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  1. 2 ravedave yeah mean up round upper galwalley and knockbracken
  2. seen those advertised on the way into dromore just off the dual carriage way - looks as if theer are maybe 1 - 2 of the houses occupied in the whole development, including the 'shell' apartments and the houses on a side note do you think dromore is a bad area???, have recently moved in here and have nothing but good to say about the place - moved here after living in belfast for 10 years as I now have a very young family - twin girls and needed a bigger place
  3. what about up by four winds top end of the ormeau, know a few folk who live up there and really enjoy it on a side note we were looking in belfast but tbh still dont think we were getting good value for money so settled in dromore and you get a heck of a lot more for your money
  4. always interesting looking at the spikes in viewings afetr houses are posted on hpc lol
  5. had a discussion with a friend of mine who was buying an apartment in and around banbridge and he pulled out, personally think you are best buying a house as opposed to an apartment none of these sneaky service charges that can be slipped in that is just another cost that you have to pay
  6. wasnt nolan on his own show before and in the papers crying about how much he lost on his own portfolio good enough for the fat obnoxious beefer
  7. can only go from my own xp solicitors fees £400 land registry etc £400 approx survey £250 dont have insurance dets to hand
  8. have just bought a 3 bed detached with garage for touch over £120k, myself and partner have been saving like fiends for this past number of years so have a good pot of money built up for deposit and to fit out the house, we decided we need to buy at this present minute in time having been renting for past 5 years as property prices were crazy but circumstances for us have changed and we are happy with our purchase dont really care now what happens with prices as we think we have got a very good deal and intend to be there for a considerable amiount of time
  9. just an update - solicitor has been in touch have to go down and sign off tomorrow for everything to be completed, am absolutely over the moon with what we got, nice house, nice area exactly what we have been looking for intend to be there for the next number of years have been a long time lurker on this and can I just say thanks to folk who post on this board some of the advice on articles and other threads has been invaluable
  10. cheers following advice from here went in fairly hard and gave a little but made them give a lot fingers crossed it all goes through
  11. as much as im lead to believe all other checks done, has passed through underwriter and last time i spoke with broker all they were waiting fro was valuation of house so fingers crossed
  12. so how much longer do you reckon the process will take this has been going on for about a month or more now, mortgage is with the ulster bank
  13. got this back from the mortgage broker - they are talking now about the bank sending out their own surveyor to do a valuation of the house, got an independent survey done before offer went in and their finding with a few cosmetic changes house will be worth £30k more than what we paid so hoping that the banks surveyor comes back with similar findings my question is does this mean that if the banks valuation stacks up we will have mortgage approved and they will release the money and how long does this usually take new to this house buying malarky and have tried to phone broker but they are off today
  14. thanks for the input folks have been phoning about a number of people getting quotes is probably the best way of doing it thanks anyways
  15. okay no property ladder its going to be a home for myself and better half also didnt realise i was breaking any rules apology's if i have
  16. Long time here lurking and enjoying the advice given, I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a good conveyancing solicitor as i am looking to make my first purchase onto the property ladder, also if I could be really cheeky if anyone knows of a good surveyor as well many thanks
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