think simply Steve has misunderstood DrBubbs point and to how far he is implying it. I was in a similar position to Miss Beg at the end of the .Com boom about 4 years ago, out of work and thinking the world owed me a living so I could maintain my living standards. Fortuntely for me, after 1 1/2 weeks on job seekers allowance (which was degrading and to be honest, made me feel like a scrounger even after all the tax I'd paid) I went from a high paying IT salary to the minimum wage working in a bar. What it did teach me was the value of money. Ok, may be I have a bit more incentive to work than Sayanara, Sayara, but I believe that a person doesn't actually understand the true value of money until they really understand it. I also believe that people today do not realise the risk and the importance placed on investments, whether it be property or shares or whatever, but especially with property as it's been degraded by TV shows which make it seem like an unimportant low risk fun way to make a load of dosh, when in reality it's extremely risky and should be entered with safe guards and hedged. Sayara needs education, and to let go and start again, but most importantly needs to be taught the reality of the real value of money. DrBubb is spot on. Steve, I think you need to read between the lines more with his statements rather than the symantics (just a suggestion).
  12. "My home visit from the debt counsellor, acting on behalf of Kensington Mortgages, is very strange." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4776251.stm
  13. Totally agree about the ramping, still you can only ramp so far before it stops having effect. You know how you run to keep an old kite in the air, but at some point you run out of land to run on and the kite falls? No wind=no flight
  14. I think you missed his point, he's pointing out that insurance is rising in cost despite no other circumstances changing, there by giving the reason for the increase being mainly inflation alone, rather than him actually moaning about the cost of insurance. Think lateral rather than comical.
  15. So why doesn't she take a more general, less skill intensive IT job which is likely to be lower paid, then use that money to pay debt and pay for the stupid £300 course to return to the position she was in, rather than waste £300 she obviously can't afford (FULL STOP). When I got hit at the end of the .com boom (web contractor) I went and worked in a pub for 4.10 an hour rather than scrounge on the state or moan constantly until I got another web job. Someone shake her!
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