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  1. You can rest assured that the finest minds in the Treasury & BoE are working on new ways to 'help' us. It's only a matter of time until mortgage debt is compulsory.....
  2. Maybe it's because HTB has already run out of legs in the SouthEast........ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/personal-banking/mortgages/help-to-buy-to-be-priced-out-in-half-of-england-next-year/
  3. Hurrah for low interest rates! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/09/20/home-buyers-set-to-enjoy-mortgage-rates-below-1pc/
  4. Surely the current task for the HPC hive mind is to generate discussion about the collapse in volumes. CoNW's excellent Twitter account and Killerbunny were quite effective in generating discussion amongst the non HPC collective.
  5. 1% LVT for all residential property (including land with residential planning permission) to be paid by the owner. Phased abolition of SDLT over the next 3 years. Abolition of WTC for all. Lower the benefits cap to £16K per person and £22K per household. CGT on all property sold within 24 months of purchase, irrespective of whether it was a residence.
  6. In the global financial crisis thread Scepticus has posted a piece that suggests that Apple is a major holder of T-bills & gilts as well as corporate bonds. The implication is that Apple has so much cash ($8bn was mentioned), that they are struggling to find ways to hold it and have in the region of $150bn in financial instruments of one sort or another. If collapsogeddon does come along, Apple could well end up 'holding the baby', irrespective of the impact on the core business of flogging high end devices*. *Posted from my iPad & probably being flagged up in an Apple office somewhere. I assume my next iOS update will crash everything horribly. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/206092-we-are-facing-another-global-financial-crisis-of-epic-proportions/page-367
  7. Hurrah for reckless lending. Bring back the 125% mortgage and let's get this market cooking on gas! HPI drivel from the Telegraph below http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/09/10/resilient-housing-market-prompts-banks-to-keep-95pc-mortgages-fo/
  8. I always think that the abolition of slavery in The US as being the inflection point during the transition from 'muscle power' to machine power. That was a true paradigm shift. The subsequent decline of the rural society and the rise of the Industrial Age transformed the human condition in the leading economies. I suspect what we are now experiencing is that transformation beginning to reach its natural conclusion which will include the decline of full time paid employment for the masses. As usual the vast majority are oblivious as they are sated with modern day bread & circuses, while the elite are busy making out like bandits. As for predicting the future and profiting from it, that's a mug's game.
  9. After some promising utterances in the early days of her premiership, May now appears to be toeing the same party line as (takes a deep breath) Cameron, Brown & Blair. Will we ever get a PM that will challenge the finance/banking complex?
  10. Rush out & buy, buy, buy! Who will lend me 40 year mortgages? Where is the effect of MMR in these RICS reports. Where is the word 'affordability', or even 'mean earnings'? Surveyors are ignoring the foundations of the market, it makes me wonder what they ignore on their surveys?
  11. With a good 5 year plan and as long as you hit your tractor production targets it will work a treat. Lots of places where centrally planned economies have worked like..........
  12. Perpetual growth machine! Economics has delivered what those pseudosciences like physics and chemistry couldn't....... ?
  13. Isn't that the entire basis of the 'service sector'? Doing stuff for people who won't/can't do it for themselves.
  14. Directors are unlikely to approve Capex that does away with Directors, just saying.....
  15. With a 180K salary, offset is a shrewd choice. Just because he is parroting the party line doesn't mean he is thick. It takes a certain mental gymnastics to be able to defend a policy you know is a crock of $hit.
  16. It will take the coming of the fifth horseman of the apocalypse (Corbyn) to halt the UK housing market. All he needs to do is impose a foreign ownership tax (a la Vancouver). Who knows what else will he will do (nationalisation, etc) and how much other economic damage it may cause. The Corbyn years may make the '70's look like a golden age, but he is the only one there (Westminster) who isn't a bankers' stooge. That's why they fear him so much.
  17. Bear food num num num! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/08/23/tax-hikes-and-brexit-vote-hit-the-summer-housing-market/ Brexit is a bit of a red herring, but BTL taxes are sweet, sweet, sweet!
  18. Pension reform plans to potentially eviscerate private final salary schemes.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/pensions-retirement/news/radical-government-plans-to-reform-final-salary-pensions-could-c/ No suggestion that public sector defined benefit schemes will be touched. I wonder why?* *MPs are eligible for a public sector pension depending upon how long they are in parliament?
  19. Who the f**k has received the letter with good news from their mortgage provider? No rate cut has been passed on, and therefore there has been no consequent bounce in confidence. Silly season and all the grownups in the newsroom are on holiday article. The editor will be back next week and whoever wrote this drivel will be back to looking after the ' hatch, match & dispatch' section.
  20. Just look at what is happening to all that decking that was laid in the noughties. In the rare example where all the right treatment has been maintained, they are fine although a load of hard work. Where they have been not looked after, they are now horrible rotten messes...
  21. Way too many plastic fittings, light switches, plumbing etc. Will become brittle over time and need replacing. Door and window handles hopelessly underspecced. It's all just very flimsy.
  22. The 8 year old house I referred to above only has an EPC rating of 29! I'm anticipating an expensive Winter.....
  23. We're renting a 8 year old 'show house'. It's beginning to show its age. The handles on the double glazed windows are getting loose. The floorboards creak, switches are getting stuck and sockets are becoming loose. It was for sale for 12 months before we rented it. All the above could have been yours for a mere £575k!
  24. The great 'Post Brexit Collapse' has been averted according to Moody's, the stock market soothsayers. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/08/17/uk-to-avoid-recession-and-world-economy-to-stabilise-as-brexit-s/ It begs the question, which other 'truths' supported by the vast majority of experts are also untrue?
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