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  1. I meet many like you on my travels, the sort that nearly all nations on the planet would love to have living in their country .... except Blighty
  2. 35 with a kid, done the running around the planet for over 10 years bit, but id now like to buy somewhere and give being settled in one place for a few years a go if only for the stability of my child, ive a decent enough deposit a well paying job, but there isnt a chance im paying 200K for some 60M2 two bed terrace in an average area ... if and when that money gets an ok family sized home (100-120m2) in the same area then i'll go for it.
  3. I dont work in this crazy place and will be coming back to Blighty shortly to work the rotation as foreigners are as welcome as a fart in an astronauts suit to be honest, at present i come here once a month on a tourist on arrival visa for 28 days at a time then work for a month. But despite having a child who was born here with a Thai mother i will never get any form of Thai citizenship or ever be able to own land, and should i wish to stay here long term i'd have to report to immigration every 3 months, and id have to show an amount in my bank equivalent to approx 16000GBP. There arent skil
  4. Youre argument seems to say that they will inflate this PFI debt away ... but it wasnt a topic about inflation until the usual nutcases who ought to get out a little more with 1000s and 1000s of posts turn it into there own personal inflation sob story.
  5. The crazy thing is in the strange parallel universe we've been moved into some time a fortnight ago, people who make remarks like you have are considered nasty, probably racist, certainly a right wing extremist, maybe sexist etc etc .... for saying something that used to be considered the accepted common sense point. Jack it in mate and live of the state for a few years its the only way forward!
  6. Or theyre getting a wage related to the cost of living a life above that of just over that of a subsistence factory worker.
  7. OK but the 5a will still by a 5a's worth of goods no matter how much inflation there is. But back to the original post there is pretty much nothing the govt can do, if anyone thinks any mainstream party is going to break contracts then good luck to them.
  8. Youve still got the 5a in your pocket, they havent swapped it for a 20 pence piece. Now you can argue against what ive said but theyve got the govt by the short and curlys and nothing short of a BNP govt is going to change it. (hence it isnt going to happen)
  9. Theyve got contracts, our state is built upon the rule of law theyve f'ed up gargantuan proportions this time
  10. Arent government subsidies illegal under EU law? ........ especially when it involves stitching up comrades from a different state of the regime!
  11. I owned an agency out here for a few years .. well i had web designing skills, the ability to arrange CPC on Yahoo/Google, had a telephone and i could string a sentence together and a corrupt lying c nut of a Bulgarian for a business partner .... so i was more equipped then most. Anyway i was getting 8-12% commission, the developers were making 200-300% on building hence even with no crash this is where any future profit went ..... but nearly all who bought were after quick money off someone elses hard work, they mainly mewed and were often arrogant as **** about making money off their prope
  12. Surely Cambodia need an infrastructure before its deemed competitive.
  13. We dont know the ins and outs but many very good entrepreneurs go through times of hardship.
  14. I wish the man luck in sorting his finances out, he creates a lot of private sector jobs.
  15. Christ i am watching the World Service analysing the results and they just cant help coming out with the cliched jibes that theyre all guntotting nutjobs, extreme right anti abortion god lovers, believe in no govt at all, are witches etc etc... All correspondents and guest speakers are clearly left wing, student union bar thinking w4nkas. F'en disgrace, the BEEB are the biggest extremists ive ever had the unfortunate displeasure of listening to ... i wish them all nothing better then an early death. :angry:
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