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  1. I think that unlike 07/08, we now know that they will throw any amount of money and resources at holding up the house of cards. Only when it drifts beyond their control will HPC come. And come it will, but who knows when.
  2. GO will continue to turn the screw on BTL. HTB & RTB will continue to prop up the HPI. EU negotiations will deliver nominal concessions that will need several years to phase in, giving Cameron a token victory. The plebs will continue to be placated with bread & circuses (benefits & Strictly cum X Factor in the Jungle on ice). Euro 16 & the Royals will generate a 'feel good factor' for a while. The West will continue to meddle in parts of the world we don't understand. The Fed will raise rates at an exact rate of 0.25% every 6 years, next adjustment in 2021... Carney will continue to prevaricate. This will help GO as he continues to miss his deficit reduction targets 'because of instability caused by ISIL/Russia/Europe/China/Everyone else not us'. Saving will continue to yield nothing. Corbyn will survive the year but Labour will start to resemble Lord of the Flies.
  3. Unless Osborne and Cameron dream up a new wheeze to prop up the tottering house of cards.....
  4. After renting for 5 years, got my S21 this week. It looks like the LL is bailing out based on the changes in mortgage relief. I've offered to buy, subject to price. Unfortunately I suspect that a long time on the market will be required before there is an encounter with reality. In the meantime my family and I need to get somewhere to live. I and mine pay a high price for his education..,,
  5. I'll be fine, but my landlord will have problems. In a rural area with a shortage of rentals, his problems could soon become mine.......
  6. I supply Tesco with a 'hero' product (marketing bs for products growing faster than the rest of their category). We have decided to open negotiations on a new 3 year deal, although we still have 1 year to go on our current deal. Unsurprisingly, the Tesco buyer has a 'profit gap' he needs to fill this financial year. I look forward to seeing what mechanism they use to fill this gap as they 'no longer accept lump sums from suppliers'.
  7. From the Drivelgraph, who you would think would have a high incidence of BTLers in its readership.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/buy-to-let/12007601/The-buy-to-let-mortgage-trap-that-guarantees-you-lose-money.html
  8. If you contact an EA through the link on RM they are given visibility of the search criteria used. For example if you looked for 3 bed houses within a 5 mile radius of Watford between £150K and £250K.
  9. I suppose that fixed rate mortgages will tumble as a result of today's news? Oh, apparently not!
  10. Considering his performance on maintaining the place etc, I suspect that to him, compliance means paying the mortgage and nothing more. I'm out next February.
  11. My LL lives in Dubai. I'm sure he is having sleepless nights because of this....
  12. People know that to lose weight they need to stop stuffing their faces. But they don't.... People know that to have money they need to stop spending. But they won't... We can dress it up as being complex, and that people are in need of education, but if the will ain't there, they won't change their destructive habits.
  13. Count, You're single handedly propping up this thread all on your own......
  14. If you look at the comments on the DT's item about BTLs looking for CGT relief (on another thread), most could have come from this forum. The mood is changing and the MSM are picking up on it.
  15. Just as population growth here (immigration, reduced mortality etc) boosts the UK's GDP, surely the growth in the human population should boost the worldwide economy? Does this mean that on a 'like for like' basis we're already in recession? How much of the reported growth is based upon magic numbers like imputed rent?
  16. It would be worth sharing with our cousins over on property tribes.... In fact it's worth sharing with everyone you can share it with.
  17. The house went 'Under Offer' this week on Rightmove. I'm curious why they have chosen that term as opposed to the much more common SSTC. I suspect that they are trying to 'flush out' any potential buyers like myself that are waiting in the long grass.
  18. Spain has a sliding scale of benefits depending on how much you contributed. Graduates, school-leavers (i.e. minimal or no contributions) receive approx. €25 per week. The more you have paid, and the longer you have paid in, the benefits improve. Simple & legal!
  19. Make the benefits system contribution based. If you don't have a set number of years contributions paid, you get nothing. School leavers can be credited with a notional contribution based upon the years spent in full time education in the UK. Likewise those leave work & stay at home to raise children (future debt serfs) can also receive a credited contribution. Those that rock up having given nothing to society & the state get exactly the same in return. Simples!
  20. Crying for them I am, crying...... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/11802733/This-is-why-older-couples-dont-want-to-downsize.html
  21. The asking price has dropped 8.3% in the last 48 hours. I have just reminded him of my interests and proceedability.
  22. As per title..... Unfortunately it is in Ireland! http://www.irishtimes.com/business/financial-services/three-ex-anglo-irish-bank-officials-found-guilty-of-trying-to-hide-accounts-1.2302032
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