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  1. Why cant i edit my posts after making them???? I always spot the typos after i post! Anyway, here is a hilarious example of a Snakeoil Vendor in action from the FX trading area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJicS4CZHTQ&feature=related The crowds laps up this crap in droves. Another sucker born every minute.
  2. In trading circles we call this stuff Snake oil vending. The guys who peddle this stuff Snake Oil Vendors. Its a Multi billon dollar global industry.
  3. Not if you are mortgaged homeowner or BTLer, you can expect Zirp for decades just like Japan.
  4. I was following the stock chart for MF Global over the last two years.. it was down 95%.. obviously badly managed, why people had money, some cases millions and whole life savings, at this firm i just dont understand.. its not like it was a 'too big to fail', that would get a bail out from the US government.
  5. When it gets to 50+ people might as well rent their whole lives. No one will ever buy houses except land lords. I see nearly all of the UK housing stock getting transferred to landlords over the rest of this century.
  6. Congrats. Seems we had most of the HPC in 2008.. then they cut rates to almost 0%, in 2009.. end of crash. House prices will still fall relative to inflation but it seems the big nominal falls are behind us. Only an interest rate shock will crash prices now but i dont think rates are going up anytime soon.
  7. lol this the funniest thing i ever heard. The bank is just giving you back some of your own money straight away. You could just do the same thing yourself with any other bank.. you got £10K, just keep £800 for yourself and put £9200 in a 3 year bond that pays out £10,000 at the end.
  8. Buy a house when you can afford it, if you can afford to buy now then buy now. The bulk of the nominal falls happened in 2008, before the base rate was cut to virtually 0%. That stabilized average house prices which otherwise would have bottomed nearer £100K in the Haliwide national indexes. Most of the rest of this cycle's HPC will now be in real terms, prices will remain more or less flat for several more years but inflation will knock at least another 30% off prices from these levels.
  9. All TVs will be 3D soon enough.. it is optional, even if you have one you dont actually ever need to use the 3D feature. I was on the market this year for a new tv.. my 10 year old CRT was showing its age.. i wasnt specifically looking for a 3d one, the TV i liked best happened to come with it. The Kids love 3d... Tangled in 3d is one of their favorites.
  10. As mortgage rates are so low at the moment most can easily take afford the increased ct. this will only really start to hurt when rates are back up.
  11. It looks like something which could be seen in the hit film Slumdog Millionaire. But these shocking images - which show garden sheds and garages transformed into dodgy homes for immigrants - are not from the slums of Mumbai. Incredibly, they are from a west London suburb. According to The Sun, the sheds in Southall have been built by rogue landlords who are cashing in on newcomers to the country. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2049676/Welcome-Slums-Southall-How-unscrupulous-landlords-illegally-built-squalid-homes-immigrants.html I noticed recently at least one Indian household who have moved out from Southall into surrounding areas like Hillingdon and have also built similar brick sheds in the garden and are renting then out.
  12. Same argument BTL landlords are using to justify buying more properties to rent out :angry: Was talking to one the other day, he said kids today cant afford/or are not interested in buying so massive demand to rent instead.
  13. They way under reporting the estimates. Everyone knows house prices double every 10 years init (at least 7% a year on average). So over the next five years house prices should soar by at least 40%
  14. Close relative spends tens of thousands doing up his house, which he inherited so no mortgage, and drives new cars. Kids are fed from a basic food budget, like £15 a week each, when the food runs out the fridge remains empty until shopping day, so the kids are self disciplined to make sure the food doesn't run out. Money spent on house is seen as an investment, cars are for status and showing off. Money spent on food is seen as wasted money as you get nothing to show for it..
  15. Wide angle lens. It is an extended corner plot house. the rooms arent very big but it does have slighly higher than normal ceilings. The door was on the wrong side of the front, so they have moved it to the side of the house, to balance the entrance hall into the middle of house. An interesting way of doing this, most people just leave the entrance on the front of the house and it normally means downstairs doesnt have a central entrance hall and so some of the rooms can only be entered through other rooms. Still i wouldnt pay more than 2.5 mill for that.
  16. option ex was last week. If gold is going parabolic then the gold boom is nearing its end, i still think that level will be above $2000. So gold goes from $250 to $2500 during this bull move, very nice run.. $2500 for 1 oz of a rare but shiny bit of metal that's only good for a bit of bling. I expect gold to get to near $2500 and the drop back to $1250.
  17. Spreadbet firms do have large punters, when those big punters enter the bets, the spread bet firm will offset nearly all the risk in the underlying market. And the market will move. There was the case of the newcastle united owner who made big bets in HBOS (and lost ) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1059237/Newcastle-United-tycoon-Mike-Ashley-lost-300m-HBOS-bet.html When those bets were initiated it would have effected the HBOS price on the day for sure.
  18. Low maintence if you want to rent it out.. enjoy a nice rental yield and future capital gains too..
  19. Obviously they werent doing it properly. i dont remember being asked my NI number when i bought 10 years ago.
  20. Isnt the point of HPC.co.uk about wanting a good old fashioned 'free market' bust.. 50%+ off UK peak prices, after the biggest ever free market property bubble in history.
  21. Im spending 12K at the moment to do up my through lounge, and i thought i was being extravagant Am using the banks money at the mo, which might be taxpayer money at some stage if i cant repay or rollover and need to BK and banks need another bailout CRT being replaced with a 55inch 3D flat panel on 12 months interest free, sofa's on 4 years interest free. Everything else is being slapped on my New Marks and Spencer credit card which is 15 months interest free. Still the piper needs to be paid at some point, unless i can keep rolling over the debt or BK one day.
  22. Maybe theres more to it, but all a first time buyer wanting a IO just has to provide evidence of an ISA which they plan to deposit say £300 a month into.. but you can stop making payments anytime, no one checks.?
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