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  1. Look at the location. Definitely middle eastern. I remember my first trip down Edgeware Road and being surprised by all the hookah pipe smoking down the Marble Arch end. Actually a nice area if you can cope with the smell of horse poo from the stables dotted around the place. I believe Mr Blair's pad is around the corner.
  2. More specifically, the "pot kettle" quotient is upped by the owner's of the Guardian's use of offshore account to minimise tax on their sale of certain assets, according to Private Eye.
  3. I know this is just your opinion, but it is a very bizarre one. In in my minds eye I'm seeing the hordes of 17 year old physicists, biologists, chemists and engineered who, having passed an A level (which I suspect that you think are dumbed down), magically know more than a lecturer. Presumably by dint of springing fully formed from the loins of Zeus. Edited - typo
  4. Huddersfield University has 4,500 new places each year? >12k students at any one time? Jesus.
  5. Reading the thread, looks like there are houses that sell and those that don't Oddly, no one is interested in looking at the unpleasant houses.
  6. Weird. For starters, spot the link between the two highlighted sentences. Then, check out the strange conflation of anti-nurse and anti-doctor sentiment.
  7. For G4S to have won, there must have been some serious fowl play during the tendering process.
  8. Sorry to rain on the parade, but the FSA made things rather worse for bankers, actually. Before that, the burden of proof for insider trading was so onerous that even the most apparently egregious (alleged) act went unpunished: think Archer and Anglia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Archer#Allegations_of_insider_dealings The number of steps to prove ITrading were numerous and each had to be ticked off: if one wasn't, there wasn't a case to answer. IIRC from my FSA training a while back, there was a single case proven in 20 years. May be mistaken The UK Act brought in market manipulation, summarised nicely here. Shows some examples of successful prosecutions.
  9. Bloke from the Uni there (Dwyer) tried to set up a business a la Decode (the Icelandic genetics company) based on the inbrededness of your average Taswegian. Turns out, they are quite a diverse bunch.
  10. I'd guess a mining engineering degree in UNSW wouldn't be a bad idea at the moment. Not sure how the supply / demand situation will look on graduation, though.
  11. You'll need to be more specific. It's like saying "anyone been to Scotland?"
  12. Hmmm... I reckon domain.com.au is a better source for rental costs than me. Location wise, the choice is whether you want to be handy for pubs etc or whether you fancy something more suburban. Happy to give my 10c on any suburbs... although I'm a stuk in my ways Eastern bubs denizen. BBand and phone - again, hop online. All lot more expensive that you'd hope, though. Renting in a car on a budget - I've always got a Corolla from Kensington on William Street (the place with the "no birds" motto). I've never been into rent a wrecks so can't help there.
  13. Hilarious blog - dude had some serious problems. If the original poster has some specific questions, happy to answer. Overall - if it's just for a couple of years, I can't see any downside to coming over. You'd be mad to chose anywhere other than Sydney, IMHO.
  14. Your spelling is the least of the problems: the content is more likely to discredit your posts. As is your presumption of the content of someone's education and experience. I really can't bring myself to discuss with someone who clearly would not listen the nature of a segmented RNA viruses / vaccines at this point in time. Suffice to say, if the swine flu had turned into an epidemic and the government hadn't bought in the vaccine, the first people to complain are the would be the same people who complain now about the lack of epidemic. This debate has been had between many people such as you and I on many different, and more relevant, forums on the internet. Why not take your problem there instead?
  15. I sense you have a bit of a problem: three posts full of the same nothing tells the world something.
  16. Interesting. My experience in finance (medical is a bit different... no OU med degrees so far) was one of serious intellectual snobbery where even a Russell Grp degree was a bit on the nose. Interesting re the big four. I know of quite a successful (young) partner here in Asia who boasts a BTec as their highest degree. As you say - looks like it varies.
  17. That's a lot of cases. I can only give the example of vascular surgery, but a typical weekly case meeting (at 7am - for no extra pay - imagine) here in Sydney lasts for an hour and covers 7-10 patients which is mainly Angio-CT / CT based reviews. God knows how you've found yourself reviewing so many cases - do you support the entire hospital?
  18. Fixing cataracts int he elderly is largely driven by concerns regarding falls. Fixing one eye returns the falls risk to baseline, hence fixing the other had no effect re QALY etc. I'm sure from a more widely accepted quality of life definition this is suboptimal, but I suspect that is the reason. You seem to have jumped on the wrong thread. The "waste of my bl0ody council tax threads" are elsewhere. You have answered your own question as to why she is limited to four a day in the UK. Would you submit yourself to largely unregulated eye surgery or would you rather wait for a bit?
  19. Interesting - may I ask which area you work in? I suppose the other question is how they are viewed in terms of the old Oxbridge - Red brick / Russell Group - other pre92 - post 92 ranking.
  20. Do any employers actually take an OU degree seriously? I thought the only reason for an OU degree was interest and self-betterment so this whole you'll never earn enough to pay back the loan is hardly a change.
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