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  1. I work at HMRC and the confusion is over "7". They don't have "bands" anymore. The "bands" were how the old Customs & Excise graded. The combined new department with the Inland Revenue have carried on using the IR grading system. This is how it is: AA (clerical assistant - old band 2/3), AO (assistant officer - old band 3/4), "O" (officer - old band 6), "HO" (higher officer - old band 7), SO (senior officer - old band 9), Grade7, Grade6. Grade7's & 6's are senior civil service.
  2. You are correct. I am a civil servant & have been for 8 years. It's a 60th. I have heard that CS who retire early due to sickness can get extra years added towards their pension. We're not talking mega bucks. Put it this way. I had a private sector job & the pension from that job will pay twice as much a year as my CS pension will. I do agree that conditions in the CS are generally easier than the private sector but pensions are nothing to write home about unless you reach the top echelons of the senior civil service.
  3. I would move your current account elsewhere. I've been with Nationwide for 30 years & haven't had a problem except for one time when a direct debit went through twice. Best of luck if you're trying to get anything out of Santander!
  4. I finally closed my account today. Santander started counting out the cash & I said I'm not taking cash as I've been mugged around here before. They said its cash only so I said what if it was £10k, would you insist on cash then. They said no as they only pay cash when it's under £500. So I said, so Santender consider its ok to be mugged for £500 cash but will make a cheque payment for amounts over! Anyway they gave me a cheque in the end but they weren't happy. I will be keeping clear of Santander in future!!
  5. I've been a Christian (protestant reformed) for nearly 42 years now and, as I'm not that far off retirement, I own my own house, have some savings & no debt. My goal is to leave as much as I can to my kids. I can't say what my viewpoint would be if I was an atheist. I expect the desire to pass wealth on to one's kids isn't driven by religous beliefs.
  6. I didn't check so more fool I. I've had quite a few online savings accounts as well & I've never seen this before either.
  7. I've transferred some of it to Barnsley Building Society paying 2.5%. There's no bonus which pleases me so it wont go down to 0.00001% after a year although it is variable. It's also instant access with no penalties. Some others are paying slightly more but they usually have bonuses or other restrictions. Its ok if you don't mind switching accounts I suppose which I would rather not keep doing so. Im not STR by the way, just looking for a reasonable return
  8. Well that's the problem. The bonus rate expired in July for me (in for a year) & the account does not show interest accrued. So even if I leave £1 in it they still have the interest. Its only on closure that interest is paid.
  9. Let me know how you get on. I'm still waiting for them to phone me to tell me I can close it!!
  10. In London? What's your skillset? A mate of mine was contracting but has been out of work for 2 years now. He's also a cobol/unix programmer so to be expected I suppose. Lets hope you'll always be in work but I'm sure you're only too aware of the need to keepupdating your skillset which I would find precarious & expensive. My advice would be to get into management by the time you're 40 as then you call the shots!
  11. I work in the civil service & apparently there are supposed to be 50% of grades earning £50K+ retiring in the next 4/5 years. Not sure of actual figures but heard this through a union rep. So, I suppose natural wastage will achieve a lot of the cuts. Where I am, they've just promoted over 100 accross the country to replace lower lever grades retiring now. There has been no recruitment for years & everyone is on a 2 year pay freeze.
  12. Would be if I wasn't spending loads on the kids for one thing & another. I'm on about £32k & wife works for the moment so no real financial problems so far. I presume you're in IT then?
  13. Well the thing is, I was 47 then so not much chance of getting a job even with a good skill set in IT. As you may or may not know IT is overtly ageist, especially in the banking sector. As it happens my current salary will peak at about £43k in a few years time (if I don't get whacked in the cuts) so a lot better than being on the dole as a lot of my former colleagues are who were hoping for another IT job. Even now a lot of java jobs are below £40k especially outside of London. So I have basically an easy job, gold plated pension & a reasonable wage. The mortgage was paid off 14 years a
  14. I used to work for an investment bank & was slung out in 2002. I was a cobol dinosaur with a bit of korn shell thrown in. Was training in Java until that got sent elsewhere. Most of my colleagues went within a year or two. Also due to outsourcing. I was able to get a very basic clerical job in the civil service & have moved up slightly to be on just over the average wage. Now I'll probably get whacked again in the cuts. I hope my kids see sense & leave the country!! Not looking good for the future is it!!!
  15. No,if you phone them it takes at least 30 minutes to get through & then they tell you to go to a branch. I'm surprised I seem to be the only one with the problem. I thought I'd get loads of responses.
  16. I just wondered whether anybody has had problems closing their Online Saver Issue 5 account with the Alliance & Leicester. They say there is a software problem & I won't be able to close it for another month. Apparently its because I had nominated a bank account from which to tranfer cash from & to. Funny thing is I set my wife's account up with the same nominated account & they closed hers ok. Maybe Santander are so hard up they need to hang on to my £400!!
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