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  1. Hear hear! I don't post much, having little time to contribute to lengthy debate, but the information contained within this forum has been (and continues to be) educational, entertaining and informative. It's helped me to trust my instincts with regard to money, it's creation, use and power. Thank you, mad and sane alike here. khali
  2. It's not far out. I bought my first house in 1999 for 29K, and it was as described - not the best, but not requiring any significant work.
  3. I'd go for Injin. I haven't heard of Injun. Pedantic, I know, but I've had a couple of beers too.
  4. Not for myself, but just out of curiosity I've occasionally looked at the online mortgage calculators, using the financial details of people I know, and who have to re-mortgage within the next 6 months or so. As things stand at the moment, if these people can't save up at least 15% deposit, there'll be no deal available to them. I presume this means they'll have to go onto their lenders SVR, or ............ what? I don't know. And neither do they.
  5. Worth a look if you want to make your own from scratch.... http://www.curryhouse.co.uk/rsc/maindish.htm
  6. Hmm, I didn't hear it like that. It seemed to be good news for FTBs but not so good for mover uppers to my ears. Implication being falling house prices are bad for the majority. I didn't expect her to talk sense, and I wasn't disappointed.
  7. I think you mean the black country accents / dialect. West country is Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, I believe. The name "the black country" does not refer in any way to immigration. It's more to do with the grime and filth associated with the industial revolution. (Before you ask). Back on topic, I like Peston - but I do wonder who's feeding him sometimes. I see how often he's on the box & the radio and wonder whether he has time to verify some of the stuff he reports.
  8. The same thought was just lumbering it's way through my head as I pondered how I would survive as a "freeholder". I'm not currently in a position to define "success", but I suspect few are - despite their apparent success.
  9. OK, the OP's tone may a little provocative, but success stories are relevant and necessary, surely. We need the occasional "Gosh - I think it may have worked out!" post from people other than the smart arsed wheeler dealers who presumably understand WTF is going on in the world these days. Good for you, geezer. I suppose the only risk of the austerity strategy is that you don't know when to stop and wind up dead, like everyone does, but with a huge bank account that you could have gradually enjoyed....
  10. It strikes me that the Captain of the Titanic was sailing too fast in dangerous conditions. If he'd been sailing a bit slower, he might have seen the iceberg and been able to take evasive action. The parallels can be drawn with GB's captaincy of our economy. Nice one John. Foot in mouth again.
  11. Being pedantic.....but the tune's name is Guantanamera.
  12. Oh no. Does this mean some people might have to consider working for a living?
  13. By declaring the existing coins and banknotes not legal tender (due to the high level of counterfeits etc) and issuing new coins and notes.
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