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  1. The problem with the cuts is that everyone agrees with them until something that they want is cut. The main issue with the cuts is that they are ideological - there are many alternatives - 50% tax on everyone over 100k, close offshore tax havens, tax financial transactions, get out of afganistan, stop the corporation tax giveaway etc etc etc
  2. A house is priced by how much you are willing to pay set against how much someone is willing to sell for
  3. Not based on anything I have actually said then. Explain to me how it is bullying to simply point out what is really happening to people as a direct result of these cuts? eh? You must be standing up because there is no way you could be pulling this much nonsense out of your **** if you were sitting down. What has any of this got to do with my employment status? There are alternatives to the current cuts - why not raise taxation, close the offshore tax loopholes? Cut differently i.e. overseas aid? You are a coward. Tapping away at your keyboard, desperate to see people suffer so you c
  4. What a load of nonsense. No one has said anything about conservatives being evil etc - that is a strawman that you have created. it is a simple fact that the poorest are going to be hit hard. Example - if you live in residential care (i.e. advanced MS) you will lose your thirty pounds a week mobility component of your DLA. This means that you will have to give up your mobility scooter and that would have a massive impact on your quality of life. Pointing out that this is what is going to happen is not bullying. It is your cowardice that means you are not able to face the consequences o
  5. really? The forum mainly seems to be people circle jerking each other whilst frothing at the mouth with excitment as public sector workers are thrown out of work. Fingers crossed that families are kicked out of their homes so I can buy it cheap! I haven't seen anyone actually articulate what a 'bit saner, fairer, more stable' would look like.
  6. How is explaining the impact of cuts being a 'nasty threatening bully'? You think there will be no impact?
  7. Yes but I have crystalised the loss immediately by selling and will have to make up the shortfall myself right now - a theorical loss is not equal to an actual loss. Much easier to rent/rent - prices will rise to peak again even if just through inflation (they are not that far off now)
  8. eh? Suppose I bought and am now in negative equity. I decide that I have to move - so I can either crystalise that loss and sell OR I can rent out my house and move into a rental myself. Thus, I do not have to realise the loss or have any of the stamp fees etc to pay. If I am in ne how is my loss cancelled out? Don't know! Has been about 8 years since the madness began
  9. That may or may not be an issue - I have not heard of anyone not being able to switch from a residential to btl with their lender. Also most lenders will give you a couple of years grace i.e. you can rent out your house without having to change mortgage if you tell them you are doing that. So what? They would be avoiding taking a loss. Disagree. They will wait it out unless they are a forced seller - don't think people think "prices are falling, better sell up, make a loss and uproot my family" There is a reason why you only get crap property on the market when it is falling
  10. I don't think there will be a flood of cheap property on the market until there are forced sellers. Sadly this is unlikely to happen for a few reasons: - People have mortgage protection insurance - The government has the SMI scheme If you don't absolutely have to sell and take a haircut why would you? Why not rent out your house and rent a new place if you can't afford to buy a second property?
  11. When I was speaking to my recruitment pimp he said they were the jobs that had the greatest response when they were advertised. Pretty brutal selection process though
  12. 10:1 seems okay to me When I was working in consulting the jobs I got were 500:1 for Accenture / Deloitte etc
  13. Ok. So my point of view is that there are a few treatments for MS that are maybe as close to 'cures' as we will see in our lifetimes. Being relapse remitting is great in that it will mean that you can hopefully be able to stop the progression. I have mentioned Campath a few times: http://www.davidscampathstory.org/ http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-10-14/genzyme-s-campath-helps-multiple-sclerosis-patients-at-5-years.html If you have a doctor that will prescribe it then Campath is 100% what you should have as a treatment. Other than that there is ocrelizumab. I get the impression that
  14. We should have no standing army, police force or criminal justice system then?
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