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  1. Dunno about that. Call Me Dave ducked every difficult decision he could. May has progressed a toxic issue (although I believe it won't be built), she is letting Goldsmith do some harmless grandstanding to his constituents. In 6 months he will quietly rejoin the party on some matter of 'principle'. Job done and planners or the courts will delay the runway.
  2. Swampy answered this in his original op. We are all to blame. We get the politicians we deserve, they truly are representative of the people. We ( the collective) have voted to rape the treasury and to pillage our children's future for short term gain. Here on HPC we pride ourselves on our insight and understanding. With a few notable exceptions (hat-tip CoNW & Killerbunny), we have wrung our hands on the sidelines and done nothing. We can't even claim ignorance as a defence, because we knew better and did nothing.
  3. I spent from 2010 when I came here until early 2014 getting calls from Lloyds about 'private' (i.e. with fees) banking. My 'salary profile' triggered a prompt every month. It suddenly stopped, and not because I told them that it was a pain in the ar$e!
  4. Just dobbed in my old landlord. It was the least I could do considering he evicted me after 5 years and withheld the deposit. I will watch carefully and see what effect, if any, this has.
  5. Neighbours in my village are in the process of buying a house. It has some stables and she will be setting up a livery (already in the horse game and knows her stuff). Solicitors have just dropped the bombshell that if they don't shift their current place by the time they exchange, they will have to come up with £30K, cash. Based upon a 'nod & wink' the solicitor is now dragging his feet on the conveyance to try to give them time. How many other transactions are out there in limbo? How many chains dragging on with houses perpetually SSTC?
  6. There's a guy in Ireland called Eddie Hobbs who is like a 5'2" Martin Lewis. He always counsels the strategy of 'paying yourself first' and siphoning money into savings on payday. It has always worked well for me. The current account might be a little lean by the end of the month, but the savings accounts are thriving. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Hobbs
  7. I genuinely believe that we're in a stalemate at this stage. ZIRP & HPI have allowed people to not sell. 2nd home SDLT may force the issue, but it's likely that any such sale may crystallise a CGT liability.
  8. As a result of an internal audit apparently....... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/10/19/senior-barratt-homes-executive-suspended-after-arrests-linked-to/ He forgot the first lesson, you steal from the plebs, not the firm!
  9. Even a sanitised & approved 'voice of modern discontent' will resonate with some people and prompt them to begin educating themselves. It was refreshing to find it on the front summary page of my rarely used iplayer. I had expected to have to plumb the depths of BBC 4 archives to find it.
  10. The possibility that today's tenants are tomorrow's buyers has not crossed this fool's mind.
  11. When they are sleeping in the back of those ridiculously branded cars and eating in soup kitchens, I may feel a smidge of sympathy for the condescending c¥nts. But until then, f¥ck 'em.
  12. Based upon most recent rental; early 40's married 2 kids banker/shrew unclear but they spent f**k all on the house and were 'leveraged' to both their testicles couple
  13. Varoufakis slates Boy George. More interestingly, he is sharing ideas with John 'Broon 2' McDonnell. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/09/28/former-greek-finance-minister-yanis-varoufakis-says-george-osbor/
  14. It's a worry that 'Merve the Swerve' is mooted as a possible replacement. Nobody here was crying into their beer when he retired.
  15. For disclosure, we have 4 kids (12,10,6, &5). We're fortunate in that I'm earning at director level and she stays at home. When we just had 2 she worked (pre ZIRP) and childcare was like a second mortgage. When it comes up in conversation most people we talk to would love a 2nd/3rd but just can't afford it. As alluded to in earlier posts, the contributing class are being out bred by those that receive. This is what will ultimately shatter the welfare state.
  16. Planning permission being sought for mosques in Tralee & Killarney. Lots of EE in agribusiness (Monaghan Mushrooms in Tyholland is overwhelmingly Lithuanian). Cost of living outside Dublin is cheaper and nowhere in Ireland is that far from a large city. Benefits are comparable with UK. With free movement between UK & RoI failed asylum applicants in one jurisdiction move to the other and start the whole process again.
  17. Whenever I go back to Ireland I do see a huge difference in what was pretty much a homogeneous country pre 2004. I suspect it has a lot more to do with the relaxed citizenship laws more than anything to do with housing. Drop a sprog in Ireland and it's a citizen. Makes deporting the rest of the family 'problematic', to say the least.
  18. Daily Mail clickbait is bad for your mental health.......
  19. We've known for hundreds of years that hot air rises....... Need I say more?
  20. Our leaders, blessed with PPE from Oxbridge and unencumbered by experience in the real world have safely navigated us from the reefs of the GFC2008 and we're now in a new paradigm where old fashioned thinking about affordability and paying off debt are as relevant as latin and personal responsibility.
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