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  1. I will take the advice about photographing everything and keeping quiet. I know the landlord has plans to replace things and on past performance he will want me to pay for them. I've tried to circumvent this by emailing the agency to ask that since they are due to be replaced, do these things really need to be cleaned? (They are two carpets and the oven). The agent replied that the LL is undecided about whether he will replace these things or not and I replied that I am surprised to read this as the new tenants have made it a condition of their offer. It won't stop the LL trying to use my deposit to pay for these things, but it does provide documented evidence of a timeline for his decision to replace these things anyway so he can't say later that he decided to replace them when he learned of their condition at check out. (They are both just old and worn BTW - pretty much as they were when I moved in)
  2. The deposit is in a scheme. It was put in a month after the tenancy started and I was only given the documents a year after that, but it is in a scheme today (I checked). I wasn't there for the check-in inventory - I was stuck in traffic and it went ahead without me (which I now regret). I only saw that document a year ago too (13 months after I moved in). Its more or less accurate but it gets some things wrong e.g. it says the wooden garden furniture is in good condition whereas its actually crumbling and I think it would disintegrate if I touched it (so i haven't). It did say the house was domestically clean at the time of check-in though. My AST was only for 12 months and it expired a year ago. I was asked to sign a new one, but I didn't and everyone (the agent & landlord) seemed to forget about it so I am on a periodic tenancy instead now. Do the terms of the AST still apply even when the AST has expired? The AST required that I have a professional clean done. In any case, wouldn't requiring a professional clean to be done when the house has only been domestically cleaned be an example of betterment, which would be an unfair 9(and therefore unenforceable) term?
  3. bump. Has anyone got experience of leaving a difficult landlord who is inclined to try to keep as much of the deposit as possible? Would I be playing into his hands?
  4. Ok. sorry. What I am thinking is what will the landlord say? He is famous for his dislike of spending his own money whilst being very fond of spending other people's. I am 99% sure that he's going to try to say that I am at fault and I am trying to work out how to deal with it when the times comes -approx 10 days from now!
  5. "Not proactive"... I cleaned up the mould as I saw it occur and moved things out of the way (the house is unfurnished apart from carpets and curtains so it was my stuff i was protecting) I heated the property every day (I am a housewife so its occupied during the day and I don't like to be cold!) I aired the house daily I mopped up the condensation daily I told the landlord every time I saw him I emailed him about it I told the managing agent every time they came round for an inspection What I didn't do.. hire a professional company to assess the cause and estimate the repair attempt DIY repairs So if that's not proactive, then I guess that I am not. However, out of interest what would you do if you were a tenant in these circumstances?
  6. But I am in my 40s and I have lived in/ owned several properties. This is the first time I have had to deal with mould like this. if I am doing nothing different and I've never had mould/ mildew problems like this before then how can it be down to how I look after the property? A few minutes ago I took down some curtains in another room to wash and found the exact same problem. It seems to be endemic throughout the older part of the house. There is some damp problems in the house and yes, i made the landlord aware of them. Its in various places, all the older part of the house. It ruined two coats last year, a brand new mattress and it and was growing behind my bed. The landlord advised that all furniture should be kept in the centre of the room, away from the walls when i pointed it out to him. I am beginning to think that there are mould spores throughout the older part of the house and they were just covered up before I moved in, but have gradually started growing and spreading. I will ask the previous tenants if they also had problems.
  7. Is this a good idea or a really, really BAD idea?! I'm due to move out of a rented house that is on a periodic tenancy next week and I've had quotes totalling £500 for cleaning the carpets, washing the windows and doing an end of tenancy professional clean. My deposit is £3000 and I am expecting to get it all back as I haven't done any damage. I was thinking of asking the landlord if he would agree to keep the £500 from my deposit and use the money to clean the house once he has done the renovation work he plans to do before the new tenants move in.. I've got a busy week next week and to be honest I could do without the hassle of coming back after I leave to check up on the work done by the professional cleaners. The landlord is apparently planning to repaint a couple of rooms, replace some carpets, put in a new oven and cut down some trees in the garden. The neighbours and the ex-tenants also tell me that he always tries to keep as much of the deposit as possible, often with false claims of damage or things missing. Last time it went to adjudication and he lost. The neighbours all seem to feverently dislike the landlord and his wife and they genuinely get upset if they think they will eventually come and live in the house themselves. (I write this to show that he's famed for being difficult and unpleasant). Apart from less things to take care of next week, the upside for me, is that the cleaning bills won't be paid out the cash that's in my bank account but instead from money that is already tied up in the deposit. The upside for the landlord is that he will get a free clean when he needs it, rather than just before he messes the house up with the renovations. However, can anyone think of a way that the landlord could use this against me to hold onto more of my deposit than just the £500?
