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  1. Hey, I'm not telling you to do this, but I have a colleague who built a whackin' great extension including a 30k kitchen. I don't know the final figure but I guess around 100 - 125k and he set up a limited company to do building work, then registered for VAT - claimed everything back from the first "job" and then stiffed himself on the payment and folded the business (this was in about 2002) - I can't tell you how he convinced the vatman that his first "job" was at his house - but it's more than probably that the information never came out. No reason to as far as I can tell. Anyhoo... don't sp
  2. my offer was accepted on a place in may. we are FINALLY supposed to exchange contracts on friday - but the property still doesn't say SSTC on rightmove / primelocation etc. Never underestimate EAs ability to avoid doing their job, even if that is just making a status update on their own f#cking database. Muppets all of 'em. I wouldn't be too sure about the games though... I bumped into someone at a party last month and they said "hey! you've bought our house!" - WHAT? oh, they wanted it TOO. There are still buyers out there.... I should know! PS I'm still an uber bear - but I can afford r
  3. you are gordon brown aren't you?
  4. just had to post that. don't know if anyone else was worried about this week, but I've been checking silver's price on my iphone about 30 times a day. I did NOT expect a new all time high! (ok, ok, except for when the hunt brothers cornered the market - but that's only 8 bucks away now!)
  5. has anyone tried putting "guernsey, jersey, channel islands or isle of man" as their country? I've successfully bought from online places with my country selected as the above - then I put my real address and postcode and because we share the royal mail - the postman arrives with my order - without the VAT being charged by the sender. Probably illegal, but you can claim "slip of the mouse" or something! Ebay have just noticed that "sliver" is a mispelling of silver - which is a shame as I was picking up some bargains from time to time. in the old days I had all the mispellings of sovereign
  6. I've seen this happen twice as well. Both properties had over 2 acres of gardens, so I wondered if your example was the same?
  7. well spotted. crikey, no wonder they've hacked at the price. still stinks of desperation though... so still love it... don't want it, can't afford it, but love it.
  8. check this out (need propertybee) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32888243.html these guys have dropped from 1.6m to 995 in a month of listing the property! 85 acres + oast, no internal photos so probably awful inside my kind of vendor though... more of these please! (well, plus ANOTHER 25%+ obviously!
  9. try http://www.emortgagecalculator.co.uk/ that shows the total amount paid in interest over the term. Quite scary actually. What I like about the BBC one is that it warns about the possibility of 12% interest!
  10. Silver, apparently, is currently experiencing a level of backwardation, indicating that futures contracts are not able to make physical delivery if the contract is demanded to be fulfilled in metal. This should bode well for silver price - and might explain the sudden spike in the price. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backwardation full article here: (hardassetinvestor are biased obviously, but the analogy appears sound) http://www.hardassetsinvestor.com/features-and-interviews/1/2552-why-silver-backwardation-matters.html
  11. [always check that rightmove tool for the new postcode of the place you are going to rent. We had this happen to us last year but when I found that rightmove tool I saw that the rental house we were in had been listed for sale the year before we rented. Never a good sign. Wouldn't have taken it if I'd have know. Landlord lied to us as she showed us round. Our new landlord has also hinted that HE might put the place on the market. I always keep my eye out on the market for something I could buy in desperation, because if it happens again, I'm going to buy something - even though I don't like i
  12. Some nice links for your bookmark bar - 10YR gilts for each country. These are not easy to find in a list - I like to keep an eye on them, and it certainly looks nicely contained from the graphs. Portugal portugal ireland ireland spain spain greece greece UK uk Germany schnitzel
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