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  1. Apartments being auctioned in Strabane with an auction starting price of £10,000 Click here
  2. "An estate agent yesterday can be a poodle clipper today," fixed
  3. The Irish Credit Bubble Morgan Kelly, University College Dublin WP09/32 December 2009 http://www.ucd.ie/t4cms/wp09.32.pdf
  4. An apartment in NI for under £20K http://www.martinshortt.com/properties/index.cfm?fuseaction=propdetails&Prop_RefId=2534 http://vlistdcv.lpsni.gov.uk/propertydetails.asp?di=14&dn=Dungannon+and+South+Tyrone+Borough+Council&wi=0000000220&wn=Donaghmore&si=0000014916&sn=Main+Street&display=329822&rn=32B
  5. pod


    I don't think this feature is up and running yet, is it? Unless it's been changed to access it from somewhere else on the site.
  6. pod


    Excellent, PropertyPal!
  7. A few days ago they appear to have got rid of their feature whereby properties could be restricted solely based upon price with no geographical component. Why'd you get rid of this feature? It was quite good.
  8. You should never talk with your roof space as there can be unforeseen consequences.
  9. Thanks doccyboy. Yes, they most certainly are! !!
  10. Perhaps they've been over-run with buyers and they've sold out since this morning. On second thoughts, perhaps you're right...
  11. For those of us with little/no investment knowledge, how/where does one locate corporate bonds with yields achieving 7%-10%?
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