  8. two rooms are affected .. the master bedroom (which could be condensation - but would that account for the black mould that was one walls too?) and the dining room which we spent less than 12 hours in over two years (and at a few of those hours was just a minute a day of me coming in to open the windows and mop up the windowsill). Would the LL still have a case to argue condensation in those circumstances? The house has 2 different types of window frames: wood and metal. The wood ones are fine but there is mould around every one of the metal window frames. I've tried to wipe it off and I've used bleach to try to kill the mould but it keeps coming back. Anyone can see I've used bleach though because it has turned the white paint work pink where it has touched it.
  9. I've got an email from a few months ago which I can prove the LL received because he replied. In the email I describe how the damp and mould are getting worse throughout the house and how I have tried to deal with it but steam cleaning did not work on the curtains. I reference various conversations the LL and I had before about the damp. I also mention that the managing agents took photos of the damp on their inspection. The LL doesn't explicitly say anything in his reply. He just gave a bland "I will call you" statement but it does show that he was aware of the issue months ago at least and he hasn't done anything about it.
  10. sorry that should have read the curtains are mouldy because of the damp in the room
  11. Is "fair wear and tear" a subjective thing or is it defined somewhere? I've been renting for 2 years and the house has had quite a lot fo damp, especially around the metal-framed windows. Now I'm moving out and a pair or the landlords curtains has a lot of damp on it. Several of my possessions have been damaged by the damp too over the last two years and I've complained to the landlord, asking him to do something about it several times, but he's just ignored me (or sympathised and then ignored!). I think I've done everything I reasonably could to protect the landlord's curtains and my possessions i.e. mop up the water on the window sills each day, scrub off the mould when it appeared on the walls and windows and air the rooms as much as possible without making the house an icebox in the winter. I showed the damp to the landlord and he shrugged and sympathised. Then I told him they are his wife's curtains and he seemed less at ease when he realised that its his stuff that is damaged this time. Today, he asked me to pay for the curtains to be professionally cleaned. I am refusing on the basis that its fair wear and tear given the conditions in the house which the landlord has failed to address. Am I right (legally) or will the landlord probably win if we end up taking this to a deposit tribunal? Does anyone know how fair wear and tear is decided upon?
  12. I was thinking to offer the landlord the money to get the carpets cleaned as per the quote and the deal would be I pay, but he gets the effort of arranging it. Is this just a stupid idea though?
  13. Has anyone got any advice on how to handle this situation? I am a tenant and due to leave in four week's time. According to the neighbours and the tenants before me, the landlord has a habit of trying to keep as much of the deposit as possible. As an example, it went all the way to a tribunal with the last tenant and the finding was in their favour with nothing to the landlord. Typically he tries to claim for faults which pre-dated the tenancy but somehow always gets missed in the move-in inventory e.g. the last time he put in a claim for a new carpet that the previous two sets of tenants had been forced to pay up for. So i want my deposit back but I am not expecting that it will be easy. Yesterday the next tenants came round to measure up. They told me that the landlord will be completely redecorating for them and there will be two new carpets and a new oven. Its good as the oven really is on its last legs and the carpets are badly worn (nothing we have done). At the same time I've had a quote for £600 to get the carpets, curtains, windows and the rest of the house professionally cleaned. It seems stupid to pay for cleaning of a carpet that will be ripped up and thrown away a couple of days later. Ditto the oven. (Both are kept clean BTW e.g. I steam clean the oven regularly). When the new tenants mentioned the changes they'd had agreed, I was only a bit surprised to hear that the landlord had agreed to spend his money, especially as the rent is much the same. Then it hit me... supposing he is planning to spend my deposit on these things? So, what can I do to protect myself from this?
  14. PS I am in England (in case that makes a difference)
  15. I am a tenant and I pay my rent monthly. I had a 12 month shorthold secure tenancy agreement that expired a few months ago. The letting agent drafted a new contract in the summer but it was never signed, so as far as I know there isn't a contract at the moment. The tenancy agreement I had required 2 months notice but I'd like to terminate the tenancy today and give only one month's notice as I found out today that my new job abroad starts on 10th January. Please can anyone tell me if I have to one or two month's notice?
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