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  1. Haven't 2/9 been voting for it since January ish
  2. Gerinako

    Why I Hate Estate Agents

    Think he was more aggrieved that he claimed for the deposit then just put it up for sale. No Tenancy deposit scheme here either so no independent arbitration with out small claims court.
  3. Gerinako

    Why I Hate Estate Agents

    Interesting first couple of weeks in my new gaff. Old tenant came round who rented it from the previous owner. Wanted to ask if carpet had been replaced in the lounge as he'd lost his deposit for it. It hadn't - so I let him take pictures (my only furniture currently consists of two sun loungers so nothing too private on there!) And also informed him the damaged carpet hadn't influenced my purchasing decision. On a side note - the previous owner was obsessed with fitted wardrobes... spent the best part of a week ripping them all out. In every room, wall to bloody wall. Wood front back and sides. Horrendous. And the mirrors, oh god you should have seen the mirrors. I'm sure I've bought an ex adult movie house The end affect was though they trapped moisture on the exterior walls. All dry once ripped out the day after.
  4. Gerinako


  5. I've given in and bought Tired of dealing with landlords Good job so don't intend to move It is a bit of a doer upper mind But happy with the deal I got
  6. Gerinako

    Why I Hate Estate Agents

    Just got my survey results Valued at 49,000 higher than the agreed sale price
  7. Gerinako

    Why I Hate Estate Agents

    Buying in the Isle of Man I'd decided a while back I'd never buy over here. But a property came on the market that in my eyes was a good deal undervalued and could (once modernised) provide the layout for my ideal home. So any potential loss in value I'm semi covered. And by the time I finish updating it provides me additional cover there. House next door is up (& sold I think) for 35% more (70k) having reduced already by 30k. And I'm damn sure it won't cost that much to get a 3 bed semi up to spec Electrics are fine, brand new boiler, roofs fine.. In theory - barring a complete and utter housing meltdown I think I've made a good financial move. Think I have experienced the other side of shite agents here though. Mainly the letting ones across the road. We recently got this as our new agent: http://www.garforthgray.im/ I think there website and quality is top draw
  8. Gerinako

    Why I Hate Estate Agents

    In my house buying process the Estate Agents been great. Went to view a house and said - you look around on your own, make whatever observations you need to and when you're done I'll come in and answer any questions. Great! Meant I could test everything. Up front and honest about the sellers situation Asked about mine After deciding I put in an offer - but as he was on holiday when I finally decided had to submit it to the guy above him. But - while he was on holiday phoned me up to get an update on whats happening. Even though he could have just asked the office. Taken a personal interest in helping see this through for me Not even spending a huge sum
  9. Gerinako

    Anyone Buying Or Selling At The Moment?

    Just put in an offer at asking price. Apparently so has someone else. Think it's circa 10% undervalued and happy to dive in but not for a penny more Offered Tuesday Morning and waiting to hear news... Not sure when to chase
  10. I like where I am; any council tax, water rates etc. It's all paid by the landlord. And all we have to worry about is the rent. No 25% discount if it ends up being sole occupied or anything. But it's clean and smooth. And easy to look at prices/haggle.
  11. http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20150420-why-small-is-the-new-big-thing
  12. Gerinako

    1.99% Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    Recently requested a loan for a car I was going to buy from N.Ireland. Could cover it in cash but would rather spread it out Rejected because the asset I'm wanting to buy is located there. Despite stating it would be brought across immediately. Ah well! Won't bother buying then and save my pennies
  13. Gerinako

    Proving I'm Good For It

    Might be worth proofing source of funds through a Solicitor anyway as you'll need to go through a lot of paperwork to meet anti-money laundering requirements to prove your funds are legitimate. And then you can kill the same bird with one stone and get a draft letter from a solicitor saying you're good for it. It's a step you're going to have to do anyway so might aswell do it two steps earlier.
  14. I'm hoping I can work part time from the age 35. Saving 80% of my salary a month living at home to buy a house in cash or a very small mortgage.

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