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  1. For those prices you could get a 2 (or 3 bedroom) house in Belfast in a nice area. Why do you want an apartment?
  2. Given the size of the apartment, it's odd someone would choose to decorate it in such dark colours.
  3. Hello getdoon_weebobby. I was away for a decade, thought I'd call back too.
  4. and it goes without saying, as well as factoring in any potential HPC, FTBs should obviously factor in the likelihood that they'll have a job in several months.
  5. Just due to the "interesting" times we're currently in. Was interested in what is being said here as those here were always less likely to simply digest the "spin".
  6. I've only popped in recently. Once the crash happened, I didn't need to hang out here anymore.
  7. Didn't Doccy have posts blitzed from the site? So you probably won't hear from her again under that username.
  8. Hello - I am. Hope you're well too BB.
  9. Apartments being auctioned in Strabane with an auction starting price of £10,000 Click here
  10. "An estate agent yesterday can be a poodle clipper today," fixed
  11. The Irish Credit Bubble Morgan Kelly, University College Dublin WP09/32 December 2009 http://www.ucd.ie/t4cms/wp09.32.pdf
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