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  1. This is designed to pass on the reduced costs of borrowing just like they did with the BoE base rate cut. Except they didn't..... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/16/first-time-buyers-punished-as-uks-biggest-lenders-sneakily-raise/ I'm beginning to get really annoyed by these self serving [email protected] in high office and their 'attempts to help'* *help their buddies
  2. This can only help reduce volumes even further... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/16/first-time-buyers-punished-as-uks-biggest-lenders-sneakily-raise/
  3. Do Rightmove and Zoopla receive payment when a property is relisted?
  4. I suspect that most potential vendors know that their house has turned into a once in a lifetime lottery win. I'm convinced that's why prices are so sticky for so long. Low ball offers can work, but only with motivated sellers.
  5. Unfortunately it's in Ireland. Similar legal system & tradition to here. Why are they doing it and the SFO, CPS and PRA here continue to do nothing? http://www.irishtimes.com/business/financial-services/anglo-trial-three-ex-bankers-jailed-over-7bn-conspiracy-1.2738637
  6. I'm sure that the people & government of Greece feel much better now that they have apologised.....
  7. No, it just means that the MSM narrative never turned against Merv. He has the key skills of not being caught out, mainly because unlike Carnage he kept his mouth shut....
  8. Is nobody else concerned that a damaged window can take more than a year to repair? The potential implications for home security and home insulation are significant. Are we so used to private LLs treating their tenants like shi't that we only comment when they are alleged to have attempted a sexual assault?
  9. If Hammond plans to borrow & spend (note no linky or source referenced), we can forget about any near term base rate rise.....
  10. £1.75tn debt doesn't matter if you've trashed the £ beyond all recognition. Set the printing presses to warp speed!!!
  11. Has he ever been photographed wearing a 'Michael Green' name tag? No? Then he is likely to be better than what went before.....
  12. It's now the silly season for MSM. There will be an 'Elvis Ate My Hamster' story next week. Rumours of the London price crash are exaggerated.
  13. I think she has been politically shrewd thus far. In keeping with the 'unity' message, she's given a top 3 job to an Exiteer. It's the one role where if he makes a fool of himself, it affects him and not the prospect of re-election. Davis has the major foreign affairs job of this parliament anyway. Jizzborne dispatched to the wilderness, and no sign of Gove. We need to see what Hammond does with the Treasury, and she has already sacked one chancellor.....
  14. Does Jizzborne get to take HtB with him? More importantly, what's Hammond's track record on HtB? Has he ever been asked about it?
  15. Too big to leave out of cabinet, so put him in the role least likely to let him build a powerbase.
  16. Name your candidates for the 'great offices of state'..... Chancellor Gove (Hospital Pass) Foreign Sec Osborne Brexit Davis Defence Grayling Home Office Hammond Health Hunt Chief Sec Treasury Ledsom Pensions Patel Northern Ireland Johnson
  17. We'll be nominally out of the EU, with some half baked deal which will allow us to discriminate on benefits, but may as well still be a member otherwise. Markets up because after a little more than 2 weeks, normal service has been restored.
  18. Depending upon your perspective, maybe that's something we should learn from. A bank with €50bn in non-performing loans is a lot easier to deal with than banks with £500bn derivative liabilities * *Number plucked from the air, not a veiled reference to any particular organisation, just representative of the difference in scale. DYOR
  19. Fox is tainted by the incident with Werrity, otherwise he would have been brought back into cabinet by now. Crab is an unknown, he is just playing for the next leadership contest. Nobody will trust Gove after today. May Vs Leadsom with May winning the grassroots vote.
  20. If he becomes 'Brexit Minister', and delivers a result that satisfies most (but not all), he could come out smelling of roses. Especially if his competitors/cabinet colleagues are presiding over a recession and swinging cuts across services & benefits. Who's to say that winning this leadership battle isn't a poisoned chalice!
  21. Angela Ledsom fighting a rearguard action on ITV. Supporting Dave and 'getting on with her job'....
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