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  1. POA is a waste of time as on rightmove the houses listed either side give the price away.
  2. My kid's school staff car park is full of posh cars: mini coopers and audi convertibles etc Teachers are obviously paid far too much.. and get too many holidays as well.
  3. laugh along with the common people, laugh along even though they're laughing at you, and the stupid things that you do. Because you think that poor is cool.
  4. Another one that belongs on the Overpriced Shithole thread.
  5. Supply and Demand dictate rental prices, not inflation. If you think he asking above market rates for your area, then call his bluff.
  6. Maybe paying an extra 15K + 5K duty was worth it for someone who didnt want the hassle of doing a garage conversion themselves.
  7. just got this with chrome: www.housepricecrash.co.uk contains content from nalmeron.cz.cc, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.
  8. For some reason I immediately thought, poor mans southfork ranch from Dallas when i saw that
  9. I dont think you can allocate the rent to her. You would have to transfer the property to her name without any conditions attached to avoid paying tax according to the HMRC website. Example 4 - outright gift X owns a property that is let at a commercial rent to an unconnected third party. X transfers the property by outright gift to his spouse Y who then receives the rents. X has no further interest in or rights over the property. The rents that Y receives are not subject to the Settlements legislation. They are Y’s income for tax purposes. Example 4a - no outright gift The facts are as in example 4 but the gift is subject to an agreement under which X can require his spouse to return the property to him at a future date. This is a gift with conditions and there are circumstances in which the gifted property may return to the giver so it is not an outright gift. The rents that Y receives are subject to the Settlements legislation. They are X’s income for tax purposes. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/tsemmanual/TSEM4205.htm
  10. Yeah probably a repo. But 230K for that place, depressing. Just goes to show prices in London have not budged much since the peak.
  11. The higher rate tax band is now 50%, The lower rate might soon be 40% as the 20% band is being squeezed both ends and might soon disapear.
  12. No this is bad news for HPC.. with these types of loans Negative Equity matters less. The sheep can move up the ladder even if they have NE.. savings can be used to leverage an even bigger loan instead of having to pay off the NE first.
  13. This chain email is atleast 7 years old (the price at the top is changed to reflect current prices). I know because i remember naively posting it on the Contractoruk message board back in 2003, back when i didnt know any better.
  14. Dumb money: pension funds, governments (local and national), and dumb corporations. Inducements are given to officials in these organistations to get them to make a deal at a price (or fee) that is favourable to the bank and not the customer, although it will seem like a good deal for the customer at the time.
  15. Well we know it is worth 540K if someone has offered that (assuming that buyer could realisitically complete). The best 'model', as always, is too look at what similar properties are going in the area, using houseprices.co.uk and similar websites. The thing to consider is if you think interest rates are going to go up in the middle of 2011, this may hit buyer confidence and you may be able low bid with a desperate seller. The seller in your example does not sound too desperate. Personally i dont think interest rates are going up this year. I live in Hillingdon myself, prices fell around 10 or 15% after the crunch, but have since gone back to peak 2007 prices after interest rates were cut.
  16. I think you mean most first time buyers who bought since 2004. The big lenders Halifax and Nationwide offer SVRs at much lower rates than 7% at the moment, so i would guess the majority of mortgage holders are paying 4% or less at the moment.
  17. Good news? Insurance company and banks will just raise premiums and charges to cover the extra costs. So we get hit twice, once by the 2.5% VAT increase and again by raised charges.
  18. But it depends if it is nominal or inflation adjusted. UK averages are down 18% since peak + another 10% or so after inflation over the last three and half years.. so currently almost down 30% off peak after inflation. An additional 10% nominal falls plus 10% more inflation over the next three years will mean a 50% drop. I dont expect 50% nominal drops. That would mean the haliwide indices down to 100K. Aint going to happen.
  19. The box she is holding is for a black Xbox, while girl is holding a white xbox. Wouldnt not suprise me if they are on their second or third xbox as they do break down often. I noticed the head line said £3000 on gifts for the kids. But the article quickly changes to £300 or £400 per child, which is £1400 .. then by adding in things like food and drink and other misc xmas stuff they bump the total to £3000. £1400 on four kids is high but not excessive especially if you have been hoarding gifts and treats since september or october. works out at £100 per child per month.
  20. Im not paying my mortgage off even though im only paying 1% interest on IOM. Cost of living is so high these days i never seem to have much spare cash. The mortgage is so low it feels like i dont have one. Nice feeling, but at some point it will have to end.. but im hoping for a japanese style multi decade zero interest rates and falling land/house prices too.
  21. I have to admit i am enjoying this extended mortage holiday... been so long now am starting to forget what it was like to be hit with £1400 a month mortgage. I switched it to a interest only tracker to get it to below 1K a month in 2005, then when interest rate were cut to 0.5% it fell to just 200 a month, which is even less than my council tax. Going to be tough when rates go back up to 6%, although i doubt we will see 6% rates before my mortage needs to repaid in 2026. Still i would prefer a 50% fall in house prices and rates back near 6% than pay the silly asking prices at present.. i want to buy something much bigger at some point.
  22. In japan the base rate was 0.5 between 1995 and 2001. Then in 2001 over a few months it was cut to 0.35%, then to 0.25% then to 0.1.. has been at 0.1% since 2001. We could easily see another decade of near zero interest rates.
  23. Here they are on streeview: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=BH15+4ER&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Poole,+Dorset+BH15+4ER,+United+Kingdom&gl=uk&ei=vHL0TMKvMMGIhQeY79TSBQ&oi=geocode_result&ved=0CBcQ8gEwAA&ll=50.718209,-2.012263&spn=0.00128,0.00247&z=19&layer=c&cbll=50.718209,-2.012263&panoid=l4C8Xij-6Ka0uZgEN72LjA&cbp=12,217.93,,0,12.13 Neither seems to be worth 400K, Top of the bubble hysteria from the looks of things or maybe some sort of dodgy dealings...
  24. why not? If he has an 150K IO liar loan, then he is saving about 600 hundred a month if the rate fell from 5% to 1% (assuming base rate traker). Thats enough to cover car payments on a nice car (how much is 3 year old lotus elise.. it would even cover a lease on a new one) with money left over for gadgets. My 200K IO has dropped from 1K to 200 quid a month. The wife has never had it so good
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