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  1. See what it goes for.. not fraudulent is it .. No one has to accept offers. I see there's a strip of land as well - optional 'extra' .. I'll guesstimate at 190k tops. (or is that too high ?)
  2. Not had this - however nothing surprises us at all now.. We took our EA to court. Lost case - judge stated it's a contract not an SLA - pay up. ! (too much detail to post here, ... we had written evidence, witness statements etc etc , they 'shown' people around unattended/unaccompanied , left place open, refused to give our keys back, had no complaints policy or replied to us for 4 months) + OEA/TPOS as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike. So nothing surprises us at all now.
  3. What's a rush hour ? Seriously, by train or car. Depends where in Exeter (Honiton to M5 is 20mins max - however you could spend another 30 mins getting in and around Exeter). Train from Honiton to St Davids is circa 30 mins - plus many villages 'en route' by train.
  4. Good question.. (we are in Devon).. Noticed a few changes in last month on market. ..more appearing + some slicing 50k off etc.. (nothing is going up). Also seems a disproportionate 'gap' from 350k properties up to 500k (ie 150k is a lot of money, even more so today) . DFL won't need work in local vicinity , or work from office/home.. Anecdotal evidence that in some Devon villages these are holiday homes (not even rented out - just used by family / friends etc ) .. ie used for the school hols a bit like we used caravan for our breaks. Maybe someone can enlighten more. Don't have any real facts of wealth/age profile of owners. House may be mortgaged or bought out right. Maybe this market slice (£450k - 750k) may see 15 - 20% drops in the next 6 months.. We are not DFL and not into this price bracket, however amusingly when I've put a couple of offers on property in the last 6 months (at least 20% below asking and I didn't budge) both agents quipped "Are you from London" ? blimey gov I thought !
  5. New on forum .. We are looking for properties in / around Exeter (renting at pres) Noticed a real mixed bag of changes in just last few weeks , a lot of properties being advertised - as 'make us an offer' / open day. Also 10k slices coming off (300k ish properties) in the last month.. More property coming onto market (at least 2 or 3 per day in my saved email alerts - when it was only 1 per week up to July) New build .. ! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26667787.html?premiumA=true . We are looking around 300k tops by the way. Question : Does the market when falling 'compress' as % from the top first (ie <500k properties ) or at the base (ie FTB's ) ? or is it fairly linear.. 2 bed end is about 135k in Exeter and a few of these are remaining on market longer now. Absolutely nothing is going up. Gordon
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