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  1. During the famine, Ireland remained a net exporter of food to Britain. Cash crops continued to be exported. This is why the Irish famine is considered by many to have been an act of genocide. http://ighm.org/exports-in-famine-times/
  2. The comments on the DT piece are almost completely positive (with 1 notable exception) about the decline in BTL numbers. For a paper referred to as thr BTeLegraph on this site, that is very telling!
  3. BTLers are HPI fundamentalists. EAs are the priests of the cult. Without the faithful, the priest has to go back to working for a living. Miracles (ever increasing prices) underpin the faith, banish doubts from the wavering and convert the weak of mind. Like many belief systems there's a doomsday scenario (HPC), and there are the damned who are eager for the Armageddon to occur (that's us BTW).
  4. I may choose to rent for a period. I don't choose to have my pilot light go out repeatedly and the letting agents disregard my calls. I don't choose to be inspected quarterly. I don't choose to have to grovel so my kids can have a pet. I don't choose to have the house I live in advertised for sale 5 months into a 12 month lease.
  5. Goldman sucks continuing hegemony on global finance leadership roles. So much for Trump upsetting the establishment! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/11/30/trump-appoint-former-goldman-banker-treasury-secretary/
  6. Although I am an EU national living here (Irish), I firmly believe that continued membership is contrary to the UK's best interests. An exit will re-engage the populace with the political process because they will demonstrably be able to influence events. It's also an opportunity to hold the political class to account. Finally the migration issue needs to be addressed, without the debate becoming mired in the race argument.
  7. First of many importers, trading on wafer thin margins, going wallop because TPTB are trashing the currency.
  8. This is where seasonality and storage come in to play. We are about to discover the true cost of eating fruits and vegetables out of season. There could well be an opportunity for traditional storage methods including pickling etc to make a resurgence.
  9. A piece from the Irish Times on the salaries paid to central bank governors. Although EZ centric, you'll be pleased to know that Carnage gets a mention. Considering the key role they play in determining the cost of living for us, should they have such lucrative salaries? We have all heard the well worn lines about having to pay for 'talent', however they are well positioned to gain lucrative opportunities after they step down. http://www.irishtimes.com/business/financial-services/europe-s-richest-central-bankers-and-no-ireland-is-not-among-them-1.2877698
  10. I spent 5 years battling my way in & out of London to the North Essex coast. I was near a physical and mental collapse towards the end. This Summer we relocated to Shropshire. I now spend less than an hour a day in total traveling. The reduction in salary has been more than offset by the improved quality of life. I now breakfast with the kids every morning, see them most evenings, get to walk the dog, and have a life. I don't understand how I lasted so long, but I will never do it again.
  11. Was on 5 Live breakfast this morning. Interviewer tried to lead him down the supply & demand path, but he said it was prices. So far, so good. Unfortunately he then proposed 'schemes & incentives to help FTB's on to the ladder. The usual drivel then followed.....
  12. Big piece by BBC about 'fake' news articles (unauthorised) on facepalm & google. May have swung the US election etc. An opportunity to introduce vetting of posts methinks.
  13. We're now 0.25% below the historically low rates we were on for nearly forever. Someone somewhere has some fixed term mortgages to sell, methinks!
  14. Well we have spent the week discussing a North American that isn't Carney, Spyguy still has a $hit tablet (h/t off topic), Errol likes Putinomics, interest rates remain lower than mole $hit, and once again Nigel 'I want my life back' Farage is the centre of the news cycle.
  15. Telegraph piece in the same vein. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/investing/buy-to-let/one-in-four-buy-to-let-investors-sell-up-due-to-new-tax/ Bring it on! And may each and every one get shafted!
  16. Anecdotally, it has always been incredibly hard work to run a B&B. Never underestimate the potential stupidity of guests. There are no guaranteed 'down hours'. You will find yourself pandering to the most ridiculous of requests. And you will still get crap reviews on occasion. Once you open your home to the public, the law of averages says that there will be a proportion of nutters.
  17. Dunno about that. There's loads of Bremainer Labour MPs whose constituents voted for Brexit. If they vote against Art 50, they will be crucified at the next election. However if you give them the excuse of 'voting out the evil Tories' they will have a figleaf to hide behind.
  18. Interesting piece in today's Telegraph. I don't usually find references to the Laffer Curve in the MSM. There's also a mention of LVT buried in the final paragraphs. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/02/philip-hammond-needs-a-bonfire-of-taxes-to-spark-growth-here-are/
  19. As I wrote in the OP, it has been vacant for a long time and is deteriorating at a rate of knots. Throw in council tax, and the liabilities associated with a listed building that is in decline, it's not surprising that they want to be shot of it. It looks cheap only because the photos are several years old and don't reflect the amount of work needed.
  20. I travel past this place every day. It's been empty for a while and in much poorer condition than the pictures suggest. The current owner has built & sold a barn conversion at the back. However they have struggled to shift the main house and there is a nice history of price reductions as they have attempted to shift it. The listing with the second ea is a relatively recent development which I took as a sign of desperation. Today I noticed a change to the text indicating that an offer has been received. Unfortunately the 2 firms can't keep their story aligned. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-45050367.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-44104923.html
  21. There must be a worthwhile play here for some of the hedge funds. Short the banks and then attack pound to force a rate rise, which in turn triggers a bank collapse?
  22. I would confidently estimate that quality of life has diminished by a similar degree everywhere within an hour's driving time of the M25.
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