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  1. My search covers a radius of about a mile from my current address in Wasall, middling area, used to be better . Lots if terraces some streets predominantly owned by landlords who couldn't give a monkeys renting out at six months at a time to anyone who will pay the rent... houses on these streets were about 100l now at 85 ish and not selling (a mix of some nicely done out ones and ramshackle ones that need work). The better streets around 110k down to about 95ish and not much selling - the nicer better priced ones do sell. Nothing new coming on really. The best is a house I nearly brought, then came to my senses on.... nice little well kept terrace, originally on the market for offers over 110k; now not sold for 90k six months later.
  2. Not quite a brummie, well from Herts but live in Walsall.... some nice price falls there.. Nearly brought a house in a moment of madness back in the summer, was originally on for 110k, now its on for 90k? Looking at terraces in one of the not so rough areas, most have had 10-20k lopped off - well those which have been on the market for longer and still not moving. Can get some pleasantly looking bigger houses for around 100k, if extend out to 3 miles from my postcode; trouble is you wouldn't actually want to live there.....
  3. Being able to use expressions such as dead cat bounce at the estate agents
  4. As a confirmed lurker for years and only recently joining, I felt the sudden urge to break my silence and MAKE A POST after skipping round the office all morning. Now to read all 26 pages. Even if it is due to a change in policy, it won't matter to peoples sentiments when they see it splashed across the news - Biggest Percentage fall ever... whoop!
  5. I needed to get my OH to speak to the Estate agent, when we put our offer i on a house. I groomed him well he managed to get several good phrases in including my fave the "dead cat bounce" Of couse our offer was rejected, as the one down the road sold 3 months ago for 14k more an the estate agent said "out the two the one you are looking at isthe better of the two" ..... glad he thinks so! Wow my first real post after years of being a lurker!
  6. Will I make page 100! I have been a HPC lurker for years, probably at least 4. I used to like reading the opinions on here and knwo that I wasn't the lone voice amongst everyone else who kept saying prices will never fall , can never loose blah blah, (although did find a fellow HPC fan at work). I gave up on owning a home when the last HPC never seemed to take off; then got made redundant last year and was on probation so stopped looking really. I could have afforded a house but would have been a right dump, so have been holding on for ages. Got fed up of waiting to buy a house with prices never falling in my area. Of course typically as soon as I found a house I liked and put in an offer and thought sod it, don't need to borrow much more than a couple of times salary, got a deposit, mortgage is cheaper than the rent, OH is working part time due to redundancy, so in a 'strong' position.... But of course as soon as I decide to cave in, the worm finally turns !!! I like the house but luckily its going very very slowly and the more bearfood I read the more wobbles I am having - I do like the house but sure there are many like it. House was on for 110 originally and paying 95. Its in a nice area, terraced, good nick and perfect for my dog sitter (after loosing job have to commute 25 miles each way and will struggle with working hours now when OH goes back) Know what I want to do! although worried about loosing my 91 a day as per the Express Been looking at the terraces around here and the good ones have held their price but the poorly maintained ones in not so nice areas are starting to have 10k shaved off, then some another 5 over the past few months. Others won't give in! What i find most annoying is everyone who says to me "it will all work itself out over the years so just go for it" and they don't seem to understand I don't want to pay 95k for something this week thats worth 80 next year! Even my mum is telling me everyone says its not a good time to buy. So kinda drifting along, renting a bit of a hovel; but its cheap and home; we have an agreement with the landlord - we don't ask for repairs and he doesn't put the rent up! Been meaning to join for ages and theres been a couple of discussions wanted to join in on; sometimes don't always understand some of the financial stuff, but I do understand the crash cycle, and that its never been bucked as yet!
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